Digest Vol. 28 – Frozen Dead (part 1)


Tarareba. Should or should not I? Practically speaking, I probably should not.

And maybe just get its Denkigai tapestry and buy the game much later (after clearing current backlogs) for cheap.

Denkigai Matsuri 2015 Winter has just passed. It was cold. Especially for those queuing for KeroQ/Makura booth. I was one of them. It was cold. At least they have enough in stock despite not placing any kind of limit on how many one can buy at once. Doesn’t help speeding up the line and it’s not like people can just buy everything from them. Good majority of their stuff are hug pillow covers and the blanket costs the same as well. And I found out I barely had enough cash when I was there. And it was cold.

The rest are pretty much as planned with exception of Saga Planets stuff. Their stuff were gone within an hour and I was stuck at Makura for much longer than that. Pikatto Anime as guessed are selling the new tapestries and stuff as well. At least the online order has Karory signing event ticket (I think) and the difference isn’t too bad. Gotta embrace the 1000 JPY additional cost I inflicted on myself for Curtain Damashii stuff at Comiket.

Denkigai event reports by Dengeki Hime.

Blanket plan worked well (at least during the initial wait time) and will continue doing that for Comiket first day (I’m using circle pass for last day). By blanket plan I mean “bring a blanket and cover myself in it”. Simple and actually effective as long sitting down and not minding the blanket getting a bit dirty.

Comiket next week. I hate events. Especially in winter.

On eroge side, I managed to finish Yomeyaba. The harem route is slightly lacking though. I guess that’s the extent of not-nukige? (how is it not nukige anyway?)

Now back to Koikake before continuing Delivara and finally starting Quintuple Splash. Normally I’d finish this Koikake (one main route, one final route(?)) within a week but with incoming Comiket I’m not sure if it’ll happen.

I managed to avoid getting Koikake Yui hug pillow cover. Maybe (last decision before end of this month).



Quite a lot of loots and stuff this week (and next week).

2015-12-27 16.20.03

Omokage Rail Back pre-order bonus shikishi. And then I forgot to ask for the illustration card. Oh well.

2015-12-27 16.17.40

The rare time I actually like minori games’ character design. Also, the lines are visible. Fuuka from Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous.

2015-12-27 16.15.49

Another one from Tsuminohi. This one is the little sister Tsubura (with not so little boobs).

2015-12-27 15.44.51

Clear files bonus for pre-ordering the game. Minori sure like their clear files.

2015-12-27 16.18.53

Sakura no Uta Vocal CD and OST. Almost dead obtaining those.

2015-12-27 16.13.54

The other thing I almost dead obtaining. Hug pillow cover of Shizuku from Sakura no Uta. Particularly like the pose for lewd side.

2015-12-27 16.06.07

I already have the store bonus version of this but this one is double suede version which is superior. And cheaper than how much I got the other version for.

2015-12-27 15.54.40

Koikake Winter set. I know it’s winter set because it includes a disposable hand warmer.

2015-12-27 16.01.54

The included tapestry. Koikake’s Ayane. Double suede material. The pipe has weird caps and the string is tied to the caps. Removed and installed normal string instead. Unfortunately slightly damaged but at least it’s on background area and hopefully not too visible.

That’s all for Denkigai stuff.

2015-12-27 15.43.06

Ended up pre-ordering Rorolog. From Trader. Probably will get whole set.

2015-12-25 11.19.32

Quintuple Splash! A bit unfortunate Chikotam isn’t doing this but at least there’s Yukie. Sakana and Sakura Hanpen aren’t too bad either. In fact I’m getting all bonuses for characters drawn by them.

2015-12-25 11.38.18

The included mini shikishi. Thankfully it’s Yukie’s.

2015-12-25 11.34.59

Quintuple Splash official store bonus. For some reason it’s using the less common (for eroge) pipe type. Double suede and for once the color isn’t too washed out.

2015-12-25 11.19.59

Microfiber towel! It actually looks like a really big lens cloth to me. Another official store bonus.

2015-12-27 15.41.29

Slightly delayed because it arrived at the store few hours too late. OST for Quintuple Splash.

2015-12-27 21.59.12

Sora Koi Sofmap tapestry. Thin material etc. Off YJA as usual.

2015-12-23 11.27.12

Also from Sofmap bonus. Not really intended to get this but the guy sold this together with tapestry so it’s just there.

2015-12-22 11.03.44

One ancient single CD. Alia’s Carnival opening and ending themes. I missed my chance for Flowering Sky CDs though unlike this one which only costs 1000 JPY the other one is only bundled with a set and costs 3000 JPY instead.

2015-12-27 20.55.58


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