Digest Vol. 108: Busy week


Continuing the usual “I need to sleep”. Overall busy week thanks to various backlogs and required cleanups after two week absence.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Yoshino’s route. Uses one of the less interesting pattern for inserting the H scenes. Also I think it’s weaker than Rena’s.

Didn’t sure if I should go Muramasa or Mako so I consulted dice and it said Muramasa. So, yeah, here I come, 幼刀!

I hope I can finish the whole routes by the end of this week.

Apparently I’ll play Kamiyaba after finishing this Senren Banka.

Non-eroge stuff

Watched some anime. Picking up Fate/Apocrypha and NTR. And maybe Jitsuryoku Kyoshitsu.

Originally wanted to watch Symphogear as well but I haven’t watched GX so maybe later.

Not much progress on LN side.

Oh and I started FGO (a bit more seriously).

Wasting money

Bought some vocal albums and soundtracks. Last one was a bit expensive. Not much else.

Sold about 20k worth of stuff this week.

Goodwill cancelled Omokage Rail Back preorder and refunded everyone. Another 20k freed here. Not sure if I’ll preorder from somewhere else.

I’m considering cancelling Omokage Rail Back. I’ll probably won’t get chance to play it anyway because there are too many higher priority games at the moment.

While at it, I’ll probably drop some games I currently own for similar reason. There just isn’t much point holding into them when it’s not feasible in the first place.

Together with the games, will also drop more tapestries as well. Not really news here though. Just need to be a bit more aggressive.

My budget sheet still looks pretty terrible thanks to the updated style. Should look much better once my pay this month comes in so I just need to hold back until it comes.

That said, Cube summer goods is coming as well and I forgot to allocate anything for it ;D

…I need to fix my budget before I go under.

Dc3dd (and the whole series) is still up for dropping. Just need to convince myself enough that it’s not happening. Also, 1024×576 (at least up to dc3wy).


Non-news links

New stuff

This section is more incoherent than usual because I’m so sleepy and don’t want to proofread it.

Latest Nanawind game \o/ Al those balloons \o/

Please not anymore ;_;

And the whole set of bonus CDs. Haven’t opened them. Probably should because Nanawind CDs are usually pretty good.

Bonus from Gamers. Usual thin material. Denkigai-level absurd situation. Looks stupid cold.

The bonus from Trader. Usual thin material.

Bonus from Melonbooks. Didn’t originally want to but somehow ended up getting it as well =D

And yeah, thin material.

More backlog yay. This one should be rather short though.

The box is quite big. About A4 side.

Vocal and sound collection. Same day release for once.

Limited edition bonus tapestry. Sprite: the expert at making “all ages” stuff. Except the actual game. Double suede but a bit stiffer than usual.

Getchu bonus.

Double suede woo \o/

And lastly bonus from Trader. Also double suede. Apparently there are people getting bad batch of this with scraped off sides or slanted cuts.

Mini shikishi from Karumaruka Circle PS Vita version. Bought two copies of it for each store’s bonus and sold the game this weekend. Not too bad overall – slightly cheaper than buying the bonus off YJA.

Karumaruka Circle tapestry from limited edition PSV. Swimsuit and thighhighs because it makes sense (no).

Thin material. Sure wished they used double suede here.

Bonus from WonderGoo. Thank god it’s now perfectly normal tapestry. Thin material as well.

And from Sofmap. May end up reselling this =D Or maybe not.

Pillow cover of Sana from Tenshin Ranman \o/ Haven’t played the game though. I’ve seen this before and noticed the material isn’t all that good. It’s from 2009 after all. At 16k yen from Suruga-Ya, this isn’t the cheapest but at least it’s in relatively good condition.

Usual bimonthly magazine. The bonus this time is okay-ish. Not enough interesting artist lineup.

A bit curious about this so bought this off. Not all that interesting unless you’re into Japanese VR games. That’s another phrase for VR erogames. At least it’s got cover from Inugami Kira.

Checked Trader’s gacha floor and find out they still have Kamiyaba up. Will do more next week if still up.

Figured I should just complete the whole DS tapestries (Takano Yuki only). And so I did. Except the completely SFW ones like group tapestries. Or nonstandard material tapestries. This one is from Melonbooks. Gotten from Suruga-Ya for almost 4k.

Thin material as usual.

From Goodwill. A bit more expensive than it should.

Getchu bonus. Found this for cheap-ish at Comshop. Thin material. Haven’t gotten life-sized thin tapestry for a long while.

And from Getchu as well but for DSiF. Same thin material.

Finally completed K-Books Chikotam tapestries (except clear tapestries). This one is from Golden Week event 2015. Thin ;_;

And this one is from White Day 2016. Material ;_;

And lastly the best one from their 22nd anniversary. But so expensive ;_;

All three costed about 15k total. The price really rarely goes down. Even then it’s only to 4000 each.

Not really related but I’ve been wanting this for a long time. Got the Special Edition, even. From Suruga-Ya for 1700.

And this one as well. Kind of. Contains original version of two songs from Your Name.

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