Digest Vol. 131: All the stuff

More and more winter events stuff getting announced. Finished some eroges, and preparing for the events. Kind of. Meanwhile, no new stuff.


Non-news links

New stuff

Nothing! Yay.

Daily life

This week’s auction was quite good. At almost 30k, it will help alleviating incoming hit from winter events.

I forgot to put up anything this week though and not sure if I’ll put anything anymore this year. Next week will be the last one for this year. Lowered starting bid for some stuff. Hopefully I can even sell anything this week because the events are coming and people probably already saving up for it. Though according to previous events that’s not always the case. We’ll see.

Oh and I still haven’t done anything with the books. Yay =[

Preordered some tapestries from Melonbooks. The aforementioned waterproof tapestry and previous week’s Ozawa You’s Christmas goods.

And got With Ribbon’s Hinata Haruka pillow cover though YJA. Still a bit expensive at 13k but with point bonus and stuff it should end up pretty close with original price. Kind of.

Lastly got some Nekonin exHeart English version, complete with both mini stories. Mainly for mini stories because they’re only available from DMM for Japanese version which has some DRM crap.

As for upcoming spending, I’m looking at almost 50k for Cuffs and Hulotte goods. Or maybe 40k if I decide to skip that Koikano cover.

And then at Denkigai, currently at 22k. 16k of which is for Whirlpool’s goods. The other 6k is minori drama CD.

Other future spending includes some eroges as usual and Denkigai tapestries. There are some more Melonbooks tapestries as well which I’m holding until next month because I still don’t know how much I’ll waste for the events.

Yeah, still no idea how much C93 will be because barely anyone published their stuff yet. Though from current outlook, looks like I will only have about 10k for them. Dunn dunn. Or 110k if I take my spare budget for this month. I just hope it doesn’t go over 60k.

Eroge playthrough

Finished both harem routes as hoped. They sure are short. Both also went pretty similar to how the drama CDs were. Poor Kisara not getting penetration for virtual route.

In the end, the harem routes are a bit lacking. Just like all other routes.

Oh and finished Nekonin exHeart mini stories as well. As mentioned above, I got the denpasoft version because DMM. The translation seems a bit off. At least for voiced dialogues I can still listen to what they say but I have no idea about protagonist lines. Well, not like it’s got the most complicated story or anything at all. The h-scenes are pretty good as well. Though the images are uncensored, the audio still has the annoying loud beep censor for some reason. Whyyyyyyyy.

Initially planned to continue to, uh, DSiF? And then switched to Konnya? But nope! I’m starting Koikano instead =]

Can use a bunch of tapestries and pillow covers from that series.

So, yeah. Routes order will be Alice → Momoka → Mayu → Sena. Unless there’s some forced routes, of course.

Non-eroge stuff

Still nothing! Maybe will catch up some animes in between.

Closing words

Oh hey it’s not even 3 yet. I will install Koikano, play for a bit, and then finally go to sleep, ignoring unread feed items and packing up goods for shipment. They shall be done after I wake up.

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