Digest Vol. 70 – !!

I had some fever last night so I couldn’t quite post this on time.

Managed to finish Natsu Iro Kokoro Log last… Sunday. Had some distractions last week so it took me longer than I hoped to finish. The story is quite fine overall. With Kotone’s I liked most, followed by Kisara, Rin, Kanae, and lastly Kuon. Somehow also follows the order of heroines I like as well. It’s also the original order I had. The art is pretty much as expected from Shiromochi Sakura. Really good. The H-scenes are also just about right length though can use some sound effects.

The main problem I have is there’s no option to have voice playback not to stop when I move dialogue forward. And the other one is it’s missing function to jump back.

As originally planned, currently playing through Loverec Mini Theater. Didn’t expect it to be just extra H-scenes (and one REC mode contest winner scenario). There’s prologue as well but it’s really short. At this rate I should be able to finish it tonight. I probably should’ve guessed it considering it costs 2200.

After finishing it and then Quintuple Splash new extras (this one is free), I’ll move on to…

I’m not sure yet! Ha ha ha. Probably Koiimo as I mentioned earlier. Or maybe Dal Segno for some variation. Perhaps even Amairo Islenauts! I don’t know. I’ll throw dice later to decide it.

feng failed to finish Gakkou no Seiiki on time and thus delayed to November, making this month release some kind of refresh release month for me.

I mentioned in last post I wasn’t sure if I want to apply for credit card… and ended up applying for it :D And accepted. Yay 7k (and two months of premium) bonus.

With premium on hand, I immediately started selling some stuff. The test items already sold and now currently finishing the transaction. If everything goes well, I’ll move on to finally selling this “for sale” pile of stuff I slowly piled over course of few weeks.

I managed to not spend too much money last week and I hope this will keep up until end of this month. Barring unexpected thing, I should have additional one month worth of spare… or not. I need to pay for contract extension of my apartment :(

Perhaps next month! (every single time)


New Stuff

tapestry: Da Capo 3 With You - Melonbooks

Another dc3wy tapestry! Somehow managed to get this for not-so-expensive from YJA.

hug pillow cover: Tenshi no Nichiyoubi - Miyamura Miyako

One ancient hug pillow cover of Miyako from ef series. The material looks pretty similar with eden’s. Also from YJA for cheap-ish. No problem sighted.

audio: Reminiscence Goodwill, Reminiscence Sofmap, Reminiscence Re:Collect Sofmap

Some Reminiscence store bonus voice drama. Haven’t listened at all. Bought off Suruga-Ya.

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