Digest Vol. 112: Events time! (soon)


Comiket and Denkigai next (this?) weekend. And I haven’t made my list. I guess I’ll slowly do it daily as opposed to doing everything in one go as usual.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Senren Banka. Took much longer than I expected at 2 months. The extras are longer than I expected. A bit longer than Hanasaki Work Spring, I think?

As planned, now playing Kamiyaba. Already doing better than expected. Current plan is Suzuna → Nanami → Yukari → Urara → Extras. Pretty sure Urara route is locked though I’m not sure if there’s other locked routes.

We’ll see how long this takes.

Non-eroge stuff

Anime thing still going as usual. Youshitsu still doing pretty good, I think? So is NTR that I bought the manga and now halfway the first volume. Fate/Apocrypha is still warming up. Kind of.

Talking about Fate series, I liked FGO enough I bought account with over 900 quartz and Okita Souji starting servant for 1600. I lost one month worth of stuff including maxed Assassin Scathach and a bunch of other stuff. But I got Okita Souji <3

No progress on light novel side \o/

Wasting money

Sold Hatsujou Sprinkle at 5000. Not too bad. Nothing else though.

Suruga-Ya sold Kurafuta Goodwill tapestry for 9900 ;_;

But on the other side they sold this Soreyorino tapestry for 3000. I believe this still has pretty high value at the moment so I bought it off. Hopefully this will make some good money =D

Apart of those, also bought an old Kiba Satoshi tapestry and some other random stuff.

I’m trying harder to hold back this time around and so my current pillow cover plan is “just” Yukie’s Kana and Clover Day’s Anri. There’s also upcoming Chikotam original as well later this month.

Otherwise I think I’m doing kind of okay-ish. In fact, last month was one of the best I did last few years. This month having summer event would make it a bit difficult should still be positive balance.

I’ll also start selling more stuff once all the events are done so that should help the balance even further.

And frees my room.

Bright(er) future ahead o/


This marks the last C92 stuff links.

Non-news links

New stuff

Apparently this is my first Mashu lewd book? From DigitalLover.

I haven’t even watched the anime \o/ Extra story of Konosuba. Mainly because Yuuki Hagure. That reminds me I need to sell this and the other copy of the book.

Mashimaro. Finally picked up from Melonbooks.

Due to some reasons Melonbooks couldn’t provide this on time during release so they sent this later. Pre-order shikishi bonus of Kantoku’s artbook, Pure.

Another Mashimaro stuff, pre-order shikishi bonus (general and web-only).

The main reason buying that Konosuba book. Bonus from Melonbooks. Thin material and split pipes. Can use some ironing. Print quality is okay.

Mmm Yuuki Hagure loli.

Another one from Tora no Ana. Standard tapestry instead of Tora no Ana unique material. Well, standard thin tapestry.

Not loli but equally lewd. That underwear seems painful with all the strings.

I believe this is the last Kurafuta store bonus tapestry I’m missing. From Goodwill. As thin as other Kurafuta tapestries. With creases as usual from Goodwill.

One of the few Yae tapestries. Lewd as usual. I think I like this best after other Ema tapestries for store bonus.

And of course the Mashimaro tapestry from Melonbooks. Thin material and okay print.

Nice spreading legs and knee-socks. Wish her boobs a lot smaller though.

Closing words

It’s only 4:30! Yay. Time to sleep (after some more FGO grinding).

I really should do this a bit earlier so I can proofread and make this less shit.

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