Weekly Finance vol. 19


Last auction last month ended by selling four items at 6% loss. Not too bad considering all the terrible weeks I’ve been through.

I’ll put up some more stuff later this week.

Other selling stuff

I really should get around sending more stuff to Suruga-Ya.

Wasting money

Last month ended up saving a bit more than minimum target thanks to the last auction.

And then the budget for this month was immediately hit by all the backlogs from last month. As it currently stands, I barely have anything left for this month. And it’s only the first day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Kin-iro loveriche VFB store bonus

*VFB means visual fanbook

From what I gather at least Melonbooks, Tora no ana, and Getchu have plus-tapestry edition. Too bad the one by Tora no ana involves cigarette ๐Ÿ˜” And the preview for Getchu tapestry is not available yet. They added one. It’s recycled from one of older BugBug cover which tapestry of its variation already existed.

Update 2020-03-06: Getchu added.

Game – Oshilove

And here’s another game I got this month. The full title is Oshi no love yori koi no love. I forgot that it’s got simultaneous translated release and apparently it’s well received at steam. The translated title is pretty… interesting. Oh and this packaged edition also contain all the translations so that’s nice. None of the download editions seems to be DRM-free so Steam + Denpasoft patch is probably your best bet for worry free plays. Or just get someone to fetch and rip the package edition from Japan.

I bought this one from Getchu which includes tapestry bonus in addition to the bundled tapestry inside the box. I’m still not sure if I want to keep the tapestries as I didn’t get this game because of the illustrator but because the director was from Tinkle Position as I mentioned before. Also both tapestries are all ages.

The one from Getchu is a landscape tapestry, with thin pipes which means it’ll bend when hanged up. And the material is the usual thin one. The print is mostly fine if not a bit lacking in resolution. Also the analog style drawing is pretty visible. Note that I don’t know if it’s actually analog or even if I’m using the correct term.

As for the bundled tapestry, it’s using nice double suede material. The resolution also seems a bit higher though it could be better. Lastly, the included hanging string is a bit too thick for the included thin pipes, especially for the joint.

Lastly, based on my quick check, the included voice drama is all ages.

Digest vol. 246: RIP events

A lot of events are cancelled thanks to recent disease problem. I just hope this will be over soon.


New stuff

There’s none. There should be some new stuff today though as I’m buying two new titles.

Eroge progress

I’m supposed to have some progress but there’s almost none these last two days thanks to Bofuri. At least I’m at latter half of Kanna route. I should be able to finish it this weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

No FGO ep. 18 yet because I haven’t watched it. I considered watching it this night but it’s already ending and I need to wake up early.

Daily life

So the next Ore no yome event…

Ore no yome event, the 31st one, which is supposed to be held this Saturday, seems like will have a lot of empty seats thanks to COVID-19. Including A.M.R. Not that I’m going in the first place anyway. And as side effect, they’ll start pre-order for the new dakimakura later today.

That’s a bit earlier than I expected so this time I’m waiting until March 1st before placing the order. Maybe.

Weekly Finance vol. 18


Sold five items for about 50% loss. Er. Well, the higher valued stuff have mostly been sold out so the remaining items are kind of expected to be sold at loss.

That said, I’ve put up some more tapestries which hopefully can be sold for some profit…?

Wasting money

End of month is closing in and I barely manage to keep my savings target. It’ll probably fall a bit short though. Or maybe not. I’m not sure. Also depends on how the last auction for this month goes. Maybe it’ll be fine.

Meanwhile I still have no idea what to do with Maitetsu pre-orders…

Also on the DRM’d game thingy, they still haven’t make any further announcements.

Oh, and stock market (or just general world economy) sure is taking some pretty hard hits from covid-19.

Digest vol. 245: A short week

I almost forgot to write this post.


New stuff

Nothing! I don’t think there’s anything coming in soon either.

Eroge playthrough

Non-eroge stuff

Daily life

Weekly Finance vol. 17


Sold two items for about 40% loss. Yay.

I need to push limit on what I’m selling and then finishing eroges so I can finally consider whether or not to keep them.

Other selling stuff

Still haven’t done anything else even though I really should. Mainly doujinshi to be sold through Suruga-Ya (of course).

And then there’s my older phone as well though I’m not sure if I even should sell or just dispose of them right away due to safety reasons.

Wasting money

It’s almost end of February and I still haven’t pre-ordered Hello World and Weathering BDs. I can’t quite do it this month anymore as I don’t have enough remaining budget.

And the reason I’m running low of available budget is I’m buying a phone. An old phone. I sure hope it works. It’s way cheaper than buying new but it’s also pretty old. It should work fine based on the seller’s reputation. I’ll tell more once I figure out how it ends.

In addition to that, I ended up buying another pair of 10GbE card.

Thanks to those two craps above, even though I didn’t waste that much on dakimakura and tapestries and eroges, I’m currently on danger of going below my minimum savings target. I guess going to Ore no yome at the end of this month is out of question.

Next month seems even more questionable.

Or maybe this month. Depends on how the DRM-infested company end up this time. The final decision will probably be before end of this month. Just like last time, this crap is taking a bit too much thinking time ๐Ÿ˜ Maybe I should just get over with it already and forget/ignore the company altogether.

Tsunako doujin tapestry pre-order

This has been announced a while back and finally up for pre-order. I don’t think I’ve seen doujin stuff in ebten before.

There’s also a new tapestry by just Tsunako. It’s the illustration from their first book which was also used as poster it seems? I think it would be better as portrait tapestry though. With current landscape orientation it looks like the characters end up a bit small.

Digest vol. 244: Progress

There are quite a few news and new stuff this week.


New stuff

Eroge playthrough

Non-eroge stuff


Daily life

Tapestry – Type-Moon Illustration 10

That above is pretty much what the store website says about this thing. The first time I saw this was from Animate store bonus for the latest FSN artbook.

I like it. The expression, pose, clothings, backgrounds, etc feel perfectly matching and mix nicely. Would be even better if the image is taller and shows more of her knee-socks.

And then as can be seen above, they made tapestry of it.

The print is good though too bad the material is the thin one.

Also the size is a bit unusual. As can be seen in the title, it’s B2-ish. The width is fine but it’s way shorter than the usual B2 tapestries.

Here’s comparison with normal B2 tapestries:

Weekly Finance vol. 16

Early for once.


Sold quite a few items at 70%. That hurts. At least it covered my extra 10GbE cards purchases though.

I noticed I now have less than 50 items up. It sure can use more items. Maybe this week. Or next week. I don’t know.

Wasting money

I’m still not sure about Maitetsu pre-orders. Those look pretty dangerous. I still have 5 months to prepare but with Comiket incoming in two months, I don’t have that much leeway until then.

At least I don’t have anything else coming for this month. I think.

Oh right, there’s FSN 15th Museum but it shouldn’t cost too much.

There’s also that company which said to use DMM Soft Denchi (lol) but for some reason still hasn’t updated their official page. I think I should keep some budget aside for that but at the moment the chance they’ll drop the stupid DRM seems pretty low. Well, their loss โ”( ๏ฝฅ_๏ฝฅ)โ”Œ

Shikishi – pieces/Canary early pre-order

I got this one from Sofmap. I do usually order early but not this early. I needed something to pre-order so I get some bonus points so I got this this week.

I still need to pre-order from Melonbooks for retail store orders. And maybe Tora no ana? Their online store is usually pretty late for pre-order stuff though. I’ll decide next or following month.

Sukumizu sure is nice. I’m not sure what the ribbon is doing there though ?_?

Doujinshi – Suzuya C97

Very late C97 doujinshi. It sure took pretty long to arrive. I ordered it from Melonbooks.

I like Ryohka’s loli way more than non-lolis. Similar to Chikotam, I think?

Tsundere little sister yay. I like the part they’re partly doing it (?) in the dining room.

It looks like there might be more? That would be fun. A dakimakura might be interesting as well though I don’t think Ryohka ever had any explicit one.