Digest Vol. 78 – A bit faster?

Finished Yorino’s Haruka route! That took about 6 days total which is relatively fast for me! I might even finish the whole this by next weekend at this rate.

The common (?) route was pretty interesting especially the closure.

I didn’t expect the sex scenes to be that long though. The number aren’t that many but they are pretty long.

Oh, yeah, finished Otome Domain as well. Just as expected, I guess? A bit sad by the lack of Minato in the CGs though.

I managed to receive more than I spent. Or so I thought until I remembered I pre-ordered rorolog fandisk which tilts the balance back to spending. At least it lessened the damage.

Winter events are getting closer which means more stuff are revealed. And then my budget for it is quickly getting drained up. Well, I’ll eventually remove some as usual. Just need to remember to be careful.

Lastly, Cuffs stuff announcement next week! Mixed feeling since my finance isn’t that good yet!

This post is looking a bit drier than usual.

Then I remembered I got the Dakikano personalized system voice and mini drama. At least it seems like it’s properly recorded for each order. Or it’s just really well edited that I can’t notice. Of course there’s question of whether it’s worth the extra ~8k jpy or not. I think it’s a bit too expensive. Well, I’m not that much into seiyuu so perhaps I’m simply not the main target.


  • Omokage Railback delayed again. We should open a bet on whether this or feng’s Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru manage to get released first.
  • Kamiyaba Maxi Single CD. Requires pre-ordering MintCube latest game. Not sure why.
  • Farnese delayed to 2017 Summer. More delayed game.
  • Rorolog HS official store bonus. And more hug pillow cover of Kotone. This time with less Lie and more accompanying voice drama. Also, Kisara voice drama as official store bonus itself. Looking again, I’m only missing Kuon’s voice drama. Welp.
  • D.S.i.F. store bonus. Now with several times more ero than original series.
  • Parasol’s next game teaser site. The current one hasn’t even been released! Well, hopefully more Chikotam and less Narumi Yuu. Inb4 less of either and more Quintuple.
  • Summer Pockets. I’m not into Key but this time Izumi Tsubasu is somehow involved.
  • Nekonin Exheart. Next Whirlpool game, a low cost, illustrated by Takano Yuki. There’s also version with bundled hug pillow cover.

New Stuff

Woo… nothing!

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