Digest Vol. 140: Whoops late

I should be doing this post in Saturday instead.

Some new tapestries pre-orders, almost no new stuff, finished Koikano, and cleared budget for this month.


Non-news links

New stuff

The only thing I got this (last) week. Also the only thing I’m getting for the latest Comitia. The extra bit at the end was pretty nice.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Sena route! And the extra route! And so I finished Koikano. Only took two months.

Overall okay. Nothing exceptional. Nothing overly bad either.

A bit looking back, Alice route has the least development. Or more like the characters are most developed. Least amount of dumb stuff and just simple story.

Then Momoka, it started off pretty weird. And went a bit irritating for a while but thankfully pretty smooth sailing afterwards.

Mayu, on the other hand, was pretty irritating for the whole run. It’s got development on both protagonist and Mayu though so there’s that. The last bit is pretty good.

Lastly Sena, similar to Momoka, started off pretty weird. With rather high BS level as well. A bit irritating as well though not as much as Mayu (except during the opening) and ended up pretty well. Development wise, it’s similar to Momoka – pretty much one-sided.

Oh, and the extra “route” which isn’t really route but just a 3P H-scene. Didn’t even pretend to have any kind of story.

With Koikano over, I started the next title!

Which is!

Neither Kinkoi nor Floflo as I mentioned last week!

But Karumaruka instead. Its tapestry count is getting rather high. The new PS4 release is making it worse. It’s got two pillow covers as well just like Floflo.

I got information that it’s got some Hatsuyuki Sakura references which is a bit annoying because it’s not even on my list. I guess I’ll just ignore it and play as usual. I did it for at least Clover Day’s already anyway.

Started off pretty good. I’m liking the protagonist so far as well.

Non-eroge stuff

As usual! Still no backlog!

Daily life

Sold a bit over 37k this (last) week. Pretty good and managed to almost balance off the original value. Some of the stuff were sold pretty badly at less than 60% original value. Mainly pillow covers but the tapestries were also low valued as well. Thankfully the free stuff from Lose gacha balanced them off so the overall lost for this week is only 14%.

The end result is pretty good with negative spending projected for this month.

That said, my items on auction is getting pretty thin at just a bit over 50. Should put up some more but maybe not this month?

Still haven’t sorted Suruga-Ya stuff either because I had to sort something else last week. Will do it this weekend… maybe.

Next week is release week. Yay more backlogs.

Closing words

Still failing to sleep early, of course.

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