Digest Vol. 75 – It’s Trap Time

(Game-related title for once)

Finished Dal Segno! Last two routes were pretty good. The protagonist actually did something instead of just sitting around. And Ame route were quite moving as well especially the latter parts. Looking forward to the fandisk.

Considering Ame route is pretty much full route, it’s interesting that I managed to finish it in single weekend. Improvement yay?

As I applied policy to only hang up tapestries of games I’m playing or have finished (just like for hug pillow cover), now I’m having a small problem rotating the tapestries as well :D

…and so I started Otome Domain which I have plenty-ish tapestries of. Minato a cute. The best part is all routes include his h-scene (wait). Looking pretty good so far (first… quarter or common route?).

I’m aiming for completion of this in two weeks. I’d like to say a week but I can’t play as much next weekend due to reasons. I forgot about it when writing about distractions last week.

On finance, I’m not selling much this week ;_; I guess that’s just how it works. Doesn’t help I’m selling it for a bit of profit instead of loss. I’ll just wait a bit more~

Unfortunately Suruga-Ya decided to have some sales on stuff I’ve been keeping eyes on. RIP my buffer \o/

Next month is comiket as well so I guess I won’t be able to build up buffer until January. Either that or people buy my YJA stuff.

Game plans! Looking at my reading speed, I’m buying more than I can finish. Not news.

Anyway, this month I’m getting five games! What the hell, how did I end up with that number.

First off is Yomegami. Usual from Alcot though still sad no Chikotam nor Nimura Yuuji in it.

And then there’s Aki Uso. Just following up the previous series. Getting the Deluxe edition. Thankfully only one route. Unfortunately I think I need to finish the previous two games (routes) before playing this one.

Otome ga Irodoru Koi no Essence ~Egao de Orinasu Mirai~ – yet another trap game and my first ensemble game. Or games, since it’s the fandisk and I’m getting the combo pack. Or packs. Will somehow sell the other one. Also serves as experiment for how annoying doing this compared to buying the bonus off YJA directly.

Gakkou no Seiiki. Usual stuff as well. And finally Maika. I have a feeling I’ve written something like this before.

Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana. Now I look at the title again it’s a bit… interesting? 枯れる is usually attached to 花 whereas 終わる is to 世界 ┐(・_・)┌ No idea how many routes this will have.

At least two of them are single route games and one of them is not full price game. One of them being a combo pack isn’t helping though.

Moving on to December, there are only two on my list.

Hatsukoi Sankaime – a Chikotam game. Or not,  perhaps only one or two routes out of three or four or five or six. I have no idea how many routes this will have.

Lastly for December, finally another Yukie game, Hoshi Furu Yoru no Farnese. Looks like this will have some non-standard system.

Next on January, there’s only Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day so far. Still managing to hold back on Hoshi Koi Tinkle and I don’t think it’ll change. Barring unexpected announcement, this month is looking pretty simple.

Looking again, I don’t know why but I’m not that interested in Giga’s Kimi no Hitomi ni Hit Me. The artists line up is fine (Hisama Kumako and Kurasawa Moko) but something about this seems a bit off to me.

February is also only one – Shugaten. Wallet damage is looking pretty high though.

There are currently three games for March. One of them is the delayed Haruoto Alice Gram. Hopefully they can make it this time.

Next is Rorolog’s fandisk. Harem route yay. They better include Kanae-sensei as well. OR ELSE.

Lastly Kamiyaba. I just noticed it costs over 10k! What the hell. They only announced three heroines so far which seems wrong. At least there will be six different characters for the store bonuses (or possibly seven including official store). So… six heroines? The price is usually for five though. But Yomeyaba has five heroines plus two sub-heroines. So this time six heroines? ┐(-。ー;)┌

I’d like to say there’s only one for April (Aokana Extra 1) but it’s too far away. There’ll be also at least Omokage Rail Back (ha ha ha) and Trinoline.

Considering minori, Trinoline might be as soon as January.


  • November: 5.
  • December: 2.
  • January: 1.
  • February: 1.
  • March: 3.
  • April: 1.
  • Unknown: 2.
  • Completion ETA: never ┐(゚ ヮ゚)┌


  • Another loli hug pillow cover from Kimishima Ao. SHOULD I? (I ended up not getting the previous one)
  • Haruoto Alice Gram Tapestry, Yuuri. I think this is the last one. Illustrated by Nanao Naru. Probably will the this one.
  • Otome Domain Viewpoint Change Patch. ヽ( >∀<)ノ (I need to finish the main game first though)
  • Natsu Iro Kokoro Log Happy Summer. Slated for March. Somehow only three stores. Most likely skipping Sofmap (Kuon) again and get the main one from Melonbooks. And then YJA for Getchu. Or some other plan. Will probably get the combo pack and sell the main game. Still need to wait a bit and see if there’s more store bonuses coming (official store is notably missing)
  • Aokana Extra 1 Store Bonuses. Interestingly half of the tapestries are double suede. I guess the margin for this one is pretty high? I don’t know why I thought this is for March release but it’s for April. Currently leaning for just Getchu. Though may or may not get Trader as well. Probably not Sofmap. I don’t think I’ll get non-double suede ones either.

New Stuff

book: Oshioki Execute

Oshioki Execute, a non-R18 manga and its Tora no Ana bonus bath poster. Mainly gotten it for the poster. The bottom part’s line is even slightly visible. They sure are lenient with the rating…

Somehow finished reading it. First arc is pretty interesting with nice buildup but the second arc is a bit too simple.

books: Various

Doujins from last Sunshine Creation (2016 Winter). Gotten them off Melonbooks as I didn’t go the event. The bottom left book is from previous event though.

hug pillow cover: Soreyori no Prologue - Sakurai Mayura

First (and last?) hug pillow cover I’m getting from Soreyori no Prologue. Not-too-bad price from Mandarake.

hug pillow cover: Mashiro Iro Symphony - Uryuu Sakuno

Uryuu Sakuno from Mashifoni. Bought off YJA for about 6k.

hug pillow cover: Natsu no Ame - Segawa Rikako

Together with Sakuno above, from YJA as well for about 8k.

book: Kinokonomi (various)

And lastly Kinokonomi’s konomi digest (?) book. From YJA about 800 each. An awesome deal, I’d say. Now I need to sell the books which are included in those…

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