Digest Vol. 152: Busy week

Did a bunch of stuff this week and just not eroge. Still slow on news though.


Non-news links

New stuff

The only stuff from latest Reitaisai I’m getting.

Yet another free shikishi from Lose. A new one this time around.

An old Yomeyaba tapestry from Melonbooks. Should’ve gotten this back then and not pay extra 1000 yen and missing pipes. Good thing I still have my last spare pipes. Needs ironing, etc.

Thin material with okay-ish print.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Riddle Joker.

As expected there wasn’t much for Chisaki’s route. Good job on them keeping the astral power theme intact though.

I liked Ayase’s route. And her flatchest material didn’t bore till the end. Even better when used during H-scenes, complete with her angry face.

Pretty good overall if only rather average.

The art is pretty good though I don’t quite like the coloring on some parts like kissing CGs (the full face ones). The colors seem a bit too flat.

Up next is Nekonin 2 as originally planned. And then followed by 9.

Non-eroge stuff

Cleared FGO event just in time. Also cleared Babylonia.

As I just finished Riddle Joker, now catching up anime. Including Nanoha Reflection. Maybe.


Daily life

Only sold one thing this week ;_;

No price down either so probably won’t be better next week. Unless I manage to put up some new stuff. Probably tomorrow or something.

On the brighter side, I finally shipped my stuff to Suruga-Ya. Yays. Not sure when they will be done with it. Likely one or two weeks. There are still some stuff left because there are just too many. Even the one I sent almost hit the weight limit. May do another shipment sometime in August.

Barely spent anything this week. A good thing, I guess.

As mentioned before, there isn’t much planned either and it hasn’t changed yet. Hopefully there really isn’t much for this month so I can break my savings record again.

Looking again, I’m on 12th month positive savings streak. Pretty crazy considering how it went previous few terms.

That said, the boost by YJA (also called “undoing damage”) may end around end of this year so I’m not sure how I’ll fare after that.

And I still need to save quite a lot more for next year’s investment. Talking about investment, I’m almost fully recovered from January 2018 stock market crash correction. I ended up checking them everyday anyway because I’m too curious (and it’s a few seconds business) =]

Oh and I also finally cleaned up my PC and installed the additional fans. I think the CPU temperature went from around 50-60 to 40. Took me a whole night to do that (including “cable management”).

Closing words

Anime time!

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