Digest Vol. 102: Forgotten Stuff


Early for once.

Eroge playthrough

Started Senren Banka. Dying from dialogues with Mako. The production quality sure is high (this is my first Yuzusoft game). Lots of expressions makes it really fun to read. The face just keep changing!

Progressing slowly, currently at chapter 3-2.

Unless there’s forced route, the plan is as usual: Rena → Yoshino → Murasame → Mako.

Not-eroge stuff

Finished Gakeppuchi 2. Holy shit the ending. I don’t even. Vol. 3 fucking when. Went for Mamizu, stayed for Mamizu and the story.

Continuing to Imouto Zetsumetsu vol. 2. Sure is much easier to read.

Still keeping up with anime as well.

Wasting money

Now I look again, I spent almost 200k and sold about 120k. So in the end I more or less spent 80k for eroge (and other ACHGM) goods.

And then I count in PC stuff.

And then flight ticket.

And then my balance turns complete red this month.

Nooooo D:

So, yeah, although I managed to more or less balance off eroge goods, purchases of other stuff ticked off the balance to negative.

I bought too many pillow covers this month ._.

Next week is also the last week I’m selling stuff (until I return).


No news this week.

New stuff

Stuff \o/

This is actually last week but I forgot about it. Sylvia from Lunaris Filia.

Another one from last week, Yurika from Magicalic Sky High.

And another Whirlpool Mikagami Mamizu pillow cover, Mikaru from Justy x Nasty. I believe this completes all Mamizu characters from Lunaris Filia onward.

Found at an online store I never used for 11k yen. I forgot to check which version is this beforehand but thankfully it’s the normal version. Also from last week.

Cuffs 2017 spring stuff! Starting off with Hulotte songs collection. Most of them are character songs from With Ribbon though.

And then Hanayo from Kamiyaba. I haven’t played it yet so I don’t know but for some reason she’s the first getting pillow cover despite being a sub heroine.

Urara from Kamiyaba. Urara <3

Tamane from Mamiya. Last one from the series.

More Cuffs stuff. Gayarou \o/ Not sure what she’s pulling out (or putting in?). Looks pretty similar but not quite the same with this pair from years ago.

Nanami \o/ I really need to play the game.

Koikano VFB cover turned tapestry. For some reason there are quite a lot of SFW tapestries from this series.

And lastly Ririka from Mamiya. I ended up buying 8 out of 10 items sold.

An old tapestry from CranCrown, drawn by Sasorigatame. Released at C82. Bought off Suruga-Ya for 4.5k-ish. Too bad thin material.

Someone put this up for 3k so I figured might as well grab it… First tapestry of Yakumo from Mamiya, Tora no Ana store bonus. Usual Tora no Ana unique material.

Melonbooks goods series from 2017 March, drawn by konomi. Double suede but that folding mark courtesy Melonbooks Quality ;_;

And then from same period, drawn by Pan. Ringo-chan from Melonbooks Mascot thingy. I think I have at least another two of lewd tapestries of her.

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