Digest Vol. 36 – Rushing

Or not. As I mentioned last week, I tried to pick up playing pace and it kind of works. But then again my speed isn’t that fast even with least amount of distraction. At least I did manage to finish Mio route in Quintuple Splash. The story was much shallower compared to Sae. It’s mostly about stepping up from childhood friend to lover which really isn’t much or deep or anything. The h-scenes were okay. I don’t like Ichiri that much though so that helps speeding up the whole thing. Well, kind of. Took me four (work) days to finish her route.

Finishing that, I went back to Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia. Decided going the Miu route. Currently at last part and story is pretty good so far with actual worry about the incest part. The art is good. I really like it. The h-scenes are good as well with kind of actual connection to the story. Took me two (weekend) days to get this far.

That said, I’m still pretty far away from completing both games. Three more routes for Quintuple Splash and two (and half) for Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia. If I want to finish the whole thing before this weekend, I need to finish one route a day which is relatively impossible.

Next week is finally eroge release day. Omokage Rail Back is delayed though so there goes my hug pillow cover plan. I will probably just go play Cube’s Kurafuta for it and minori’s Tsumi no Hikari for new game side.


New stuff

video: Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai

Oh look, anime blu-ray for once. Blu-ray of movie which Kantoku designed the characters – Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai. Also includes booklet of the series (kind of required for understanding the story, I guess) and image songs CD. Probably should get the soundtrack and theme song CD sometime later…

audio: Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsu Yasumi OST

Fees for this thing is about half the cost of the thing itself. Soundtrack CD of Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsu Yasumi. The character song CD is sold out when I realized it but then again it’s only for ending songs which I probably don’t care as much. Not that I’ve listened to them.

audio: Primal x Hearts OST

And then OST for Primal x Hearts. Got this one from Book Off (their Auction Off section). Slightly cheaper than new. Will grab the soundtrack for second one sometime later.

tapestry: Sen no Hatou Tsukisome no Kouki - G's Magazine 2015-10 - Ino Hotori 1

I probably should’ve bought this when it’s up for pre-order instead of getting it off YJA for 1000 JPY more expensive ._.

Tapestry of Ino Hotori from August’s next game, Sen no Hatou Tsukisome no Kouki.

tapestry: Yuusha to Maou wa Dengeki Doumei - Melonbooks

Another case of “finally bought it anyway”. Bonus of light novel illustrated by Natsume Eri. The material feels slightly thicker than usual suede tapestries but still not thick enough to be usable without solid white background.

I probably should read all those light novels I’ve been buying…

tapestry: Konomi - Melonbooks Uribou Zakkaten 2

And lastly tapestry from Melonbooks. Illustrated by konomi, rated all ages. If you can call this such, that is. Interesting costume, I’d say. Or maybe just lewd.

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