Digest Vol. 118: Long weekend


Got even lazier this whole weekend. Need more holidays.


Finished Yukari and Mao routes.

Yukari route is pretty good overall. Her way of talking really got into me after a while. Thankfully she takes of her eye-patch in most H-scenes and no stupid hair covering the eyes. I like her route most (at the moment).

Also finished Mao route. Her reactions are pretty interesting. The simplest so far because she’s not one of the main heroines but I think it’s pretty good nonetheless. Especially liked the ending which closes up things well.

Current at Hanayo route. Not much into it yet but the beginning feels similar to Nanami route.

Finishing her route, up next would be the last one Urara’s which for some reason isn’t needed to unlock the two other sub heroines routes.


Still haven’t catch up on anime.

A bit behind in FGO as well because there just isn’t enough rate booster items I have. I hope I can at least grab all non-figure materials and then go full gacha box.

And hey, one free SR servant of choice is coming up. Finally can get Astolfo \o/

Wasting money

Sold some stuff this week. I probably should start lowering starting bid of some items already…

Not sure if I will put up some more stuff this week.

Haven’t sent stuff to Suruga-Ya either. Really should do that soon-ish.

As Sagaplanets announced their next title, the budgeting is also updated. If going well, I just grab the game (and bonus) from Amazon and get the rest from usual YJA guy. Currently looking at getting all drama CDs (first time from Sagaplanets) and tapestries except Eroina Heroina. I’m guessing a spending of 30-50k for them all.

Meanwhile back to Cube’s Yurauka, looking at the stuff I’m getting from stores and then potential from YJA, it looks like I may save more by buying everything directly from stores. Which is weird. Mainly because the usual guy increased the minimum stuff for free shipping to 6 items which is way above what I need from him (which is only three or maybe four). In the end, I will probably end up with stacks of Yurauka game box. I hope they’ll sell for at least 5000 yen. There’s web store version of shikishi as well which I don’t care about and will also sell for hopefully 500 yen each? According to twitter, this kakao guy is quite popular so I hope the price holds up.


Non-news links

New stuff

CCS Clear Card Arc vol. 3. Mainly for the DVD because I usually buy Kindle version for the manga itself. The DVD surprisingly contains English subtitle.

C92 book from Tinkle. Bought off Jiku-Chu. Stupid expensive for just tens of pages.

First tapestry from Game-Style. Drawn by Jiyu2. I was going to say transparent bikini but it’s more like dissolved bikini. Double suede with okay print quality. Printed by Fules.

Can’t believe when I saw this available in the online store \o/ Ordered on the spot. Together with the Tinkle book above. Sold out right after I placed the order.

I have quite a few yuri-ish tapestries but this is the only one with actual kiss. 10/10 would fap.

Surprisingly work well on both landscape and portrait orientation.

Unfortunately just thin-ish suede material though being a Jiku-Chu stuff the print quality is pretty good.

I…’m not sure why I bought this. Okita-san from FGO by konomi. Sold at Comic Treasure 30. Wish it has better background instead of just random patterns. At least better than plain solid background.

Another one coming soon-ish.

Double suede printed by the same place printed Tateha tapestries. At least judging from the colored strings. Pretty good print quality.

My very first Quo Card ever. From Lose Entry group thingy. Hachiroku solo version of cover of Lose compilation album.

Closing words

Very late post but actually still earlier than I initially planned which is in few hours before I go sleep.

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