Digest Vol. 87 – Or maybe not

Eroge playthrough

Just finished Moteyaba. The extra routes are short stories which surprisingly aren’t too bad.

Stories for main routes are unfortunately not as good. The logic just doesn’t quite line up properly leading to a wtf moments before I end up accepting it as is. It’s actually much better

Not that I expected much to begin with but sure wish it’s done slightly better. Either that or I just need to forget the one route which made the other routes inconsistent (or confusing or something, not sure how to express it).

That’s all I managed to finish this week and I still haven’t even started on Ichayaba. My guess says it’ll be as short as the sub heroines which means I should be able to finish it mid of this week. Probably.

Wasting money

I managed to recoup part of foolishness I did last week… and nothing else. Thankfully last week I did pretty well with net income of some tens of thousands yen. Adding to that, I also got quite a bit from Suruga-Ya. Just right around my expectation.

I bought some older stuff as well though which negated most of what I got. Kind of. I should be able to recoup some of them because part of what I bought was just extras I don’t even want (because I have them already).

Nothing else much so far. Next week should be pretty good with one of stuff I just put up already getting bid. And need to put up more stuff as well.

Barring unexpected stuff (as usual), my finance should be completely green by next week.


  • Kamiyaba store bonuses and other updates. Not sure about Goodwill. And I doubt Gamers is (B2) tapestry. Good if it is but I’m not holding my breath. Pre-order for official store should start in two weeks assuming they’re on time. That reminds me, I haven’t actually placed pre-order yet.
  • Rorolog hug pillow covers. The two from last summer events. Best timing ever right after I bought one of the accompanying CD for a bit higher price. Also, the scale for Rin is a bit wrong from what I can tell (from personal experience).
  • Getchu Eroge Awards 2016. Congratulation to Minato-kun for getting best heroine award. And to Senren Banka for being listed in every single categories (and winning the general and movie category).
  • Himekuri 365 tapestries. Up for order again. Here’s hoping for another batch next year?

New stuff

Denkigai 2013 Winter official tapestry – Magicalic Sky High. If I remember correctly, it was up for around 6000 yen last year (or two years ago) but I held back until the price hiked up to 20000 yen. Someone put this up last week with buyout price of 12000 yen together with other random craps most of which I already own. Bought it immediately and put up the other tapestries for sale again.

Completing my collection. Rorolog and your diary CDs.

Curious. From 20+1. It’s ero graphic novel? And comes with voice? Or something like that.

And finally completing Magicalic Sky High bonus CDs. The (actual) last one is still on the way courtesy Suruga-Ya. This one is from YJA for more than I’d like to.

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