Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori – Hajimari no Hi

Parasol added one more route with patch 1.02. And I cried again. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

They added one more loop to the story and then one more alternative branching where Haruma stood up and lived normally without forgetting anything. That ending. And Konomi’s sacrifice. What a fortunate(?) stupid couple ;_;

The other stories becomes a bit weird though. Doesn’t that mean in the end they will be together anyway? Which means the objective turned into “not making Konomi sad” which failed in all but Konomi’s and Ayana’s route. And, yeah, worst at Nanoka’s. Not that I hate it. I mean, even if Konomi failed to prevent Haruma’s death, he’ll still be reunited with Ayana anyway (and we’ll have no story at all). The one losing most really is Konomi.


Whatever. Ayana a best.

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