Digest Vol. 139: Me and my brilliant ideas

(re: title, aka “it’ll end horribly”)

Tapestries, lots of tapestries. Still need to be faster at eroge. Bought some random stuff.


Non-news links

New stuff

CCS Clear Card Opening Maxi Single. Apparently it’s a thing. Released last month, actually.

This one is new. Latest character song for Riddle Joker. Another one later this month.

Another C93 stuff. The right one only released late last month, so. Some interesting stuff inside. Less than 50% for me though =[

I didn’t know left one existed until recently. It’s got Ichihaya. And Frenchletter.

I figured I should get another clear poster to rotate for my room. Clear poster from Sofmap bonus of Yomeyaba. Kirino \o/ There’s sad lack of liquids though.

And then I realized this one is A3 whereas the ones I put up at the moment are A2. Whoops.

More “free” shikishi from Lose. My postcard holder is getting a bit thick…

B1 Tapestry from Melonbooks by Naenae and Yukie. Waterproof so it’s rather thin as can be seen at top area where it transitions from wall to curtain. Print quality is okay.

Yukie’s is great but not so sure about Naenae’s…

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mayuu! It’s got way more story than I expected. Not sure if I like Mayuu but this time around both protagonist and heroine had to make some progress instead of just one-sided.

Currently halfway Sena’s route. At current rate I should be able to finish by as late as end of this week. Including the extra route, hopefully.

And then will continue to…


I’m not quite sure. Most likely either Floflo or Kinkoi.

Non-eroge stuff

Still following CCSCC and Hoshin Engi as usual.

On FGO, I figured getting my current Okita to NP5 is a bit impossible. Then I also want to know how it goes if I restrict the servant to R (with exceptions). So I grabbed another new account and now frantically playing from the beginning again. The account costed quite a bit but still cheaper than trying to gacha it. Probably not the best idea (see title).

Daily life

Sold some stuff again this week through YJA. The total is around 28k with original value of 35k. Not too bad. Could’ve been worse had it for some tapestries I obtained for cheap.

On spending, apart of aforementioned account, also pre-ordered Melonbooks tapestries, Kinkoi OST, and Moeoh artbooks. And some other smaller stuff.

Still selling more from YJA than spent by 10k at the moment. Not enough if I include future spending for this month though. I put up some more stuff this week. Also lowered some starting bid. Hopefully they will be enough.

Oh and stock market crashed. Best timing =D

Currently at 51k loss. Well, I shouldn’t look at it to begin with (because it’s long term investment) but it’s rather fun looking at the numbers.

Closing words

O hey it’s 4:30. At least I do plan to immediately sleep after posting this.

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