Digest Vol. 105: Abroad edition


On time once in a while. Mainly because I don’t have much else to do. And it just happens I’m testing a Realforce 87U which for some reason someone left here.

Eroge playthrough

Didn’t play at all this last few days! And won’t be for another two weeks! ;_;

I think I got about halfway through Yoshino route before going. Right before the (apparently) most interesting part. No, not an H scene.

At current rate I’ll probably finish it in two or three weeks once I resume.

Probably will play either Kamiyaba or Mamiya.

Not-eroge stuff

Finished imouto zetsumetsu 2! Looks like it’ll end in another one or two more volumes if following current pattern?

As it’s the latest released, I switched to something else. Another long titled light novel, Yuusha to Maou ga Dengeki Doumei (…etc). Looks quite fun so far.

I should have quite a lot of time to read while I’m away. Hopefully I can at least finish all I currently own.

Still okay-ish with anime as well (except haven’t watched this week’s).

Wasting money

I think I’ve finished the whole K-Books tapestries from Chikotam. Except the clear poster. Clear poster is just dumb. I doubt I’ll get more of it especially if it costs a lot. Maybe if someone put it up for like 1000…

There isn’t much else apart of next month’s bonus stuff which are quite a lot. At least still less than I originally allocated.


New stuff

Woo I don’t even play the game \o/

Drawn by Ikegami Akane, Sakura Saber (Okita) from Fate/Grand Order.

Got this for cheap-ish. Official store bonus of Dal Segno.

Thin material though isn’t too bad. Can use some ironing.

Something SFW before the last one. Shugaten tapestry, first released at this year’s Character1. Bought from the online store.

Double suede with quite okay printing.

And lastly from Yometan’s Urahime series. My first one, actually. Drawn by Sumisaki Yuzuna. Sure is explicit. Something seems a bit off though. Feels like the lines are lacking something.

Double suede. Can use a bit more dpi.

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