Digest Vol. 126: More sleep schedule

Some new eroge announcements, a few new stuff, and eroge progressing as usual. Still almost no progress on non-eroge.


Non-news links

New stuff

More Stylus Hanamakura / Ikegami Akane series, Suisen (2014)! Normal version, bought off YJA when there’s 25% cashback promo. The original auction price was 16k. With 360 shipping, it ended up slightly cheaper than buying off the official online store by a bit. The plastic bag seems to be slightly damaged because the guy didn’t wrap it in anything and just put it in the envelope as is. Oh well.

With this, I’m just missing one cover from this series. Hopefully they will be selling it again during winter event (yeah I’m saying same thing as last week).

Random Koikano Sofmap bonus tapestry. Bought it to get free shipping from Suruga-Ya. Thin material, manual assembly required.

The print is so blurry I don’t even. At least it’s just 800.

I think this is my first tapestry of her.

And lastly Majokoi official store bonus tapestry. The style is rather unique for a tapestry. I don’t think I have any other tapestry with similar thick outline.

Thin material with okay print.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Sakura no Mori Dreamers 2. Pretty good overall. Started a bit slow but the latter half was pretty good. The harem scenes is a bit eh though. Feels like the mc had some personality change. And then the amount of semen was quite unrealistic. Or at least I think so. Feels like they threw that in just to have some H scenes in the other route. Pretty much nukige. Even then Madoka is somehow missing from the harem.

Started Rorolog HS. Finished Kanae route. It was pretty short with just 3 h scenes. Most of them are missing any kind of foreplay. At least I got to see some more Kanae goodness.

Then I proceeded to Kuon route. Short as well. Or kind of. Quite a bit longer compared to Kanae which is to be expected. At least five h scenes and I’m currently at the fifth one. Apparently the missing foreplay is a norm here because none of them have any. Slightly disappointed.

Up next would be Kisara, Rin, Kotone, and lastly harem (virtual first, then real life).

I don’t remember seeing the opening though. Reserved for harem route, perhaps?

At current rate I hope I can finish everything by end of next week. Seems pretty reasonable as long I didn’t get distracted too much.

On side note, Whirlpool released fandisc for Nekonin (and another one next week). DMM exclusive. With usual DRM stuff. Yeah, nope. They mentioned there’s some kind of additional plan on it though so hopefully it involves releasing them in better format.

Another side note, there’s another Maitetsu append scenario from this month’s BugBug. I think it involves Hachiroku.

Non eroge stuff

Finished another FGO arc. Two more for the main story.

A bit stopped on everything else. Originally planned to catch up everything before starting Rorolog but that didn’t happen. Maybe after it instead?

Wasting money

As expected, nothing much sold from YJA this week. I did put up more stuff though.

Bought some boxes for sending shikishi. Except the size is 3mm off. Whoops. Nothing unfixable by ruler and cutter. A bit annoying but better than making one from scratch.

Thanks to the boxes, I think I’ll auction some books I initially intended to sell to Suruga-Ya as well. Some. Or all. Shouldn’t be too difficult as long I do it daily.

Overall spending is still negative as in I sold more than I wasted but it probably won’t last too long this month. The bigger stuff (extra copies of eroge) aren’t coming until end of this month either. Hopefully I can sell more this week but not expecting too much.

As for eroge purchases, I’m not sure if I want Trinoline fandisc’s Genesis edition anymore =D Maybe will end up just getting the basic version and call it a day. That will save me some 20k off budget.

I did end up pre-ordering HexenHaus’ short, Konya dake demo tomete kudasai. Not the best plan, I know but I kinda like Tsukimori Hiro art.

This month ends up with just that and Cube’s Yurauka.

As for next month, there’s still only Saga Planets’ blonde fest. Nothing else interesting in sight.

January will have Trinoline Genesis and Alcot’s new title.

Lastly there’s the aforementioned Hearts’ new title with unknown release date. And Palette’s Nine if it’s happening at all.

Closing words

Oh it’s 8 AM already. My sleep schedule is broken again. I should stop randomly sleeping at 6 PM which I’ve been doing this last two weekends.

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