Digest Vol. 111: Practicality


111th digest. This thing sure has come a long way. Not that there’s much improvement in term of writing quality :D

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mako route. The story ended up relatively simple. In term of story, I think I like Rena’s best, followed by Murasame, Yoshino, and finally Mako.

Mako is still the best heroine though. Followed by Murasame.

Currently at finishing the remaining two sub heroines. Will go with Koharu first and lastly Roka. It’s much longer than I expected.

As planned, will continue to Kamiyaba after this.

Will be followed by sequels and fandisks. I’ve piled quite a lot of them. Dal Segno, Sakura no Mori Dreamers, Aokana, Rorolog, and Hakoniwa Logic’s Koko fandisk. I also need to finally clear the Quintuple Splash extra H-scenes.

Finishing those, I’ll move on to either Cube or Whirlpool itles.

Non-eroge stuff

Nothing much apart of FGO took up all available time for light novels. Anime is still going as usual.

Wasting money

Sold nothing this week. Not really surprising because I didn’t lower any of the starting bid and didn’t add new items either. Will be back adding new items (and lowering starting bid) after summer events end.

Now I think again I did add Hatsujou Sprinkle (the game) but no one bought that :(

With this month ending, I can safely say this is the month I saved most. Next month will be a bit bad because of events but I hope I can keep the spending low.

Talking about low spending, I should spend less on stuff. And maybe even sell even more of the pillow covers and tapestries. And perhaps books as well. Now I remember it, I also need to throw away magazines.

I’m also running really low on physical space.

That reminds me I probably should throw eroge boxes already.

Still ongoing with plan to drop some games. In addition to Da Capo, I have some more candidates for dropping. Those should help making even more space.


Almost forgot about this section.

Non-news links

New stuff

Eroge release day! Starting up with store bonus CDs from Hatsujou Sprinkle. The bottom one is the most expensive one from Amazon.

I haven’t played the game so it’s a bit confusing. 3P as usual from Sofmap (top left). I didn’t quite pay attention when listening to Amazon’s but looks like some tentacle were involved?  Haven’t listened Getchu’s (top right).

As usual of new release from Marmalade, the accompanying OST CD.

And then the store bonus CDs.

Haven’t listened to any of them so no comment yet.

Not really usual from Melonbooks, C92 catalog bonus now come in two books instead of one. No idea why. The last one actually costs extra which contains lewd(er) version of the other two books (not all illustrations).

Last pillow cover I’ll be getting for Maitetsu. Hibiki’s. It’s got extras which I haven’t checked.

Finally the actual games! Starting up with Fuyu Uso. Last installment, I believe? Unless they decide to make another one for sub heroines.

I haven’t played any of them though :D

And then Whirlpool latest game, Hatsujou Sprinkle. Top right is pencil board bonus from Sofmap.

Yay Madoka route. Can’t wait to read how this sequel goes. Hopefully at least as good as the first one.

Also pictured Sofmap and preorder bonus CD. As usual from Moonstone, no actual penetration involved.

And then the tapestries. Starting off with Hatsujou Sprinkle. This one is from Getchu. If only she doesn’t have that horn… :(

Nice sheep outfit though. But the boobs are too big.

Thin material. Print quality is good-ish as usual from Getchu.

And then from Medio. The same Koharu. The boobs are even more prominent here because of pressure from the apron.

At least no horn here. Yay.

Apparently this is my first “tapestry HD” which from I can tell pretty much just waterproof tapestry (formerly known as 射ペストリー). This one has pipe on bottom side though.

Waterproof material as mentioned above. Print quality is okay-ish but the image itself feels like have a bit too much glow effect or something. The blurred-ish background isn’t helping.

This one is from Melonbooks. Thin material as usual with okay print quality.

She’s actually the heroine I like least. The pose and stuff is okay though. Thighhighs help.

Those pressed boobs. Bonus from Ota-Chu.

Thin material with blurry print. One of the lower quality tapestries I’ve seen in a while. The color just doesn’t feel uniform and the detail is lacking. Feels like printed in 75 dpi or something.

Another one of her! This one is from Sofmap.

Interesting… angle. My favorite among tapestries of her. Thankfully the fluid isn’t piss (see below). Also, thighhighs.

Thin material with okay print quality.

My favorite (design-wise)! From Trader.

Thin material and okay-ish print quality. Trader tapestries don’t have consistent quality though I guess at least the color seems right. The stitching at top is especially terrible. Thankfully not too visible.

From Mashimaro. I haven’t picked up the game because it arrived on Saturday and I don’t go anywhere on weekend. Will pick up the game next Friday. Bonus from Goodwill.

What the hell lady, don’t piss on a table please ;_;

Otherwise pretty good job as usual from Chikotam. The eyes don’t look like hers though.

Thin material with good print.

Melonbooks C92 catalog tapestries time! This one is from Gayarou.

It’s not often seeing tapestry with character having both eyes closed. I just did a quick check and this is my second one.

Anyway, transparent cloth! With no bra! Or event panties! With sunburn mark. Good stuff.

Melonbooks tapestries this time are all double suede. Print quality is pretty good with thankfully no fold mark in any of them.

Rare original tapestry from Kanekiyo Miwa. By rare I mean my first one.

Not yuri enough :D

My first tiv tapestry. Too safe damn it :P

And sure has lots of melons in it.

And lastly from Sakura no Mori Dreamers 2. This one is from Getchu.

Thin material and good print quality.

Madoka \o/ She’s grown a bit too much though.

From Sofmap. Can use a lot of ironing.

Thin material with okay print. Bottom pipe is taped to the cloth as they sometimes do.

And last one from Trader. Surprisingly good print quality from them.

Can I be that pillow instead? :3

Her face says someone barged to her room while she’s doing that.

Closing words

Holy shit it’s 6:30 already.

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