Digest Vol. 146: And done

A bit late thanks to Riddle Joker. Release week! And some random news. It’s also April Fool today so there will be a bunch of news, fake or otherwise.

A lot of new stuff with plenty of damaged tapestries (including the ones I planned to resell).

For once managed to kind of following plan for eroge.


Non-news links

New stuff

End of month, eroge release week (part 2)!


Kinkoi complete sound track. Usual stuff. Reminded me this is my fourth Saga Planets title.

Chikotam artbooks! Rather thin at 60-ish pages. Nice cover though I still prefer the previous one. I don’t think there’s anything new inside. Too bad there’s no commentaries this time around.

Dengeki Moeoh artbooks. Some new illustrations. Pretty good line-up for me.

Here’s the first game, Karigurashi renai. Bought from Sofmap.

And then Nekonin Exheart 2. Complete with pillow cover of new heroine. Should play this after finishing Riddle Joker.

And lastly Riddle Joker. This one is from Animate. So many extra craps. Looking at the bonus CD reminded me that I haven’t listened to Senren banka bonus CD either.

The acrylic figure is rather nice though.

Okita phone stand bought off AnimeJapan last week. It’s released last week from what I gather but I don’t care =D

Digging up my collection, apparently I only have few of this thing.

This year’s Otona no moeoh. Comes with pillow cover this time around. As usual, no fasteners.

Tapestry which comes with Chikotam latest artbook above. Unfortunately so many ink blots on right side and one damage around hair area.

Being Moeoh tapestry, this one is also pretty low quality print. At least it’s double suede and Chikotam otherwise I’m skipping it.

Contacted the store for replacement.

FGO tapestries from last Comiket finally arrived. First one is Mashu. And there’s a slight print defect around her right shoulder. What’s with all this tapestry damages recently.

Just like Chikotam’s above, contacted the store for replacement.

Apart of that, it’s double suede (surprising for something which costs 2500) with pretty good print. The hanging pipes are black colored for some reason.

Still FGO, Ryougi Shiki (assassin ver.). Same overall quality. No defect for this one.

And another Shiki (saber ver.). Can use a bit more background though at least the image gives impression it’s supposed to be a very bright background or something.

Didn’t initially plan to get this but somehow ended up getting it anyway. More Akemi and Himeru tapestry from Kantoku. The least lewd tapestry of them from what I can tell. Yeah.

The background is a bit plain which is why I didn’t initially get it.

Gotten from YJA for about 4k which work out a bit more expensive than just buying it from official store when available. Oh well.

Thin material with pretty okay print from Jiku-Chu.

Sofmap tapestry bonus from Karigurashi. Not sure if want to keep.

Thin material with okay print.

Tapestry from Kinkoi sound track. One of the less lewd tapestries from this sound track series.

Surprisingly using double suede material. Pretty okay print. Can use a bit more DPI though as usual from Fules.

And lastly Animate tapestry bonus of the fake-chested main heroine of Riddle Joker.

Thin material with okay-ish print. Usual stuff.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Karumaruka Circle. Koyomi sure is cute. As guessed, it doesn’t quite involve Karumaruka thingy.

And of course there’s the grand route which finally involves Karumaruka. Pretty good that I finished the whole thing in one go. Well, I did need to finish it before Riddle Joker was released as well so there’s that.

As planned (plan B because clearly I can’t finish 9-kokoiro in few hours), continued to Riddle Joker. Still at chapter 1. Hopefully can get past common route today. Quite interesting so far. Especially the Ayase padding part.

Non-eroge stuff

Managed to clear FGO event on both accounts.

Anime side, somehow watched more episode of Fate/Apocrypha. Otherwise usual stuff.

Daily life

This week’s YJA went quite well with a bit under 18k. Still rather low but more than previous week. The price change didn’t help as much as I hoped ;_;

No plan to put up more stuff this week. Or maybe one or two if I feel like it.

On spending, spent quite a few on not really cheap stuff which was rather dumb. Hopefully someone bid for those stuff which I put with quite high starting bid. Otherwise RIP me. Not doing this again.

Apart of it, pretty much according to budget.

My calculation was slightly off and I ended up saving a bit less than my target.

And it’s event month so I’ll probably save even less this month. Currently looking at at least 80k including Onigyu, Hulotte, and other stuff. No idea how much I’ll spend for the events yet. According to my initial calculation, I have about 50k spare for them. May or may not be enough.

Meanwhile on future eroge side, there’s barely anything for next few months. Currently I’m looking at just one title for this month which is 9-sorairo. Granted it’s got pillow cover so I’ll still spend quite a lot for that one. On the brighter side, it means my backlog won’t grow too much.

In May, there’s also only one – Onigyu. I’ll most likely skip Windmill and Hearts. Good job me, I guess.

As for June, there’s only Argonauts’ Uchi no kanojo which is a short game. Only buying standard edition.

There’s barely anything announced beyond it. Currently looking at Maitetsu PS4 for the tapestry and maybe Favorite’s in September?

Seems pretty safe for my wallet and backlog so far. We’ll so how it goes!

Closing words

Whoops it’s already 7. Should sleep soon.

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