Digest Vol. 137: A bit faster?

The title definitely is not talking about this post which was delayed due to various reasons. Ending with month nicely again (yay) except on eroge play through (as usual).


Non-news links

New stuff

Starting off with (one of) stuff from Cuffs online store. Maxi single for Yurauka.

More Cuffs goods. This one is calendar and accompanying design book. Wallpaper collection disc next year?

And more! Pillow cover of Suzuna from Kamiyaba. Yukari when.

And another Cuffs. Chisa-sensei from Koikano. Looking at reviews it seems the other side’s face is a bit derpy. Not sure if want to keep.

CT31 stuff from Melonbooks. I forgot that adolescence series don’t contain actual sex. And an all-ages illustration book from Natsume Eri on left side.

This month’s eroge, Alcot’s Shogun-sama wa otoshigoro. Latest installment of new tokyo series it seems? I haven’t played any of them. Maybe I should. I will, actually. One day™.

Bought off Sofmap. The tapestry is up for sale because I don’t like her that much =D

And then Trinoline Genesis. The basic edition without pillow covers or tapestries. Delayed thanks to snow. Not that it matters because I haven’t even played the main game.

I’ve been curious about this Hanamakura light novel. Will read this to decide whether or not I want to waste money and time going to the theatrical performance of this thing…

I’ve read past prologue and have no idea what it’s about =D It started off with two naked girls sleeping together hugging each other (or just one way) in a single bed.

It’s been a long time since I last bought Comic Aun. I should’ve bought one last year for Misaki Kurehito bonus but I missed the chance ;_; This time it’s Hiten. Pretty good with some doujin illustrations mixed in.

More Cuffs stuff. Tapestries by Gayarou, B1 version. Those bandaids obstructed good stuff. Or something. I still like his very first illustration of this pair best though.

Pretty good print with double suede material as usual.

Tapestry of Urara from Kamiyaba. Yay \o/ Urara-sama \o/ Knee-socks \o/ Nipslip \o/

First time getting life-sized tapestry from Cuffs. Didn’t expect it to be the larger size though which means I only have one place to put it up.

Print quality as usual as well.

Woo Yukari \o/

Naked cape + kneesocks (+cap) is good ( ‘_’)b

Eyepatch not so much though.

Tapestry of Shin and An from Karumaruka Circle. Found for cheap-ish at Mandarake. I saw this first in Suruga-Ya for like 6k. Then last week found this for less than 3k. Instant-ish buy.

Double suede with pretty good print. My only double suede B2 tapestry of this series, I think? Nope, the second. First one was 2016 Winter Denkigai’s Koyomi.

And last one yet another Kurafuta tapestry. Yae this time around. It’s amazing how long this series last. Not that I’m complaining.

Eroge playthrough

Finished through Momoka route. Much better story compared to Alice.

Continued to Mayuu as planned. Got past her first h-scene. Hopefully can finish this by end of this week.

Non-eroge stuff

Finished FGO as well and no event next few days/weeks.

Still progressing with anime as usual.

Daily life

Got quite a lot this week thanks to two pillow covers. Also sold some tapestries specifically bought to be sold again. Then I learned I sold one of them at same price as its new price (it’s a second copy for me). Welp. Overall end up about 16k short out of 57k original price all the stuff originally priced at. Works out at around 30% loss. \=D/

On spending side, apart of check-up mentioned last week which costed at about 4k this month (and more coming weeks), bought some random tapestries from Komatsu Eiji and a Yomeyaba Sofmap bonus clear poster. And that Alcot game and CT31 doujinshis as well.

Maybe I should finally buy that Tatekawa Mako artbooks as well but if I hold out until February, my monthly gain for this month will be the highest since last few years. I guess I should do that.

Back to selling things, I’m supposed to clean up doujinshi and ship unused ones to Suruga-Ya but I sorted out CDs instead. That took a whole day so I didn’t have spare time for doujinshi anymore. Currently planned next weekend. It’ll happen >=[

As for YJA, I have some stuff I plan to put up for this week but not sure if I have enough willpower since my sleep schedule has gotten worse last few days. At worst I’ll do it next Sunday together with sorting out for Suruga-Ya. I don’t have many high value stuff I want to sell anymore so my extra income from that will slow down.

Thankfully my spending is also going down and February is usually quiet month.

For next month, there are some Onigyu tapestries coming up. Then there are Kinkoi OST, some FGO tapestries, and some artbooks. There are also Full Uso for eroge and more tapestry.

Whirlpool’s Goods Festival is coming up either next or following month. I haven’t put up any budget for it yet.

Next big spending apart of Whirlpool are April/May Golden Week events (Eshi100, Comic1, Character1) and Cuffs Spring.

Adding to those, there are 9-sorairo and Onigyu around that time as well. Need to remember preparing for them.

Closing words

Oh it’s past three already.

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