Digest Vol. 151: Yet another event week is over

Not many more events until summer. Slow news, snail-paced eroge, and hopefully quiet month.


That’s it woo. It’s golden week so no company announced anything.

Non-news links

New stuff

Comic1 and character1! New stuff! Woow. Well, not that many this time around.

Doujinshi! A lot of doujinshi. Part artbooks, part manga. And then I finally sorted out the ones from last few events as well.

The only tapestry I got from this event (which I’m keeping). From Takano Yuki, one of her original characters.

Double suede material with relatively good print quality.

As an aside, I ended up buying Melonbooks’ Shiromochi Sakura tapestry as well but as I noticed out the print quality is rather crap (pretty blurry), it went right to auction.

Eroge playthrough

Barely progressed through Ayase route. Should be able to make good progress this weekend. Pretty good so far with her tsundere(?) personality.

Although it’s a bit reliant on the padding issue and the first gentleman encountered trope thingy, the overall development feels nice and haven’t bored me so far.

Non-eroge stuff

Still grinding for FGO event. Shouldn’t be too difficult to clear, though it looks like I need to focus a bit more instead of just doing it whenever I feel like to.

Backlogged anime a bit. Will catch up once I finish Riddle Joker.

Event log

The only events I went to were Comic1-13, character1 2018.

Learning from Eshi100, I managed to sleep early-ish and woke up at 9. Arrived at Big Sight around 10. The queue at the time was inside which was nice because I didn’t need to deal with heat or walking far away.

Entered the hall around 11, went to Yuzuka to get tapestry for a friend, then Takano Yuki. Or maybe with some other circles in between.

Pretty much uneventful and closed by Tatekawa Mako (also for friend).

I managed to catch Pan’s tweet around 12 about the goods set being sold out which signaled the start of doujinshi sales. Went there and grabbed the book without problem.

Clearing Comic1, went to character1, grabbed Alcot stuff, walked around and randomly bought Melonbooks tapestry (see above). Walked around a bit more, met some friends, walked around even more and finally went to Akiba for something unrelated.

I think this is the first time I managed to finish 100% of my list.

Daily life

Auction restarted! Currently looking at about 18k. Hopefully more by the end? I did put up some more stuff as well. Maybe will put up even more later this week.

Or maybe after I finally ship my stuff for Suruga-Ya. It’s already exceeding 25kg which is the limit for basic Japan Post package. Need to sort out a bit and finally ship them. Maybe next or following week.

Because I delayed purchase of Cuffs goods, I ended up with quite a bit of extra last month.

As for this month budget, the only major upcoming stuff is (possibly) yet another Kinkoi pillow cover.

There’s also supposedly new pillow cover by Izumi Tsubasu but considering the poor quality of her recent covers, I’ll probably pass unless it’s really good. Which is unfortunately likely because it’s a loli (yays). Also makes it doubly unfortunate. We’ll see (and maybe actually find out).

There isn’t much on eroge pre-order either. I pre-ordered Onigyu already. The only upcoming titles on my list at the moment are Moonstone’s Uchi no kanojo (June), KeroQ’s Subahibi (July), and Favorite’s Sakura, moyu (September).

There are also pre-order for PS4 titles (for the tapestries) – Maitetsu (July) and Floflo (August).

Both eroge and PS4 are only one store each though so it’s actually not too bad if not a bit worrying.

At the moment this month looks pretty safe. Maybe time for another record savings? That’d depend on whether I can finally ship the stuff and have enough motivation to put up more tapestries for auction.

Closing words

Pretty early for once. I wanted to put this out early so I can continue Riddle Joker without any interruption.

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