Digest Vol. 100


Yay late. Nothing special despite number 100.

Eroge playthrough

Fixing my server and stuff during first half of the week so I only managed to finish Kyouko’s route. As expected the route is much better compared to the previous two. The protagonist is still irritating but at least the story progressed much better.

Will start the last route, Miyuri, tonight. Hopefully I can finish it before end of this week.

Not-eroge stuff

Progressing slowly through the Gakeppuchi vol. 2. I think I’m starting to remember more of the letters and words and stuff.

Nothing much else for this week apart of usual anime watching. Somehow still managed to keep up the three series I’m following.

Wasting money

Backlogged a bunch of hug pillow covers woo \o/

I don’t think there’s many left after this. I mean, I cleared almost the whole Whirlpool’s Mamizu series.

That said, unexpected things may still happen.

Sold quite a few stuff this week which helped balance things out. Unfortunately the spending is just a bit too much. Should put up a bit more stuff this week.

Oh and ongoing system upgrade is totally not helping either =D


New stuff


Whoops. Sure is infinitely better than the original version. Too bad not explicit enough (!).

Kind of dangerous. From C88.

I think this is the last batch from last event.

Figured might as well grab this. Shikishi from Kurafuta.

Da Capo 3 With You tapestry Gee!Store bonus. Found in Mandarake for about 4500 yen.

And from Medio. Don’t ask me how I got this ;_;

Finally arrived from K-Books. Not actually the first time seeing this but I’ve sold the other one.

And then from Pan. Wasn’t sure if want and still not sure =D

Finally shown up in Suruga-Ya. Not cheap though at almost 8000 yen ;_;

Moteyaba tapestry from official store 2013 fall.

Kujiragami no Tearstilla PSV edition, Sofmap bonus. Finally found in Comshop for 4500 yen. But then looked closer, the head area is a bit weird :(

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