Digest Vol. 122: Some in, many out

New format! Now with actual summary! Windmill announced new titles during Denkigai, I bought some stuff during Comic1 and Character1, and some Ikegami Akane stuff.


New stuff

Comic1-12 loot, the doujinshis. About half of them are FGO.

A bunch of doujins from Ikegami Akane! Long overdue. There is one more coming later this week because I forgot to put it in cart. Some interesting Fate illustrations including Jeanne and trap Waver and Enkidu especially considering it’s from 2012.

Also don’t remember ever seeing her version of Kancolle before so it was quite a delight.

Not sure why nobody scans her stuff ;_;

Hug pillow cover of Hazuki from Hatsujou Sprinkle. Bought at Character1. As expected it costs 12000 yen. Combined with no additional shipping fee, I managed to save quite a bit compared to getting it from online store last month. The booth was pretty empty when I arrived. Convenient but a bit worrying.

Denkigai 2014 Summer official tapestry, from G.I.B. illustrated by R-Ken. Somehow available at Suruga-Ya for 3000 yen.

Double suede as usual. With okay-ish print.

Didn’t expect this to be ever available but here it is. Need to play the game. Not sure when though because this one is pretty low priority.

Mashu’s dangerous beast. Er, more like, dangerous Astolfo. From Comic1-12 by Natsume Eri.

Thin material with okay-ish print.

My first Astolfo tapestry \o/

Another Melonbooks tapestry. Illustrated by Shiromochi Sakura. Uses waterproof material. The same as Pan from months ago.

The material itself isn’t too bad and the print is okay. It is thin though.

The illustration sure doesn’t match with the material. Too bad she’s got her panties showing otherwise I can put this at R-0 (completely SFW) because this already mostly is.

I actually buy the other one as well but I have nowhere to put it up and figured it’s not all that interesting anyway so it’s up for sale.

Non-news links

Eroge playthrough

Barely progressed ;_; And looks like first half of this week will be spent adding stuff to auction. I don’t even have idea how far I’m currently at. Stuff is getting pretty good though so I hope it’ll motivate me to speed things up.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO as usual. Not much progress on anime though.


Spent about 20000 yen at Comic1 and Character1. It wasn’t actually budgeted at all so it made quite a dent.

And then another 13000 yen for another Ikegami Akane’s Hanamakura series from Stylus (not yet arrived). Still waiting for another three to complete the series. Hopefully they will resell it at one point.

Talking about covers, after doing some major clean-up, it looks like I’ll be left with 68 covers. 16 of them are by Ikegami Akane. Followed by Kanekiyo Miwa at 8 and then somehow Chikotam at 7. Not sure when this happened but there sure are a lot of covers by Ikegami Akane.

High miss rate by Chikotam isn’t helping. Meanwhile Ikegami Akane’s have been pretty much hit for me despite a majority of them are pretty big breasted. I think she just draws better expression and really good overall balance. Or something. Not that all of them are hit because I’m skipping quite a bunch of her stuff as well. Maybe just sheer volume she released stuff?

Cleaned up some tapestries as well but as I haven’t updated my data I don’t know the current standing.

Still on cleaning up stuff, sold quite a lot of stuff this week. Almost 50000 yen of them which wasn’t actually expected because I thought the stuff that were sold are pretty low in popularity. I don’t think those are particularly rare either so I’m sure why.

Anyway, if the transactions go well, it will bring my non-essential spending will be negative by the end of this week. And if the new batch of stuff I put up sell well it will mean another record month.

Almost forgot but I think I can finally ship stuff to Suruga-Ya. Took me a month to sort all the stuff. And it’s still not quite done yet.

Unfortunately I will be taking quite a hit in November thanks to Kinkoi stuff. I will be selling extra copies of Yurauka and Kamiyaba PSV but those will probably be early December.

Event log

Comic1 and Character1 this Sunday. My list ended up pretty bare with just about 8 circles.

I figured I can take it slowly I woke up at 6 and depart at 7.

It was raining but thankfully the queue area was inside the building. Went to Comic1 first and got in about 10:40 (the event starts at 10:30). Queued a bit for Natsume Eri which thankfully not too long. And then cleared up my list as I pass through the booth. Then went to Whirlpool at Character1 at 11:15. Immediately done because there wasn’t any line as mentioned above.

Looked around a bit and then back to Comic1 to pass through the whole circles and see if there’s anything interesting. There wasn’t anything particularly exciting apart of some I already know but not listed.

Went back around 13:00.

Originally planned to watch Heaven’s Feel as well but the weather wasn’t good. And I realized I should’ve used 200 yen discount coupon. The seat wasn’t the best either so I figured I should just do it next week or something.

Closing words

Moved stuff around and hopefully reads a bit better whenever I talk about stuff from news in Wasting Money Miscellaneous. Except it’s not happening this week :D Not sure if this will work.

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