Digest Vol. 31 – All the stuff

For some reason I’ve gotten even more backlogs :D OH WELL.

Still playing through Delivara… Should be done by this week.

When it’s done I’ll probably play Christmas Trick Star instead of Kimisora to go back to the “latest released, unplayed” pattern instead of picking random ones. Saves thinking out what to play next. The current Delivara was mainly because I ran out of hug pillow cover to rotate. As I now have few originals and from completed games, going back to usual pattern should be fine. Maybe.


  • Saga Planets stuff from Denkigai will be available for online order next Thursday. Hopefully the overhead won’t be too much.
  • And Makura as well though some of the stuff are sold out already including the Himawari no Kyoukai’s Vocal CD which I’ve been meaning to buy a while ago but decided to wait until this event. Whoops, backfired. At least it only contains ending songs.
  • Meanwhile minori continues alienating people buying stuff online by having another physical store-only event. At least I did pre-order it off physical store (ノ゚ ヮ゚)ノ︵ ┻━┻
  • Teaser site for next game from Purple Software, Amatsutsumi is up.

New Stuff

tapestry: pikatto anime, yukie, original, 2015 december

Tapestry! Yukie! I think this one was available in Denkigai as well but overall not too bad.

tapestry: pikatto anime, karory, original, 2015 december

…because I got signing event ticket for this order. And the postage is split with someone else buying stuff here as well.

tapestry: minori, natsuzora no perseus, toono ren

Yet another Ren tapestry! Off YJA as usual.

sofmap moe box 2016

Somehow ended up getting this Sofmap New Year Moe Box 2016. Mine’s only the calendar and hug pillow cover though.

game: marmalade software, primal x hearts, primal x hearts 2

And of course the games as well. Hi backlogs.

tapestry: marmalade software, primal x hearts 2, tatebayashi tateha, goodwill

I ended up paying a bit too much for this title ._. Goodwill bonus tapestry, Tatebayashi Tateha (the same as hug pillow cover above).

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