Digest Vol. 49 – Whoops (part 2)

Accidentally bought another tapestry. Striped “swimsuit” + knee-socks + evening gloves is a dangerous combination ( ‘_’)b

That and a few other on my radar which will dry up my balance real quick. Holding back until next month and hopefully they will still be available.

One last route for World Election! Generally okay-ish overall? Sofia was quite awesome on all routes though. I’m aiming to finish the whole thing before Wednesday.

Thanks to new stuff I bought this week, Kurafuta jumped up the backlog queue. It’s up next now.


New Stuff

tapestry: Amatsutsumi - Character1-2016

\o/ Kokoro from Amatsutsumi. First sold during last character1. As I mentioned before, gotten this from online store instead which ended up in my loss of few hundreds yen. Double suede.

book: Pan no Mimi - Comic1, Jenoa Cake - Comic1

Another books from Comic1. Some more are coming next week.

hug pillow cover: Kurano-kun Chi no Futago Jijou - Kurano Yae

Third hug pillow cover from Kurafuta series. At this rate I may end up with complete heroines? I don’t think that will happen though since I don’t really like the eldest sister that much anyway.

Gotten this one for not too expensive at YJA. Not in perfect condition but still mostly good.

hug pillow cover: Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai - Mizunashi Miya

And another hug pillow cover \o/ Second one from Moteyaba. And probably the last. Still need to find a cheap-ish tapestry of her. The one that doesn’t cost over 20000 JPY in Amazon.

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