Digest Vol. 71 – Whatever

Of course I failed to keep my spending low. Ha. Ended up pre-ordering Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana. And together with it bonus CD from all stores. As usual, I’ve been eyeing it for a while but tried keep away from it.

There are a bunch of new tapestries as well which are relatively dangerous. Usual monthly Melonbooks of course, and then there’s Comiket Catalog bundle as well. Himekuri 365, the 2017 calendar with one illustration per day, also started pre-order of tapestries for all the illustrations.

At least I’ve started the YJA thing and hopefully it can help reducing load of my wallet. It’ll be pretty slow though because some of stuff I’m selling aren’t quite that popular. Well, it’s mostly matter of time, I guess.

Kind of sad letting some of the tapestries go but it must be done. Having 400+ tapestries isn’t quite… useful. I need to filter out the less liked ones.

Hug pillow cover is getting pretty bad as well though it’s going at much slower pace. Mostly thanks to price and that there aren’t many to begin with also helps.

On eroge progress, LOVEREC FD took a bit longer than I expected though I did finish it last Tuesday.

Finishing it, I decided to continue to Dal Segno. I didn’t throw dice though. In fact, I completely forgot about it until I read the post again when writing this. I just felt like playing that one first. I think I just passed the common route and now at Hazuki’s route. It doesn’t seem too bad. Though not Da Capo, I’m finally reading Circus works in its original form instead of anime. That said, I think I should read Da Capo 3 as well since the anime only covered common route and the whole magic thing seemed interesting enough. One day™, perhaps.


That’s a lot of tapestries.

New Stuff

Talking about lots of tapestries, Denkigai goods have arrived.

tapestry: Denkigai 2016 Summer - Natsu Iro Kokoro Log (B)

Of course they’re all the usual explicit versions. Starting off from Rorolog’s Kuon. My first tapestry of her. Well, it’s double suede and of high quality.

Not sure where her bottom part of bikini went off to.

tapestry: Denkigai 2016 Summer - Gakkou no Seiiki (B)

Maika from Gakkou no Seiiki. Slightly more sensible.

tapestry: Denkigai 2016 Summer - World Election

Faura from World Election. Really good for R-Ken, I must say.

tapestry: Denkigai 2016 Summer - (B)

Um, yeah. Fukami from Maitetsu.

tapestry: Denkigai 2016 Summer - Floral Flowlove (B)

The cover girl for this season. The ice cream sure dripped down to interesting place.

tapestry: Denkigai 2016 Summer - Omokage Rail Back (B)

Iroha from Omokage Rail Back. Honestly speaking, can use a better expression and pose. Not too bad though.

goods: Denkigai 2016 Summer - World Election Bag

I liked that World Election illustration enough I got the bag/pillow case as well. It’s a bit too big for my pillow though ;_;

shikishi: Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana - Early Pre-order

Early pre-order bonus from Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana. Barely sfw.

book: Gekidoku Shoujo - Autumn Reitaisai 3

Usual book from Gekidoku Shoujo / ke-ta from last Reitaisai. Bought off YJA.

tapestry: Gekidoku Shoujo - Autumn Reitaisai 3

From same event, my first Touhou tapestry. Not sure if want to keep but it’s pretty nice otherwise. From same YJA. I didn’t notice the shipping is quite expensive so I thought I got a relatively nice deal. I didn’t ;_;

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