Digest Vol. 164: One down, many left

Barely any news (or so many news), barely any stuff, barely progressed on eroge.


Yay that’s for this week. Barely any news. There are actually more but none I find interesting enough.

Non-news links

New stuff

Original tapestry from Kimishima Ao. Kinda nice.

Printed by A&J, double suede material with print quality as good as it can be.

And lastly yet another Maitetsu tapestry from Trader. String panties and thighhighs and Chinese dress. Quite a combination.

Thin material as usual with acceptable print quality. The stitches are quite terrible though. Quite visible from photo above with its non-straight stitch.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Kohane route. There’s barely anything in it. There are hints here and there about the overall situation but the “main” story itself is really simple. Not even sure how it’s main route considering it feels like having almost the same amount of story compared to sub-heroine route Suu.

Continuing to Adelheid. Hopefully with more interesting main story and not just more pieces for final route.

Non-eroge stuff

I think I did even more FGO last few days. Mainly clearing one fight which is really annoying without SSR avenger. Finally cleared it after few days.

Oh and as I discovered iPhone screen recording function, I’ll start recording the more challenging fights. Mostly for my own reference.

Still no progress on anime or anything else.

Daily life

Sold quite a few items last week. With about 40% loss. Yay, thanks pillow covers. Oh well, 36k is still better than 0.

Someone already bid some stuff for next week so there’s that. I’ll probably put up some more stuff next week.

Pre-ordered a bunch of stuff. Including K-Books tapestry somehow. Then I’L tapestries and maybe Denkigai tapestries as well soon. The lack of eroge pre-orders also helped.

July has passed and it ended with quite a nice amount of savings. No record breaking but on high end range regardless.

I should have enough for upcoming events.

Closing words

The midweek plan is clearly failing because I never bothered to draft anything until the last moment.

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