Digest Vol. 32 – Wat

Accidentally used more money than I should be for this month (as usual). Should start selling more stuff sometime later… And receive pitiful amount of money. Well, sunk cost etc. I think I’m done for this month. Next month isn’t looking bright either and upcoming Residence Tax isn’t helping either though if I guessed correctly it won’t happen this year but instead will be inflicted with double the amount next year instead because I moved to this area after January 1st. That’s my guess anyway.

Managed to finish Christmas Trickstar. It was pretty short. There are two route which the main character does pretty much opposite thing. One of which I hate. Not too bad for a doujin game.

Going upward my backlog, continuing to Quintuple Splash. This month’s eroge day is coming next week as well but I’m not sure whether to pause this and play Loverec Fandisc first or finish this one first. Haven’t gotten far enough to tell if it’s going to be usual Parasol or another Haruno. I’m guessing the former. Still kind of sad Chikotam didn’t draw for this game :(

Talking about eroge, I think I’ll be picking up Lose’s next game – Maitetsu – after all. Hurr durr herp derp. <insert expletives here about how good I am at managing my lust>. There aren’t many information this week. Or there are a few but I don’t really care about most of them. Go here for better listing ha ha ha. :effort:


  • Information on Nanawind’s “Alia’s Carnival Double Package” has been published. Apparently it’ll include previous drama CDs (which unfortunately I already have) and additional routes which includes Inori’s! (how is it “double package” when it’s got some new contents). It’ll also include a hug pillow cover of Tsukuyomi (third? Fourth?). I hope it’s actual A&J (or other high quality) instead of cheap version.
  • Completed illustrations for Mamiya store bonuses are up. What exactly is the bonus for Gamers’ is for some reason still unknown.
  • And then there’s teaser site for Purple Software’s next game, Amatsutsumi.
  • Whirlpool’s World Election will be having another physical-store-only shikishi. And of all characters, it’s the best one. Damn it. I hope they update the bonus for their official store as well. Otherwise some blood might be spilt next week.
  • I’m not getting it but there’s this weird stuff by Melonbooks. Classic hand made wall scroll. With lewd image printed on it. Not sure why. Stupid expensive as well, even more expensive than K-Books’ expensive paper. Not sure which one is worse.

New Stuff

2016-01-21 13.58.03

Hug pillow cover! From something I haven’t even played! But hey Hisama Kumako is good. Himari from Amatoro. One of the few exceptions for non-flat characters in my inventory. Good stuff is good though.

2016-01-24 14.08.20

And then even more hug pillow cover of game I haven’t played. Natsusaki Yomi from Himanatsu. My backlog is getting even longer but it’s not a big problem for hug pillow cover. Bought second hand off Suruga-Ya except with stupid price. Whoops. Looks relatively fine so it’s kind of feel like new?

2016-01-24 14.03.28

And then there’s this Kuro Lemon (?) from Melonbooks. Illustrated by cura from Lose. For some reason the copyright is Lose. Printed on double suede. Pretty good quality and interesting pose.

2016-01-24 14.06.28

One of two tapestries from Curtain Damashii for Pan series. Unfortunately uses thin material. Cute though so it’s kind of acceptable.

2016-01-24 14.07.27

And the other one. The two makes a continuous image but I haven’t gotten space to do that and too lazy to iron anyway.

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