Digest Vol. 132: Slow as usual

Kinkoi release and related goods. Some new tapestries and one pillow cover. C93 list are slowly coming out. Meanwhile still slow on eroge.


  • Ichiri C93. Probably only getting original book.
  • Gayarou C93. Woo book. And some tapestry of some new ship. I think.
  • Dragon Kitchen C93.
  • Asakura Hayate C93. Books! All the books! Only one available in store ;_;
  • SLK C93. First day wut. And not too expensive in Melonbooks at 1080. Though it looks easy enough because first day.
  • Ikegami Akane C93. More Okita Souji \o/ Yay \o/ My only pillow cover for C93, I think? Probably will skip the phone case.
  • C98 will be in Spring. Best Comiket season? Too bad it’s for summer which I can handle. Wish they moved the Winter one instead. Also, one less event because it’s merged with Comic1.

Non-news links

New stuff

In no particular order (or maybe filename). And even more horrible photoshop job.

All store bonus CDs from Kin-iro Loveriche. Arrives early. At least Amazon’s is SFW. Not sure about the rest.

Melonbooks C93 catalog and the accompanying books. For some reason got two clear files. Nothing much interesting.

Kin-iro Loveriche. The only game for this month. Bought from Amazon.

Melonbooks Christmas thingy? This one from Ozawa Yuu. Too bad thin material. At the smartphone stand is kind of nice.

Here goes the tapestries. Starting off from Gamers as can be seen from their logo at bottom left. Thin material with Gamers usual fade out at top and bottom sides. Print quality is okay-ish.

Lewd panties. Matches gothloli getup, I guess.

And then from Medio. Waterproof material as usual. Print quality is good as usual as well. They changed their tapestries recently to have pipe at bottom as well. Not sure how it works in bathroom.

Naked apron because Medio. I like this best.

And then from Melonbooks. Usual stuff as well. Thin material and okay print.

Interesting selfie she’s taking there.

From official store. For some reason it’s double suede, printed by Fules. Nice surprise. The print quality is good usual. Can use a bit more black as usual as well.

Mmmm milk.

Lastly from Kinkoi, Tora no Ana bonus. Normal thin material instead of Tora no Ana weird material. Fine by me. Print quality is okay.

Naked cat hoodies. Her boobs seem a bit bigger than it should be?

Melonbooks Uribou anniversary thingy. I already have B2 of this but can use more Yukie B1. I don’t think I have any at the moment, even.

Print quality as usual. Thankfully no major crease mark this time either.

Panty pull is good.

The tapestry from Melonbooks Christmas thingy above. I don’t like Ozawa Yuu’s fully open eyes style but this half-closed is sure fine. I really like it, even. Nice costume as well.

The only problem is it’s thin material. At least print quality is very good.

The pipes use cap thingy so it’s a bit long without the caps. I ended up cutting them. Much better.

And last tapestry from Yometan’s Urahime series. This one by Takano Yuki. Awesomely lewd.

Double suede from Fules just like all others. And as mentioned above, the black level can use a bit more adjustment. And I’m terrible at photoshop.

Lastly pillow cover of Hinata Haruka from With Ribbon. I thought she’s protagonist’s daughter? Does that mean she’s got a route with her papa or something? Fine by me =]

Got from YJA for 13k unopened (or that’s what the seller claimed). And then someone put this up at much cheaper price albeit opened. Bid on it anyway hoping I can sell this one for a bit to recoup the loss.

Daily life

Last work week for this year! Yay. I can spend the whole week playing eroges.

Also last week for YJA for me. Ending this year at 38k yen. Hopefully everything goes well.

If I read it right, I have about 100k yen available for winter events. And that’s after the big hit from Cuffs and Hulotte.

As mentioned last week, I bought all the things for Hulotte and Cuffs (for series I care about). It costed almost 50k yen…

At current rate, I should be able to hit my saving target for this month without much problems.

Eroge playthrough

Still going through the common route. I think I should hit the end of it soon-ish. Didn’t expect another Enomoto to appear here. Took me a while to realize that. Complete with sudden close up ability.

Non-eroge stuff

Yay nothing apart of FGO. At least I finished the main events. All that’s left is a few monuments and whatever I can grab off the box gacha.

Closing words

I think I’m supposed to sleep already so I can prepare for events.

I guess I’ll do that after cleaning up stuff and replacing pillow cover. I believe I slept at 2 last night and then woke up at 14. Which means 12 hours sleep…

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