Digest Vol. 123: Yays

A bit late due to various reasons but looks like quite a few things happened this week. Some new titles, and tapestries. Then gotten a bunch of tapestries from Denkigai, auctioned off some Goei tapestries and some others. This week’s auctions ended up pretty good as well, allowing me to waste some more money. Nothing much on eroge and non-eroge progression though.


Non-news links

New stuff

More backlog of Ikegami Akane book. This one is from C85. I believe this concludes all her books from 2013 and up. May or may not collect her earlier stuff…

The only stuff I’m getting from latest Reitaisai. It’s held at same time as comic1 and character1 but didn’t enter this one because it costs something and this is the only stuff I wanted.

Another backlog purchases for Hanamakura – Ikegami Akane series from Stylus. Looks like they’ll put another one up later this week.

This completes my Hulotte games collection. The art sure is much more generic compared to her later works.

Didn’t originally plan to play this but then figured might as well why not. Apparently there’s (future) daughter route? Or there isn’t? How does that even work.

Denkigai tapestries arrived! Off-season as usual! This one from Maitetsu. The way her panties pushes her butts is nice touch.

And the other one, this one from Nekonin Exheart. I wonder if they’re going to do another one next Denkigai? Can use a lewd Aya tapestry.

Akatsuki no Goei tapestry! Illustrated by Tomose Shunsaku! I have no idea what the series is even about 😀 I don’t even have the game but it’s kind of on my backlog because I have Reminiscence.

Released by Toypla. Usual thin material. Usual low resolution print. Damn it Toypla.

Another one. I’ve been kind of wanting this one so get this I did. Same crappy Toypla.

And even more! A bit too big for me. Same stuff as above.

And last one. Still Toypla. Still crappy print. This one comes with bonus of a bit dark spot below Kaoru’s boobs.

Oh well.

Got those all from one auction. With shipping they work out at about 1200 each which isn’t too bad, I think?

Randomly found this in Mandarake for about 2700 with shipping. From light novel Imouto sae ireba ii. I believe the short black hair at the back is protag’s little sister? Except she(?) started as reverse trap. Didn’t last long though.

Eroge playthrough

As predicted(?) last week, didn’t progress much. Also Madoka side is a bit too slow paced.

Non-eroge stuff

Pretty much as usual.


Hisama Kumako sure is busy with two new titles from different companies. Too bad her characters are melons.

And then there’s Chikotam doing another Windmill. And not loli either. At least the boobs size don’t seem to be too big. Will wait and look a bit because her recent stuffs have been misses for me.

Some interesting tapestries from Hulotte and Cube. Thankfully they’re doing combined store this time around. Missing Yukari though! Why. Also missing pillow covers of main heroines of Kamiyaba. I hope they eventually release them otherwise I’m stuck with shitty store bonus covers (which I don’t have yet because they’re shit quality).

Meanwhile Melonbooks, this month Uribous is complete miss for me. As for C93 stuff, I only find Yukie tapestry interesting. Except it’s B0. And I don’t do B0. They’re pain in the ass to maintain and hang.

Ikegami Akane streak is still continues. She’s pretty much my favorite illustrator at the moment, bringing Chikotam down. With upcoming restock of her Hanamakura series by Stylus, my wallet is getting some damage as well.

But thankfully not much. Putting up a bunch of stuff last week was a success with income of around 120k. Rorolog tapestry from Denkigai proved quite popular by ending at over 14k. And there’s unexpected mysterious popularity (or rarity?) of tapestry from Pan’s latest artbook. It’s worth 6k. Like, really? Works for me though.

Thanks to that and previous week (which was pretty good as well), they end up offsetting my spending for this month and more. Including a lot of Kinkoi goods and Yurauka copies (6 of them).

I don’t think there will be anything major next month either so I should be fine for upcoming winter events.

Or the upcoming investment thingy which I’m applying at the moment. One of them is pretty easy at 23k monthly (and comes with tax deduction) but the other one is pretty difficult to max out at 1.2 million yearly. I haven’t even been able to save that much this year :”>

With some careful maneuvers I should be able to collect 600k. And then hopefully I can gather up another 600k before end of first half of next year.

Closing words

Stuff happens. Mostly in good direction. Starting up Yahoo Auctions paid off big time. I still need more time for eroge though ;_;

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