Digest Vol. 109: Quiet week


Not really doing anything at the moment so I figured I should write this before returning to playing eroge. Or FGO.

Summer events are approaching! I’m not making usual event notes though because they’re a pain to maintain and the functionality has been replaced by Google Sheet.

Eroge playthrough

A bit slower than I hoped but I think I’m a bit over first half of Murasame route. Pretty interesting reveal which was hinted at Rena route.

Monday is holiday here so I should be able to finish Murasame route without problem. Then followed by Mako and lastly the subheroines.

Kamiyaba is still in line for next title.

Non-eroge playthrough

Finally watched Youkoso Kyoushitsu and seems pretty interesting. Mainly the system which forces dynamic of whole members of the class or something. We’ll see if it’s actually worth anything. Also has a bit of Oregairu vibe but.

Still going with FGO. Waiting for Okita so I still hasn’t done any gacha apart of the free ones.

Finally continuing this ero LN illustrated by Yukie. Passed the introduction (a long while ago) and now almost completely consisted of just ero scenes. Probably can finish next weekend.

Wasting money

Nothing much this week either. I thought Cuffs summer store starts this week but it didn’t.

I had to replace one of my hard drives though.

Sold some stuff for a total of around 10k. Not too bad. I’ll put up more stuff later this week.

Still considering whether or not to drop Da Capo so there’s that as well.

I put in budget for Cuffs stuff and other summer events and it currently looks a bit dangerous with probably record-setting red numbers. Some of them are for end of August though and I hope I overshoot events budget again.


Non-news links

New stuff

Dracu Riot OST. Was expensive. At least this game is a bit high on my list.

The other Kamen Rider songs collection album. Finally can listen to them in high quality.

Some doujins from Sunshine Creation this summer. Bought Mikeou book for once. Pretty okay. The one from Ichihaya is good as well and not finished yet.

Kamiyaba keyholders. This is the most I did gacha ever. Thankfully the result is quite good. Only missing Suzuna keys. I did get the smartphone stand though.

Still on Kamiyaba, tapestries from Core Magazine finally arrived. First up is Nanami. This illustration also used in bonus clear file, I believe. Doesn’t change she’s cute :3

Thin-ish double suede. Probably by the same company did Push tapestries.

And then Suzuna. Design-wise I like her least but still good enough. Like her expression there. And everything else.

Same material as above.

And lastly Yukari. Kinda hard to decide if she or Nanami is better. Gotta play the game first.

Still same material.

Lastly WonderGoo bonus tapestry of PSV version of Majo Koi Nikki. At just 1800 with shipping, I believe it’s as cheap as it can get. It came missing the bottom stick which is why it is so cheap.

Thankfully I have unused pair of sticks and set them accordingly. Had a bit of smoke smell but nothing hanging it open for few hours can’t fix.

Good thing WonderGoo stopped using this style of tapestry and go with normal tapestries for their recent ones. With this one is normal one as well instead of visible, protruding sticks.

I’d modify it if I can. It’s not all that complex after all, just undoing the holding bar and stitching either sides to fit in the sticks. Except I don’t have the tools :(

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