Digest Vol. 150: Wait what

Whee 150th digest post. Originally planned for Saturday after returning from events but ended up not happening because I didn’t have enough sleep and ended up dying the latter part of the day.


Non-news links

New stuff

The Moeoh Chikotam replacement tapestry finally arrived. It’s mostly fine now with just two small black dots which I’m going to ignore. Doesn’t feel like worth it making any further noise.

Last Friday was eroge day. Yays. Also quite a lot of other stuff.

Eshi100 book and early ticket bonus shikishi.

Ticket clear file Sofmap bonus from purchasing 9-sorairo. Should’ve been part of the main photo but I forgot about it and don’t want to retake it.

Pillow cover from 9-sorairo. As can probably seen in this review, it’s heavily aliased. I didn’t pay attention to 9-kokoiro one but it’s equally aliased. Which is annoying. Will decide whether or not to keep them after actually playing the game. Though if Tina’s (and Yuuri’s) which have similar problem is any indication, I may end up selling them anyway.

Cuffs Majocafe goods. Pillow cover of original characters from Gayarou. Front side is fully clothed with just flipped up skirt and sleeping face. Very rape-y feeling if I may say so.

The back side is just usual naked pose with quite a lot of liquids. Barbie-style but at least covered with liquid so doesn’t feel as bad. Maybe. I only checked the review and haven’t opened mine yet.

The only game bought this month. Four copies of it. Looking again, buying just the CDs and tapestries from YJA would’ve worked as well. Which one is cheaper is not clear though.

And the tapestry. This one from Melonbooks.

Double suede material and, unlike the pillow cover, doesn’t suffer from terrible source. Pretty good print quality. Also I like this better than Sofmap’s below.

From Sofmap. Same print quality. Probably produced by same company.

Not quite liking the close-to-camera hand much. Still pretty good but I prefer the other one after all.

The tapestry from Eshi100 08. Wasn’t sure if want but got it anyway. One of the more risque illustration from this series (swimsuit doesn’t count).

Printed by A&J so the quality is high. Double suede, etc.

Karumaruka Circle, Shin valentine edition from Pikatto Anime. Finally found one not too expensive from YJA.

Double suede as usual for their B2 tapestries with relatively good print quality.

Yet another Kurafuta tapestry from Majocafe goods. Probably the second most explicit tapestry they’ve ever released?

Usual print quality and huge size.

Not sure what but something seems off here.

This. From Moteyaba, released in C82 before it’s got the current title. Her hair color is a bit wrong as well. Bought from Amazon for not cheap. At least it’s cheaper compared to when I first checked it which was almost 50k.

Completing the conversion of Denkigai 2014 summer tapestries from waterproof to double suede. Found in Mandarake for almost 4k.

Usual print quality.

And lastly something I never expect to actually buy, Primal x Hearts waterproof tapestry from C88 (as doujin by Sasorigatame). This usually costs over 10k but I found this on Suruga-Ya for 5k. Not sure to keep or not but keeping it for now at least until I play the game. While I really like the image, I don’t really like waterproof tapestries. Especially as I stopped hanging anything in my bathroom.

It was marked as damaged thus cheaper price. As it turned out it’s just the usual creases which this kind of tapestry more susceptible to. Yay.

Print quality is pretty good as usual for this kind of tapestry.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mayu after stories.

About past halfway Nanami route at the moment. Should be able to finish it before next weekend.

Pretty simple story so far and I don’t think it’ll turn any complicated. Easy to read and relatively interesting if not too many backstories. Though from what I heard it’s the main focus anyway.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO event ended up very annoying. There’s just too many grinding involved. Especially the highest level quest requiring a good assassin team which I’m lacking. The CE requirement is also annoying because I can’t use useful CE without drastically increasing number of grinding needed.

With that said, I think I’ll finally stop playing my previous account and focus on the low-rarity account (plus Okita). The effort required is just too high.

Event log

Eshi100 08. Departed around 10 which was at least an hour behind my original plan due to random stuff previous night causing me to sleep very late (as usual). Arrived 10:30-ish. Queued for goods right away only to leave for toilet because stomach ache. Returned to queue and only done around 13:00. Checked the gallery and done 13:30. Initially planned going to Chokaigi as well but cancelled it because my stomach still kind of hurts and I started too late.

That’s about it, I guess? The timestamps are from my vague memory.

I think the tapestry I bought was still available hours later so there wasn’t actual need for me to rush. Well, that’s if I can see the future because sometimes stuff sold out.

Daily life

No auction so no extra income ;_;

As there isn’t much for Comic1 and character1, I decided to finally buy that Moteyaba tapestry above. It costed 25k ;_;

I went relatively okay and then Cuffs 2018 spring goods happened. I sure assumed it wrong thinking the Majocafe goods also doubles as spring goods because it’s pretty close already. Apparently they did intend to have completely separate spring goods and only happened this close thanks to the delay.

Currently considering getting Hulotte’s next title tapestry, even more Kurafuta tapestry, that original Gayarou tapestry (may or may not happen), and probably the lewd Sora tapestry.

So my budget is a bit off now. Doesn’t help this month Kinkoi pillow cover really is Ria. Those two combined totals at 30k.

Looking again, I probably should’ve ordered the pillow cover next month instead. Oh well.

All said and done, I have about 40k left to keep my savings above 100k. If I go ahead with Cuffs goods this month, I’ll only have 25k left for the events. Thankfully it seems that I really won’t be spending much this time around. No pillow covers, only one tapestry, and few books.

The current list says 12k. Should be fine unless there’s interesting pillow cover or tapestry suddenly appear.

Beyond this month, future game pre-orders include Maitetsu PS4, Floflo PS4, Subahibi, Sakura moyu, and Uchi no Kanojo. Combined with either two or three Kinkoi pillow covers, I need to allocate 60-70k for them. Shouldn’t be too difficult, I guess?

Back to selling side, I think I’ll play 9-kokoiro and 9-sorairo after Nekonin so I can quickly decide whether or not to keep the rather terribly printed pillow covers. They should still sell for at least 8k, I believe.

I also have gathered some more tapestries I’m going to sell because I ran out of space for the new ones. It’s also another reason for me to prioritize Trinoline so I can also decide on that one.

And maybe finally send the Suruga-Ya stuff. May do it together with cleaning up of Comic1 stuff. Though I just noticed it may end up taking a long time because of additional store orders. Hopefully not too many (preferably none).

Next month is looking pretty good though. There shouldn’t be too many events (or at all) until summer and unlike last year’s May, I’m not buying another computer.

Auction is looking pretty good already with bids on two of my stuff. I’ll put up even more stuff later.

My main goal is clearing up enough for next year’s NISA and some spares for some random trips I “plan” to do this year around.

Closing words

Really need to sleep early today so I don’t die at the event tomorrow ,_,

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