Digest Vol. 106: Early for once


I’m not sure I’ll have time to write anything next three days so I’m writing this now. Next one will be delayed to at least July 3rd or 4th after I return.

Eroge playthrough


Non-eroge stuff

Finished Clockwork Planet! Bought the light novels because kind of curious about almost everything. Good thing about light novels is I can hold off buying it indefinitely. Except for the goodies. Even then light novels are much cheaper than eroges.

Apparently last week’s Attack on Titan was the last one for this year.

There are still few more episodes for Eromanga-sensei though. Not sure what to watch next season (if any).

On light novel side, still ongoing with Dengeki Doumei. Made quite a bit of progress and I think I’ll finish it by this weekend.

Wasting money

I think I ended up getting all Dal Segno Takano Yuki tapestries, including Getchu’s life-sized ones.

Nothing much else otherwise apart of a bunch of books.

I think I’m done for this month unless something unexpected comes up.

Overall green even without much help from selling stuff. Next month should be pretty good and then I can safely prepare for Comiket and Denkigai and related events.


Non-news links

A collection of random links (mostly tweets) collected over this week.

New stuff

You’d think there’s no new stuff for this week. Well, there’s none indeed. But I forgot to post one stuff last week so here it is :D

Or two, but I don’t have photo of the other one.

Unexpected stuff! From few months ago, Moeoh Colosseum thingy. I didn’t even know there’s teleca draw for choosing the winner. Illustrated by Hoshi.

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