Digest Vol. 134: Here be numbers

As promised (?) last week, it’s time to reflect upon foolishness I’ve done for past 12 months. Apart of it, there isn’t much news this week. Nor is goodies because they haven’t arrived (even then it’s just mostly books anyway).


  • New “Hug pillow brand” from Amuse Craft. First(?) batch line up are backed by kakao, Xe, and Kimishima Ao. I’m not even sure what the hell is “hug pillow brand”. I suspect it’s something like Will Plus’ Dakikano or Stylus’ Hanamakura. The latter is rather boring though the former has some voice drama thing, complete with specially voiced mini drama. A bit interested just for Kimishima Ao. Though I don’t like his non-lolis that much.
  • Whirlpool 2017 Winter Goods. As usual.

Apparently that’s all.

Non-news link

New stuff

First C93 doujins from Melonbooks. Arrived first because pre-ordered before the event. More FGO from konomi. With bonus stickers and clear files.

Pre-ordered 9-sorairo and got the shikishi. Now I think about it, I should sell both of them because I’m getting another one from official store. Though none from Getchu because it’s such a stupid system (none for online stores).

Free-ish postcard sized shikishi from Lose. They’re distributing one for free to all Enty subscribers. Thankfully it’s not another dupe.

And lastly K-Books Chikotam tapestry. I think this is the most lewd for Chikotam. Still not quite liking the new eyes style.

Pretty good print and material (double suede) as usual. Still hoping for K-Books to stop doing the stupid frame thingy.

Eroge playthrough

Still going slowly through Koikano’s common route. Should be done soon-ish and then straight ahead to Alice’s route.

Non-eroge playthrough

Still busy FGO. Oh and watched first episode of CCS Clear Card as well. May or may not catch up with my backlogs soon-ish.


Note that I don’t have data for when stuff is sold organized. I’ve previously posted some data for them on twitter but they included sold stuff as well.



  • 160 / Total bought (previous year 155)
    • 12 / Median (previous year 14)
    • 26 / Most in a month (previous year 25)
  • 268 / Rotated

Went up a bit. Either that or I just sold too many from previous year.

Count by series

  1. 43 / Original
  2. 14 / Kamidanomi shisugite ore no mirai ga yabai
  3. 7 / Shugaten!
  4. 7 / Trinoline
  5. 6 / Hatsujou Sprinkle
  6. 6 / Kurano-kun chi no futago jijou
  7. 5 / Floral Flowlove
  8. 5 / Karumaruka Circle
  9. 5 / Kin-iro Loveriche
  10. 4 / D.S. ~Dal Segno~

Not going to bother with previous year. Original of course has unfair advantage.

Kamiyaba is strong as expected. Didn’t expect Shugaten and Trinoline to be this high though. Kurafuta is still somehow going strong as well. Both from getting older stuff and there are still new stuff being released.

Interestingly three Saga Planets series have same numbers.

Count by artist

  1. 18 / Ikegami Akane
  2. 13 / Chikotam
  3. 12 / Kanekiyo Miwa
  4. 11 / Takano Yuki
  5. 9 / Mikagami Mamizu
  6. 8 / Kantoku
  7. 8 / Toranosuke
  8. 7 / Hontani Kanae
  9. 7 / Shiratama
  10. 7 / Tomose Shunsaku

Pan and Yukie didn’t make the top 10. They released a bit too many SFWs and not enough NSFWs. Or something. Especially true for Pan although both are pretty close (6 for Yukie and 5 for Pan).

And somehow Tomose Shunsaku made it ?_?  I think it’s because that cheap bulk I bought months ago. Should finally play the game… one day… …except it’s pretty low in my list.

Ikegami Akane on top. Kamiyaba release on both PC and PSV helped a lot. That and the seasonal goods.

Chikotam still on top thanks to K-Books backlog project(?). There isn’t much from eroge though with just two from Marmalade’s Mashimaro.

Kanekiyo Miwa at third place thanks to Yurauka and seasonal goods. As mentioned in by series above, there are a bunch of Kurafuta tapestries as well.


Can use more Ikegami Akane tapestries. Shouldn’t be a problem with her being main illustrator for Hulotte. The same applies to Kanekiyo Miwa (Cube), Takano Yuki (Circus, Whirlpool), Mikagami Mamizu (Whirlpool), Kantoku (Cube), Toranosuke (Saga Planets), and Hontani Kanae (Saga Planets).

Pan’s is looking grim with her absence from Eroge. There isn’t any indication she’ll be back yet but I’m not giving up hope.

Yukie is a bit of mystery at the moment. At least thankfully she doesn’t seem to have problem with ero stuff.

Chikotam needs to do more loli characters for eroge. Her last few heroines are big breasted. I don’t find her non-lolis to be that interesting. New Parasol coloring style isn’t helping either and it’s a bit of mystery what her current relation with Parasol anyway.

Not sure about Tomose Shunsaku and Shiratama though. It’ll depend on what eroge they work on.

Hug pillow cover


  • 30 / Total (previous year 43)
    • 2 / Median (previous year 3.5)
    • 7 / Most in a month (previous year 7)
  • 28 / Rotated

I tried buying less, and apparently I did it. Still a bit too many though considering I only rotate 28. Whoops. And that’s already including the ones with short period for those I don’t find as exciting as hoped.

Now I look again I should have “yearly pillow quota” thingy. Perhaps something like 8-12 a year at most. And I’ve used 4 of them. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ,_,

Count by series

  1. 7 / Original
  2. 2 / Fate/Grand Order
  3. 2 / Kamidanomi shisugite ore no mirai ga yabai
  4. 2 / Maitetsu
  5. 2 / Suki to suki to de sankaku renai

Only 5 because the rest are ones.

It’s actually a bit surprising for me. With FGO in list at all. Wat. Oh and both are Ikegami Akane’s. I believe similar situation for Original. I mean, they’re all her Hanamakura series. Yay.

Not sure if I should’ve bought those Sukisuki covers. Still need to play it first. Though it seems their market price are pretty low so I guess I’m kind of fucked here.

Maitetsu is a bit of question mark as well because it’s even lower on my priority list than Sukisuki.

Count by artist

  1. 13 / Ikegami Akane
  2. 5 / Mikagami Mamizu
  3. 2 / cura
  4. 2 / Izumi Tsubasu
  5. 2 / Kanekiyo Miwa

It’s Ikegami Akane year ヽ( ゚ ヮ゚)ノ

Should be pretty clear already from the series count above.

The only unexpected one is Mikagami Mamizu. I think at the moment I have everything from him from Lunaris Filia and later except Kururu. Some more will might be sold after I finally play them. Maybe. Not all though.


More Ikegami Akane yayyyyyyyyy.

Oh and no Chikotam. At all ;_; At least one is coming in few months from Moeoh.

Pan is missing as well. There’s one from doujin work but it’s a bit too SFW for me so I put it for auction. She didn’t do any eroge so there’s nothing from there either. No originals from usual suspects either.

And no Yukie either. I got one from her doujin work but I sold it because it wasn’t that interesting =[ Can use some lolis here. Hopefully with not so gigantic head size.

What a weird year for pillow cover. At least there’s stable supply from Ikegami Akane and Kanekiyo Miwa.

I can totally use some quota for this. We’ll see how it works out.



  • Parasol / Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day
  • Recette / Shugaten! -sugarfull tampering-
  • Whirlpool / Nekonin Exheart
  • Hearts / Natsu Iro Kokoro Log Happy Summer
  • Hulotte / Kamidanomi Shisugite Ore no Mirai ga Yabai
  • minori / Trinoline
  • Circus / D.S.i.F. -Dal Segno- in Future
  • Palette / 9 -nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka Kokonoiro
  • sprite / Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm – Extra1
  • Campus / Fuyu Uso
  • Marmalade / Ouchi ni kaeru made ga mashimaro desu
  • Moonstone / Sakura no Mori Dreamers 2
  • Whirlpool / Hatsujou Sprinkle
  • Miti / Hoshifuru Yoru no Farnese
  • Whirlpool / Nekonin Exheart +Plus Nachi
  • Whirlpool / Nekonin Exheart +Plus Saiha
  • Cube / Yurameku kokoro ni michita sekai de, kimi no yume to yokubou wa kanau ka
  • Hexenhaus / Konya dake demo tomete kudasai
  • Saga Planets / Kin-iro Loveriche

Total: 19.


Oh and there are two for backlogs:

  • Yuzusoft / Dracu-Riot!
  • Hulotte / With Ribbon

Now I look at the number it sure is ridiculous. Especially considering…


  • Hulotte / Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai
  • Hulotte / Kanae to Meguri to no Sonogo ga Icha Love Sugite Yabai
  • Moonstone / Sakura no Mori Dreamers
  • Whirlpool / Nekonin Exheart
  • Cuffs / Cafe Sourire
  • Yuzusoft / Senren Banka
  • Hulotte / Kamidanomi Shisugite Ore no Mirai ga Yabai
  • Moonstone / Sakura no Mori Dreamers 2
  • Hearts / Natsu Iro Kokoro Log Happy Summer
  • Whirlpool / Nekonin Exheart +Plus Nachi
  • Whirlpool / Nekonin Exheart +Plus Saiha

…which is only 11. Great. And it’s already inflated by the two shorts from Whirlpool, making it really just 9 (or 8 excluding Moteyaba fandisk). Not even half the total I bought. Not even one a month D:

It’s actually dropped from 15 last year. Or even 13 in 2015. Wtf did I do this year.

FGO and anime and light novel. …yeah. Those definitely the main cause for this. At least FGO should be fine-ish now because I’ve finished the main story and further stories will only come up slowly. Though I still need to finish Epic of Remnant with three (two and 3/4th) areas left.

On the other hand, there sure are lots of Hulotte. Only missing With Ribbon now which should be a thing soon-ish.


Bought too many, read too few. My original idea was just one per month. And then I broke it at the end of 2014 and still broken ever since. Still not sure what to do with this all.

I should really at least finish one per month. But then again I don’t want to rush things…

Easiest solution would be reducing the numbers I bought. I only bought two for backlog last year which is an improvement. Some of future titles I’ve pre-ordered are also one arc shorts. So there’s that.

One full price and one fandisk are coming this month. Another one next month though mostly just compilation of previously released four shorts. Two full prices and one short for March. Another short for April. One full price for May which may or may not happen (Hearts’ Koikoro). And another one with unkown date from Tinkle Position.

That makes it, um, 9 already. And then there should be more from Cube, Hulotte, Saga Planets, and Whirlpool, adding up to 13. Maybe another minori for this year? 14. Marmalade and Parasol can’t be immediately excluded either which potentially brings it up to 16.

I guess I should pre-drop Hearts. The rest will follow as needed. Hopefully.

Overall wasting money

Rough count says:

  • 2.2m / spent
    1. 769k / tapestries
    2. 441k / pillow covers
    3. 308k / eroges
    4. 237k / books (doujins included)
    5. 190k / audio (ost, singles, voice drama, etc)
  • 1.3m / extras obtained
    • 1.1m / selling stuff in YJA
    • 0.2m / cashbacks

Overall averaging at 75k a month. Not too bad, I guess? Will try reducing a bit more especially with new investment thingy I started this year.

Finance thingy

Last year marks awesome recovery for my finance situation. Especially starting from July when I managed to save over 100k. And then followed by over 150k savings starting from September (hit a bit hard in August). Didn’t even fail in December which is nice.

It also means I saved enough for four months cushions. Not only that I saved enough to immediately invest in NISA which I finally opened. There’s also iDeCo thing which is much easier at only 23k per month.

Additionally Bitcoin and some other currencies have raised enough in price and I’ve prepared to withdraw them up for additional 100k. No I don’t plan to invest in those. I’ll still keep mining some because I already have the PC running 24/7.

Then if I can keep saving over 120k monthly, I should be able to max my NISA as early as this April.

If works out well, it means I can finally do some random traveling. Though it’ll also mean less time for eroge.

Daily life

I… forgot what I did this whole week which caused me to not play eroge as much. I think it’s partially FGO but it can’t be the only reason ┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌

On the brighter side, YJA is doing pretty well with almost 30k total. I may put up some more stuff later.

On Suruga-Ya, I’m waiting for at least my current C93 remaining books to arrive first. And then it may finally happen… Really though the box is just filling up my ~precious~ rack space.

Pre-ordered a bunch of stuff this week as planned. Thanks to them the proceedings from YJA won’t be enough. There isn’t much else for this month though. Hopefully.

Closing words

Numberssss. Reflected a bit. And here’s hoping for faster eroge reading year.

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