Digest Vol. 91 – I need some sleep



Events (Dengeki Festival 2017)

Arrived around 9:00 because I was too lazy. A relatively correct decision because I end up only waiting two and half hours and still plenty of stock for stuff I wanted.

Had some stamp rally thing and gotten some plastic bookmarks.

The experience areas were pretty crowded so I skipped them. Not that I cared much anyway. Except for VR zone which might be interesting.

…and that’s about it. I didn’t bother waiting until announcement of new anime and stuff.

Update: forgot that the area for purchasing item is not using order form but just standard store type where you pick the items you want to purchase yourself.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mahoro route. It was relatively straightforward. To the far future. H-scenes here and there and finally a boring revelation. The h-scenes were relatively short.

Now on Mifuyu route and just passed her first h-scene. At current rate I should be able to finish her route before weekend and proceeds finished the other two routes. I don’t know if true end is in one of those two or another route.

That said, even if I can finish everything next weekend, I wouldn’t have time for another game, even short one. Four days just won’t be enough. Oh well.

Wasting money

Sold quite a lot of stuff this week. Well, I did have quite a few unplanned spending as well so it pretty much balances out.

Still need to put up a bit more but perhaps next or the following week. Unless I somehow get enough motivation to look for the stuff on my to-sell list.

I don’t think there will be more stuff coming for this month. Whirlpool store thankfully (and disappointedly) doesn’t have much interesting stuff.

There will be AnimeJapan at end of this month but I don’t think I’ll spend much there. Or at all beyond foods and train fares. I did pay for the tickets already.

If anything, it’d be official store bonus for DSif which is still a mystery. And Karumaruka Circle PSV Sofmap store bonus.

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Digest Vol. 89 – Good so far


February is ending! Time fucking where ;_;

Eroge playthrough

Managed to get past through first two acts (and opening act). They were good. Nice amount of mysteries (and surprises) and cool stuff. No ero though. At all. There doesn’t seem be any until latter part according to the site.

Oh yeah, it’s good. The pacing is good so far and managed to keep me awake until very late (or early morning like last Sunday Monday).

That said, I can’t tell how far I’m at the moment. VNDB says it’s “very long” so it’ll probably take me another three weeks to finish? Or even a month.

I sure hope to be able to finish it in three weeks so I can play one short game (see below) before March release which I’ll then go full speed at–


Holy shit.

Oh nvm, I thought Dal Segno is next month as well but it’s not. Well, either Rorolog HS or Kamiyaba. Rorolog HS should be slightly shorter because it’s a fandisc. Or I’ll just throw dice later.

Wasting money

I decided to put on hold selling or even including stuff from games I haven’t played. I’ll then decide what to keep after playing the game.

That alone managed to bring my “active” hug pillow covers down to 44. Great. The on hold list is currently at 43. That means my played:unplayed ratio for this is almost 1:1. Whoops ;D

As for tapestries, it’s at 270 which is well under the limit I decided last week. Unlike covers, the on hold list for 203. About 4:3. Slightly better than the covers.

That means I don’t need to rush selling my stuff anymore. I’ll slowly go through my current list again later this week.

As predicted last week, I didn’t sell much this week. Only one though quite high value so it’s actually went better than expected.

Overall, I’m green(-ish) at the moment thanks to selling all the stuff and spending less. Now aiming for four months worth of buffer. It’s only one month at the moment :(

Or maybe not because apparently I’ll need to book flight ticket around next month.

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Digest Vol. 88 – Of course it doesn’t work


8:30 9:20. I think I should sleep soon-ish. I don’t even remember what I’m going to write anymore.

New header image! Nonoka best sister. Yeah that’s from a footjob H-scene for anyone wondering.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Ichayaba as planned. Well, the worst case one, at least, since I only finished it on Saturday which is a bit too long.

I guessed only one extra H-scene per route but turned out I was wrong. Mostly. Good though because more Meguri is better.

There’s no 3P route. There’s 3P scene but there is no story or anything at all. The scene is… interesting? Relatively fast-paced as well.

The series is pretty much as expected from Hulotte. Now back to waiting for Kamiyaba.

Meanwhile, I continued on to Sakura no Mori Dreamers as mentioned last week. Seems interesting so far though the writing style is also doing a good job of confusing me.

Wasting money

Looking at the rate I’m selling stuff, I need to pick up the pace much higher but therein lies the problems.

First of all is the list isn’t even fixed yet. I still move stuff around a lot. That prompted me to also postpone selling stuff which game I haven’t played yet.

The other problem is there’s not much pressure to sell them. Yes my space is dangerously low and it’s not quite practical but as mentioned above, I have problem filtering the stuff and this certainly isn’t helping. So it is pretty much ending up as status quo.

Even for stuff I’m already putting out for sale, as there’s no need to sell them as soon as possible, I set the prices a bit higher – more or less at the amount I paid to buy them in the first place (with appropriate devaluation for pillow covers). That certainly isn’t helping but I have no plan to change this besides dropping the price slightly faster (500 yen per month instead of 200).

On filtering the stuff themselves, main problem with hug pillow covers is there are just too many which I like (or kind of like). And a few more arriving in next few months makes it even more difficult. On the brighter side, thumbnails of everything fit on my monitor without need of scrolling around so it’s relatively easy to compare stuff. Or maybe not really, because I don’t have the full image.

And apparently I’m adding even more instead soon-ish. Ha ha ha good job, me.

Tapestries on the other hand, is much more difficult mainly due to the sheer number of them. Currently at 312, it also need some more filtering. I’m not sure where to start from though.

This will take a long while.

Meanwhile, I managed to sell five items this weekend. There isn’t much bidding happening which is sad. Including one cover which was bid really early. Oh well.

Not sure if I’m going to add more stuff this week because I’m feeling really lazy this week.

I sold enough stuff that my spending for eroge (and related stuff) is currently negative this month or not because I did end up getting the one thing I’ve been considering for months. This one.

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Yome Sagashi ga Hakadori Sugite Yabai. / Takamiya Nanaka – Hug Pillow Cover

I’ve been doing the weekly digest thing for so long I even forgot I used to do something like this few years ago.

Someone asked for this so here we go. It’s still the usual blurrycam™. Of course I don’t have stand or anything to hang this up so it’s kind of crimpled as well.

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Digest Vol. 29 – Frozen Dead (part 2)

Top image queue ran out (it was one, heh). As everyone is busy new year-ing, there doesn’t seem to be much on news front. Well, there are quite a few anime announcements and perhaps some from Denkigai. I don’t really cover anime here and the eroge ones are still too few information. Sagaplanets new game is still just silhouette and ALcot’s… well, it’s ALcot Honeycomb and the illustration doesn’t quite interest me just yet.

Winter sure is cold. Especially when queuing outside for hours. Blanket did help but only until the entry queue starts moving. Afterwards it’s impossible to use with all walking and stuff. Winter sucks.

Heavily distracted by Comiket and barely managed to finish Koikake. Yay. The last two stories are quite good. I cried a bit during Yui’s route and sufficiently intrigued on Last Episode that I cleared it in single run. Overall good game with some good stories and great soundtracks. Funny I initially liked Yui most and then liked Rinka as well but ended up liking Ayane most. Sorry Yui, you’re cute but Ayane is the best after all.

Onward to Delivara. Four routes left and currently at first Aya h-scene. I seem to be heavily distracted during h-scenes. And Parasol’s h-scenes being stupid long doesn’t help either.

And here’s some stats for 2015:

  • Games bought, bolded means completed:
    • Moonstone – Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia
    • Whirlpool – Kujiragami no Tearstilla
    • MintCube – Amakoi Syrups
    • minori – Soreyorino Prologue
    • Yuzusoft – Sanoba Witch
    • Giga – Shirogane x Spirits!
    • Saga Planets – Hanasaki Workspring
    • Purple Software – Chrono Clock
    • Insync – Mousou Complete!
    • Nanawind – Alia’s Carnival! Flowering Sky
    • Peassoft – Chuunibyou na Kanojo no Love Equation
    • ALcot – Loverec
    • feng – Imouto no Seiiki
    • Makura – Sakura no uta
    • Us:track – Koi-Kakeru Shin-Ai Kanojo
    • GLace – Ama no Sora Retrospect
    • Hulotte – Yome sagashi ga hakadori sugite yabai
    • Chelseasoft – Sora koi
    • Clearrave Nyan Nyan – JK Trouble Main”s
    • Parasol – Quintuple Splash
    • Cigalette Soft – Christmas Trickstar
  • Total bought: 21
  • Total played: 10

Almost 50%! That’s not too shabby considering I played some leftover from 2014 as well.

Non-2015 releases:

  • Bought, with bolded means completed:
    • ALcot – Osananajimi wa Daitouryou My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT.
    • ALcot – Osananajimi wa Daitouryou My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. Fandisc
    • ALcot – Oni Gokko!
    • ALcot – Oni Gokko! Fan Disc
    • ALcot – Naka no Hito nado inai! Tokyo Hero Project
    • Cabbit – Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana
    • Parasol – Yumekoi
    • Saga Planets – Karumaruka Circle
    • minori – Supipara Prologue
    • minori – Supipara
    • minori – 12 no Tsuki no Eve
    • Qoobrand – Majo Koi Nikki
    • Marmalade – Koiiro Marriage
    • minori – Natsuzora no Perseus
    • Whirlpool – Magicalic Sky High
    • Cube – Kurano-kun Chi no Futago Jijou
    • Lapis lazuli – Izayoi no Fortuna / Main
    • Nanawind – Alia’s Carnival
    • Parasol – Magicarat Radiant
    • Parasol – Deripara
    • minori – eden* PLUS+MOSAIC
    • Cabbit – Midori no Umi
    • ALcot Honeycomb – Aete Mushi Suru Kimi to no Mirai
    • ALcot Honeycomb – Satsukoi
    • SkyFish Poco, Cabbit – Nyan café macchiato
    • Hulotte – Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai
    • Hulotte – Kanae to Meguri to no Sono Ato ga Ichalove Sugite Yabai
    • Makura – Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi
    • Cube – Koisuru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai
  • Total bought: 29 (whoops)
  • Total completed: 1 (whoops)

…whoops. Probably shouldn’t have done this.

In total thus far:

  • Purchased: 59
  • Completed: 19 (32%)

Not too bad, I guess? And hopefully will be slightly faster this year and less piling up even more backlogs considering I’ve done them last year. There are still some left but I figured they can wait much later…

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Getchu Points Exchange No. 5 Tapestry

Finally obtained enough points to get one of their tapestry.

2015-03-25 22.40.09Illustrated by Kobuichi. The image itself isn’t available in usual source yet. Dem knee-socks and panchira :3

The coloring style is quite rare from Kobuichi. It feels less digital compared to his usual works. Overall quality is great with the image being sufficiently sharp and additionally helped with better material it is printed on. Definitely worth spending all my points on.

Thankfully they don’t charge for shipping.

eden* – minori Museum / A Tapestry

When visiting Akiba last Sunday to see Moeoh Gallery and looking for a certain tapestry (which I couldn’t find in the end), I stumbled upon this.

2015-03-22 23.46.58I’ve been looking for this for quite a long time albeit at a lower priority. There isn’t even any hint of presence of this being sold online (auction or whatever). Obtained from K-Books. The cost was okay at less than 2000 JPY.

Unfortunately the image itself is not as sharp as I hoped. But overall, it’s good since it’s Chikotam (and Sion) \o/

The material is usual minori suede. They really should start producing tapestries with double suede material instead…