Digest Vol. 106: Early for once


I’m not sure I’ll have time to write anything next three days so I’m writing this now. Next one will be delayed to at least July 3rd or 4th after I return.

Eroge playthrough


Non-eroge stuff

Finished Clockwork Planet! Bought the light novels because kind of curious about almost everything. Good thing about light novels is I can hold off buying it indefinitely. Except for the goodies. Even then light novels are much cheaper than eroges.

Apparently last week’s Attack on Titan was the last one for this year.

There are still few more episodes for Eromanga-sensei though. Not sure what to watch next season (if any).

On light novel side, still ongoing with Dengeki Doumei. Made quite a bit of progress and I think I’ll finish it by this weekend.

Wasting money

I think I ended up getting all Dal Segno Takano Yuki tapestries, including Getchu’s life-sized ones.

Nothing much else otherwise apart of a bunch of books.

I think I’m done for this month unless something unexpected comes up.

Overall green even without much help from selling stuff. Next month should be pretty good and then I can safely prepare for Comiket and Denkigai and related events.

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Digest Vol. 105: Abroad edition


On time once in a while. Mainly because I don’t have much else to do. And it just happens I’m testing a Realforce 87U which for some reason someone left here.

Eroge playthrough

Didn’t play at all this last few days! And won’t be for another two weeks! ;_;

I think I got about halfway through Yoshino route before going. Right before the (apparently) most interesting part. No, not an H scene.

At current rate I’ll probably finish it in two or three weeks once I resume.

Probably will play either Kamiyaba or Mamiya.

Not-eroge stuff

Finished imouto zetsumetsu 2! Looks like it’ll end in another one or two more volumes if following current pattern?

As it’s the latest released, I switched to something else. Another long titled light novel, Yuusha to Maou ga Dengeki Doumei (…etc). Looks quite fun so far.

I should have quite a lot of time to read while I’m away. Hopefully I can at least finish all I currently own.

Still okay-ish with anime as well (except haven’t watched this week’s).

Wasting money

I think I’ve finished the whole K-Books tapestries from Chikotam. Except the clear poster. Clear poster is just dumb. I doubt I’ll get more of it especially if it costs a lot. Maybe if someone put it up for like 1000…

There isn’t much else apart of next month’s bonus stuff which are quite a lot. At least still less than I originally allocated.

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Digest Vol. 101: Beyond expectation


Oh hey I failed to sleep early again. Nothing new though ha ha ha.

…ha ._.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Miyuri route! I was expecting it to be okay-ish. The first half went as expected but then the latter half went full speed on emotion roller coaster. The non-irritating type. A bit on self-inflicted gloomy side but the end result was greatly satisfying. Good thing I did it last because otherwise I may end up hating this game because of the first two routes I did.

Miyuri a best.

With that done, time to play something that’s more modern. Last year modern. As planned, will start playing Senren Banka. 1080p, here I come. Still doesn’t fill up my screen though ha ha ha.

Not-eroge stuff

Due to various PC upgrades, I didn’t progress as much here. At least I kept up with animes.

Wasting money

Bought one expensive old tapestry! And another old but less expensive tapestry. Also preordered some artbooks. And lastly ended up buying Ikegami Akane’s latest hug pillow cover. I didn’t even play the game but whatever! I can’t believe my first doujin cover is from Fate series.

With that one, Ikegami Akane is the illustrator I have most hug pillow cover of. As long I don’t count in covers I’ve sold in which case still is hold by Chikotam.

I also failed wasting more money because people were bidding stuff way more than I guessed. Saved, I guess? There’s also one which I just simply missed because of being too busy managing auctions. When I realized it someone outbid me and it’s already ended.

Sold a few stuff this week. Mostly unexpected stuff including light novel which I half jokingly put up for auction. Nicely balanced up my spending last week and a bit more (assuming everything goes fine).

I think I can still come out green-ish instead of yellow on monthly balance despite spending quite a lot on PC stuff and flight tickets.

And still need to put up some more stuff for auction as usual…

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Digest Vol. 100


Yay late. Nothing special despite number 100.

Eroge playthrough

Fixing my server and stuff during first half of the week so I only managed to finish Kyouko’s route. As expected the route is much better compared to the previous two. The protagonist is still irritating but at least the story progressed much better.

Will start the last route, Miyuri, tonight. Hopefully I can finish it before end of this week.

Not-eroge stuff

Progressing slowly through the Gakeppuchi vol. 2. I think I’m starting to remember more of the letters and words and stuff.

Nothing much else for this week apart of usual anime watching. Somehow still managed to keep up the three series I’m following.

Wasting money

Backlogged a bunch of hug pillow covers woo \o/

I don’t think there’s many left after this. I mean, I cleared almost the whole Whirlpool’s Mamizu series.

That said, unexpected things may still happen.

Sold quite a few stuff this week which helped balance things out. Unfortunately the spending is just a bit too much. Should put up a bit more stuff this week.

Oh and ongoing system upgrade is totally not helping either =D

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Digest Vol. 98 – What’s sleep




Eshi100 (and other)

Departed around 9 AM, waited a bit until it opens, headed immediately to goods shop queue. Queued for an hour, bought stuff, looked around, picked up some mini shikishis.

Next headed to Moeoh gallery at around 3 PM. Not too big but sufficiently interesting. Can use a bit bigger print though. Also, free drink. Probably should’ve came a bit later for Chikotam version of message paper.

Comic1-11 / Character1 2017

First train as usual, immediately guided to wait inside the building. How nice of the staff. Got in at 10:38.

Hit Tateha first. No queue.

Followed by Yukie. A bit of queue, took 15 minutes.

Went to non-wall circles and cleared up as many as I could until 11:05.

Headed to Character1, Saga Planets first. About 15 minutes of queue.

Then Palette. Shugaten tapestry sold out. Wtf. No queue.

No queue for majority of booths in my plan. Nor at K-Books.

Back to Comic1 at 11:53.

Still long queue at Shiratama. Matsurija as well.

Cleared up the rest of my list and headed to Sprite booth at Character1.

Queuing at Sprite took about 50 minutes.

Packed up, and finally went back home.

Dying because of lack of sleep.

Eroge playthrough

Nothing. Help.

Thankfully it’s golden week so I can kind of focus (latter half of) this week.

Wasting money

Surprisingly sold quite a few items this week despite Comic1 and everything.

Ended up spending quite a lot last month. Thankfully compensated by selling all the things. Should continue selling more stuff.

Because I ended up spending much less than initially budgeted for Comic1, my monthly balance for April is surprisingly positive for once. And so my streak of positive monthly balance continues…

That said, I’m severely running out of physical space. I need to speed up my pace of selling stuff.

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Digest Vol. 96 – Quiet week?


Oh hey it’s 7 AM. I need to sleep soon. As usual.

Eroge playthrough

Almost finish the first route. Current at the last H-scene. Quite interesting in way there is almost no school scenes.

It was interrupted because of installing Mastodon and debugging the installation. And other things.

At this rate I think it’ll take me at least two weeks to finish the whole thing.

Wasting money

As mentioned last week, I put up a load of stuff and sold about a third of them. The total sale (if everything goes smoothly) actually reached six digits. It was mostly thanks to some stuff being bid way above my expectation.

Didn’t waste too much money this week either so the end result is my spending for this month is actually negative.

The big spending is coming at the end of this month. This week should be another silent week.

All this selling do took up a lot of time though. I ended up buying B2 poster boxes so I don’t need to make all the boxes for shipping.

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Digest Vol. 95 – Backlogs yay


My plan to sleep and wake up early sure is failing already.

Eroge playthrough

I rolled Cafe Sourire so that I play. The protagonist is pretty annoying at current route (Kasumi). I didn’t realize I entered a specific route until it’s halfway until confession. They did it pretty smoothly but the protagonist is still annoying regardless. At least the two other heroines seem to be saner so I hope things will balance out.

Play order is as usual from least to most liked which in this game Kasumi, Serika, Kyouko, and finally Miyuri. Miyuri didn’t disappoint from what I can tell.

At current rate I should be able to finish this before end of this month…

Wasting money

Backlog of course did happen. A lot. On various things even.

Oh and also one more Floflo VFB. Why am I doing this aaaaaaaa.

Thankfully that motivated me to finally put out a bunch of stuff for auction. Or so that’s the plan because it took hours just to gather all the tapestries. I still need to take photo, figure out market price, and finally put the up at YJA. Hopefully it’ll bring me back some cash. Or Yahoo Money because I like getting that 8% extra. Or 5% if I end up withdrawing the money (unlikely).

Sold two items this week. High-valued ones so I ended up getting about the same amount as previous week.

There isn’t much info on end of month events yet. I’m skipping Melonbooks because they’re selling the tapestry separately later. The rest are still unknown.

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Digest Vol. 93 – Busy weekend


I forgot to change the post title last week, lol.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Hatsune! I don’t remember ever seeing something like its last scene before. Otherwise feels much like Mahoro’s route. Not a bad thing though doesn’t help my reading speed.

Now on to the main route, Kureha. Seems pretty interesting so far with finally clearing up business left from common (?) route.

Should be done around Wednesday which then I’ll continue to Nekonin Exheart. Regarding what to play afterwards, I have no idea yet. One of the March release seems interesting but tapestries and hug pillow cover wise it seems like I should play Karumaruka Circle instead. We’ll see (as usual).

Wasting money

Melonbooks tapestries at unexpected time. For some reason they’re doing it twice this month? Also bought some older stuff as usual and brought my balance even lower.

At least I sold some stuff this weekend. It helped balancing out my extra spending a bit

Upcoming preorder of July games isn’t helping though. As usual I’ll probably do complete set for both currently planned games.

Parasol’s is currently on hold because most of the heroines aren’t flat. And they don’t really have much other virtues. Chikotam isn’t involved either, so…

This month is almost ending but there will be two big spending coming last day of the month.

April isn’t looking too bright either with all the events. I guess I need to start selling more stuff. Haven’t added much this last two weeks either.

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Digest Vol. 92 – Title goes here


Had some problem with current hosting being awfully slow for no apparent reason. It’s happened often enough I’m considering moving somewhere else next billing cycle.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mifuyu route. Slightly more things happened. It also felt a bit shorter though.

Currently at Hatsune route. There doesn’t seem to be anything happening in her route… yet?

I should be able to finish it today (it’s holiday here) and then finally the main (?) route, Kureha.

As per original plan, I’ll continue to Nekonin Exheart and then either Rorolog or Kamiyaba depending on what my dice rolls.

Wasting money

Sold a few stuff this week. And bought some stuff. Finally gotten the Kurafuta official store bonus tapestry. That was expensive.

Also bought some other older stuff and games. I think I’m still doing fine. This month is almost over as well. Looking back, I spent a bit too much this month.

I hope I can sell the Karumaruka Circle PSV games since I don’t need those. And the extra tapestry because I’m getting complete version from two stores.

That said, there will be Cuffs spring goods next month which most likely will cost me a lot. And of course Comic1, Character1, and Eshi 100.

Looks a bit dangerous \o/

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Digest Vol. 91 – I need some sleep



Events (Dengeki Festival 2017)

Arrived around 9:00 because I was too lazy. A relatively correct decision because I end up only waiting two and half hours and still plenty of stock for stuff I wanted.

Had some stamp rally thing and gotten some plastic bookmarks.

The experience areas were pretty crowded so I skipped them. Not that I cared much anyway. Except for VR zone which might be interesting.

…and that’s about it. I didn’t bother waiting until announcement of new anime and stuff.

Update: forgot that the area for purchasing item is not using order form but just standard store type where you pick the items you want to purchase yourself.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mahoro route. It was relatively straightforward. To the far future. H-scenes here and there and finally a boring revelation. The h-scenes were relatively short.

Now on Mifuyu route and just passed her first h-scene. At current rate I should be able to finish her route before weekend and proceeds finished the other two routes. I don’t know if true end is in one of those two or another route.

That said, even if I can finish everything next weekend, I wouldn’t have time for another game, even short one. Four days just won’t be enough. Oh well.

Wasting money

Sold quite a lot of stuff this week. Well, I did have quite a few unplanned spending as well so it pretty much balances out.

Still need to put up a bit more but perhaps next or the following week. Unless I somehow get enough motivation to look for the stuff on my to-sell list.

I don’t think there will be more stuff coming for this month. Whirlpool store thankfully (and disappointedly) doesn’t have much interesting stuff.

There will be AnimeJapan at end of this month but I don’t think I’ll spend much there. Or at all beyond foods and train fares. I did pay for the tickets already.

If anything, it’d be official store bonus for DSif which is still a mystery. And Karumaruka Circle PSV Sofmap store bonus.

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Digest Vol. 90 – And more


A bit early for once thanks to good place to pause the game. And I need some sleep.

Eroge playthrough

Finished the main (?) route! Or is it just common route. No idea how long the individual routes will be. Currently just entered Mahoro’s route.

The common route was pretty good with relatively fast pacing and interesting… twists. Can use a bit more dream battles though. Thanks to that I didn’t have proper sleep this week.

Hopefully I can finish all routes in two weeks. Or three. Thinking again, I’m not sure if I can finish Nekonin in just a week.

Wasting money

Sold some stuff as usual. That said, I’m currently considering some additional Himekuri 365 tapestries… Though I think I should hold back on that.

And then there’s more hug pillow covers from Sankaku Renai. I’ll wait until end of this month before deciding to buy it or not.

Mainly because there’s a Whirlpool goods market coming soon. I’m allocating quite a lot for this one. Hopefully there will be hug pillow cover of Ruri or Parfil. Tama’s is already guaranteed so there’s that as well. And then tapestries from previous shitajiki and telephone cards…

Inb4 still exceeds the budget.

Didn’t buy anything much this week apart of the already planned Kamiyaba tapestries and some Sunshine Creation doujins.

As for next week, there’ll be Dengeki event on weekend. It will be my first time going to that event. Not even sure what to expect. I don’t even read their stuff.

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Digest Vol. 89 – Good so far


February is ending! Time fucking where ;_;

Eroge playthrough

Managed to get past through first two acts (and opening act). They were good. Nice amount of mysteries (and surprises) and cool stuff. No ero though. At all. There doesn’t seem be any until latter part according to the site.

Oh yeah, it’s good. The pacing is good so far and managed to keep me awake until very late (or early morning like last Sunday Monday).

That said, I can’t tell how far I’m at the moment. VNDB says it’s “very long” so it’ll probably take me another three weeks to finish? Or even a month.

I sure hope to be able to finish it in three weeks so I can play one short game (see below) before March release which I’ll then go full speed at–


Holy shit.

Oh nvm, I thought Dal Segno is next month as well but it’s not. Well, either Rorolog HS or Kamiyaba. Rorolog HS should be slightly shorter because it’s a fandisc. Or I’ll just throw dice later.

Wasting money

I decided to put on hold selling or even including stuff from games I haven’t played. I’ll then decide what to keep after playing the game.

That alone managed to bring my “active” hug pillow covers down to 44. Great. The on hold list is currently at 43. That means my played:unplayed ratio for this is almost 1:1. Whoops ;D

As for tapestries, it’s at 270 which is well under the limit I decided last week. Unlike covers, the on hold list for 203. About 4:3. Slightly better than the covers.

That means I don’t need to rush selling my stuff anymore. I’ll slowly go through my current list again later this week.

As predicted last week, I didn’t sell much this week. Only one though quite high value so it’s actually went better than expected.

Overall, I’m green(-ish) at the moment thanks to selling all the stuff and spending less. Now aiming for four months worth of buffer. It’s only one month at the moment :(

Or maybe not because apparently I’ll need to book flight ticket around next month.

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Digest Vol. 87 – Or maybe not

Eroge playthrough

Just finished Moteyaba. The extra routes are short stories which surprisingly aren’t too bad.

Stories for main routes are unfortunately not as good. The logic just doesn’t quite line up properly leading to a wtf moments before I end up accepting it as is. It’s actually much better

Not that I expected much to begin with but sure wish it’s done slightly better. Either that or I just need to forget the one route which made the other routes inconsistent (or confusing or something, not sure how to express it).

That’s all I managed to finish this week and I still haven’t even started on Ichayaba. My guess says it’ll be as short as the sub heroines which means I should be able to finish it mid of this week. Probably.

Wasting money

I managed to recoup part of foolishness I did last week… and nothing else. Thankfully last week I did pretty well with net income of some tens of thousands yen. Adding to that, I also got quite a bit from Suruga-Ya. Just right around my expectation.

I bought some older stuff as well though which negated most of what I got. Kind of. I should be able to recoup some of them because part of what I bought was just extras I don’t even want (because I have them already).

Nothing else much so far. Next week should be pretty good with one of stuff I just put up already getting bid. And need to put up more stuff as well.

Barring unexpected stuff (as usual), my finance should be completely green by next week.

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Digest Vol. 86 – Speeding up

Eroge playthrough

Finished Maina route as expected. Feels a bit slow (just like all other routes) and the core problem is a bit dumb. The different way they solved each route’s problem is quite interesting though. Also I like Aoba’s route most even though I like her least.

Onward to Meguri route and then the fandisk Ichayaba once I finish this. I hope I can finish everything by end of next week or earlier.

Current plan after this is Sakura no Mori Dreamers. Time for some actual, serious* story.

Wasting money

At over 500 tapestries and 100 hug pillow covers I figured it’s time to really stop this. I’m not stopping buying them but more of keeping the number constant instead of growing indefinitely. That involves selling tapestries I like less before hitting the limit.

For tapestries, I originally planned for 200 tapestries limit. And then I tried filtering them… and failed miserably. I’m not quite ready for this so I increased it to 300. I managed to filter it enough but then I added another rule. 300 is soft limit which means I should try keeping the number at that or less but I’m allowing some extra time (currently indefinite) up to hard limit of 360 (+20% of soft limit).

Similarly for hug pillow cover, I’m setting it at 50, up to 60. I’m already past the soft limit though, lol. I have some candidates for selling but I’m holding it until I hit the hard limit which will approximately happen in April.

That said, selling over 100 tapestries isn’t an easy task unless I just ship them to Suruga-Ya. I like having my “investment” back so I’m selling them slowly through YJA instead.

Talking about YJA, current week’s batch isn’t over yet so there isn’t much to report. It’s looking okay though at the moment with three items already bid. No one bid the older items though ;_; I wonder if it’s time to Suruga-Ya them instead.

Oh, and on actual wasting money, I finally bought voice drama I’ve wanted and Sankaku Renai’s Shiina hug pillow cover as planned. Maitetsu’s Fukami cover is currently on hold. Also finally pre-ordered some games from Getchu. Unfortunately made a bad decision of getting Nanao Naru tapestries. That costed quite a lot. No photos because too lazy.

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Digest Vol. 85 – Erm

Erogame playthrough

Almost no progress! I’ve been having something to do which is taking up all my extra time until this Tuesday. Barely progressed on Maina’s route.

Also I jumped to conclusion too fast last week regarding Moteyaba. Hopefully the final route will give satisfactory closing.

Wasting money

Unexpected stuff did come after all in form of hug pillow cover of Shiina from Sankaku Renai. Welp. Also the transaction did fail after all for that one tapestry so another 6k less in my wallet.

I’ll be selling a bit more stuff later this week which hopefully can bring my balance to green again. I’m not really in rush though as it’s still in green-ish range. Just a bit yellow-ish. There’s also Suruga-Ya stuff which I finally shipped. We’ll find out in a week. Or two. I think it’s more likely two because they’re slow like that.

On other hand, it sure is getting much more difficult filtering out stuff to be sold. It is the mastery I’m still missing.

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Digest Vol. 84 – January is almost ending


Time sure flies. Especially when it’s everyday fun (one way or another).

Eroge Playthrough

Didn’t progress much. Finished Aoba and I think I’m about halfway through Miya. Still on slow pace :(

Playing Dereste isn’t helping either. I’m stopping again after the current event which is ending next Friday.

…which then will be followed by reinstalling Windows on main desktop (and eroge release day). Oh well.

One last thing on Moteyaba, apparently the premise of whatevermajigy thing (Kokkai no Gi) is actually the main driver of the stories including for Aoba and Miya (and possibly the rest). That should help me concentrate a bit more.

Wasting Money

I thought it’s going to be a light week. And then Anmi put up her C91 (and more) tapestries on Booth.

I also finally pre-ordered Denkigai official goods. Four tapestries this time. At least this one was planned.

Later I realized I forgot about vol.3 of Otome Domain radio CD. Well, it wasn’t too bad.

Thinking I’m done with the stuff, I went ahead and placed orders for some H-anime I’ve been kind of wanted but not actually included in any budget for some reason.

So that’s all good. And then Cuffs went ahead by announcing the terrible event, kind of forcing me buying the MintCube game. So there goes unexpected 10k.

Lastly I got Pan’s CT29 tapestry which is a bit expensive (about +60% original price). Though considering the event was in Osaka I figured it’s kind of okay. Barely.

At least I managed to sell konomi tapestry for 7k which is over twice the price I bought it for. That said, transaction for one of other stuff fell through. Whoops.

Will put a bit more stuff as well later this week… though I don’t think they’ll sell anytime soon.

I cleaned up my doujins collection and almost ready to sell them to Suruga-Ya. Just need to sort out other stuff a bit as well before actually shipping it and probably ending up with meager amount of money.

Overall I’m at green-ish at the moment. Barring unexpected stuff, I should be full green next month.


Doujinshi sure lost its value really badly. Most of Digital Lover stuff is currently at 0 yen at Suruga-Ya. Not only that, selling them through YJA is also painful and even I myself wouldn’t do it unless there isn’t any alternative. Only really a few select books can retain its value after a while.

In that regard, tapestry and hug pillow cover do retain the value quite long. Especially tapestries – as long it’s not heavily damaged (which is not quite easy to do), it can practically retain its full value based on current rarity.

Hug pillow cover on the other hand is pretty annoying to keep its value. The only case it can keep its original value is when it’s the rarer stuff. Otherwise I think it’s safe to say it lost half of its value just by virtue of being in opened state. Not only that, keeping it in good condition is pretty difficult as well – it’s relatively easy to damage.

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Digest Vol. 83 – Slow week


Almost given up writing this post (and do it much later today) since it’s already 7 and I have only barely slept for few hours thanks to my random sleep time during the weekend.

But then I figured might as well go as far as I can until I really want to sleep. Like, now (after finishing writing this post).

Eroge Playthrough

Didn’t progress much again last week. I think I’m at almost end of Aoba route which is much slower than I expected. Hopefully I can pick up the pace again this week.

The pace is so slow though which makes reading through the story a bit of chore (and induced a lot of sleeps). Kind of expected but apparently I still can’t handle it well.

Wasting Money

Got quite a lot of earning from YJA. I’ve got enough that I’m green even without including less liquid assets.

That said, looking at my current pillow covers, I think I’ll drop even more. I don’t know how far I can go but current target is 40 including from games I haven’t played. Not sure if possible but again, practically speaking, at current amount it’ll take almost four years to finish one complete rotation. That just isn’t right.

On the other hand, rotating tapestries is much faster since a lot can be put up at once. Over 500 is still a bit too much though.

Nothing much else coming… I think.

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Digest Vol. 82 – Slow recovery

A bit late because it’s a long weekend here. Not long enough though.

Eroge Playthrough

Distracted by a lot of stuff this week so didn’t progress much. At least I finished Kanae route. It was pretty good, I guess? It feels less charage and a bit like storyge though. Or none of either. I don’t know. There just isn’t much in term of character development. Though I suspect it’s just because it’s the main route.

Continuing to Aoba.

Also Kanae’s 立ち絵 (what is it even in English) is quite derp. Thankfully the rest are better.

Wasting Money

Still on original plan (more or less). That said I blew up on computing side by getting two keyboards and another PC. At least now I can get rid of this Windows 10 for main PC since Hyper-V is the only reason I use it.

Didn’t sell much on YJA this week and I don’t think it’ll change much next week. May add a few more stuff though. Selling stuff to Suruga-Ya hasn’t happened yet either because I still need to sort out the doujins I want to sell and to do that I need to first wait for the rest of C91 stuff.

There isn’t much change to eroge purchase plan either. Additionally, I’m still waiting for info on Kamiyaba. The release month isn’t when Cuffs usually have new goods so it’ll probably a stand alone item? Or something. Still hoping for more Yomeyaba stuff though (more covers and tapestries please).

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Digest Vol. 77 – Oh noes it’s December already

The month I hate most thanks to the combination of cold and events.

Anyway, finished two Otome Domain routes this week! Yay!

Kazari route was pretty good. The protag was relatively annoying the whole route though. At least he’s cute.

And then Hinata was… short? Didn’t feel as long as Kazari. At least the protag was only annoying the first half. Latter half was okay.

Now continuing to last one, Yuzu… I think I can finish this before end of this week.

Finishing that, will continue Soreyori no Prologue as originally planned. With four weekends left for this year, I hope I can manage to finish it and perhaps even Gakkou no Seiiki. I doubt the last week is going to go well though with all the events. I’ll see how much further I can go before this year ends.

Lastly, finance! Sold few stuff this week which helped ~a bit~. After all the damage from last month’s release, combined with loads of backlogs (last week as well), there isn’t much left for me to get for this week.

I did grab Floflo’s Riku hug pillow cover. And that’s all. I have approximately 20k jpy left after deducted with all upcoming bills until next pay day =D

The budget for events seems to be okay-ish? At least it looks like I’m going to spend a bit less for Denkigai official goods this time. The Murasame (Senren Banka) and Tina (Sakusaku) hug pillow covers are going to put quite a dent but it’s still within safe range. Floflo 4th cover will also hurt a bit (unless this month is a miss, that is). There’s nothing else significant in sight at the moment.

I think I’ll survive!

That reminds me, I should start selling doujinshis as well… And perhaps more tapestries. And other stuff. Or maybe not since it takes so much effort =D

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Digest Vol. 76 – Incoming Backlogs

A bit late because I was lazier than usual.

So, due to reasons I couldn’t play eroges this weekend (until next Tuesday). Or more accurately playing through scenes with any explicit ero content.

As mentioned last week, I started this week by playing Otome Domain. Then I went far enough and reached Kazari route. Then weekend comes, preventing me from continuing further. Not that I’m right before any H scenes but the whole games pretty much is ero content minefield with random heroines getting naked at random timing. Kind of. Not that I hate it, it just prevented me from playing it for this weekend.

So I decided to steer off a bit and started Soreyori no Prologue. Everything went smoothly until I hit a random ero scene relatively quickly. Whoops. That left me with no plan until Tuesday.

That said, I think I can clear off at least one route next weekend. Or at best three? I doubt it but it’s probably possible. Well, at worst it’ll take me another two weeks.

Finishing that I’ll probably continue Yorino as well. Listening to Tenmon soundtracks sure is a good treat.

The plan afterwards is Gakkou no Seiiki. Only one month and few days left for this year but I hope I can actually finish all current plan.

And then! Finance! Holy shit what did I do this week. I ended up buying even more game for this month and end up paying quite a lot of extra to gather all the relevant store bonuses. And even more extra due to me trying to save up a bit. I should’ve learned this few months ago but apparently I forgot about it.

I also need to remember to not bid until last hour to see if there’s any better deal coming in between. Ended up paying few hundreds extra for that lesson.

Melonbooks decided to smart up and started selling B1 tapestries! RIP wallet (even further).

Oh and I somehow managed to snatch up all my initial plan for K-Books 2016 Winter tapestries. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. I guess it’s not bad because at worst I can sell unwanted ones at slight loss?

Talking about selling, only managed to sell two things this week. No one is buying the duplicated game ;_; Might’ve gotten better luck if I bought the standard version but apparently I thought the bundle pack is better deal! Or something. Clearly it’s not that good. At least there are quite a few people watching on the item at the moment. We’ll see how it turns out next week.

So overall I’m now at a ~bit~ of yellow. I need at least 40k extra to survive cleanly next month (until pay day). At least I still have some more stuff I can sell. Or a lot. I need to start selling all the random badges and perhaps paper bags…? I don’t even use them. Both are annoying to sell through YJA and paper bags are annoying to send. Might as well sell through Suruga-Ya or something.

And lastly the plan! Currently two hug pillow covers! Floflo Riku and Senren Murasame! And if my guess is correct, Sakusaku Tina as well! Last one is going to be difficult to obtain at the event. I do have magic paper for that at least. And at worst they probably will sell it through online store later. They better be.

On tapestry, there’s the last one for Haruoto Tech Gian series. I should also be getting the Sankaku Renai Core Magazine. Lastly there’s another one from Pikatto Anime, illustrated by Yukie. That one will be for Denkigai.

On games, nothing much changed. As mentioned earlier, I bought another title for this month which is Sankaku Renai. And then minori announced release date for Trinoline. Slated for March, it makes the fourth game for that month. Except it’s somehow 31st instead of 24th like the rest.

That’s all for now.

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Digest Vol. 75 – It’s Trap Time

(Game-related title for once)

Finished Dal Segno! Last two routes were pretty good. The protagonist actually did something instead of just sitting around. And Ame route were quite moving as well especially the latter parts. Looking forward to the fandisk.

Considering Ame route is pretty much full route, it’s interesting that I managed to finish it in single weekend. Improvement yay?

As I applied policy to only hang up tapestries of games I’m playing or have finished (just like for hug pillow cover), now I’m having a small problem rotating the tapestries as well :D

…and so I started Otome Domain which I have plenty-ish tapestries of. Minato a cute. The best part is all routes include his h-scene (wait). Looking pretty good so far (first… quarter or common route?).

I’m aiming for completion of this in two weeks. I’d like to say a week but I can’t play as much next weekend due to reasons. I forgot about it when writing about distractions last week.

On finance, I’m not selling much this week ;_; I guess that’s just how it works. Doesn’t help I’m selling it for a bit of profit instead of loss. I’ll just wait a bit more~

Unfortunately Suruga-Ya decided to have some sales on stuff I’ve been keeping eyes on. RIP my buffer \o/

Next month is comiket as well so I guess I won’t be able to build up buffer until January. Either that or people buy my YJA stuff.

Game plans! Looking at my reading speed, I’m buying more than I can finish. Not news.

Anyway, this month I’m getting five games! What the hell, how did I end up with that number.

First off is Yomegami. Usual from Alcot though still sad no Chikotam nor Nimura Yuuji in it.

And then there’s Aki Uso. Just following up the previous series. Getting the Deluxe edition. Thankfully only one route. Unfortunately I think I need to finish the previous two games (routes) before playing this one.

Otome ga Irodoru Koi no Essence ~Egao de Orinasu Mirai~ – yet another trap game and my first ensemble game. Or games, since it’s the fandisk and I’m getting the combo pack. Or packs. Will somehow sell the other one. Also serves as experiment for how annoying doing this compared to buying the bonus off YJA directly.

Gakkou no Seiiki. Usual stuff as well. And finally Maika. I have a feeling I’ve written something like this before.

Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana. Now I look at the title again it’s a bit… interesting? 枯れる is usually attached to 花 whereas 終わる is to 世界 ┐(・_・)┌ No idea how many routes this will have.

At least two of them are single route games and one of them is not full price game. One of them being a combo pack isn’t helping though.

Moving on to December, there are only two on my list.

Hatsukoi Sankaime – a Chikotam game. Or not,  perhaps only one or two routes out of three or four or five or six. I have no idea how many routes this will have.

Lastly for December, finally another Yukie game, Hoshi Furu Yoru no Farnese. Looks like this will have some non-standard system.

Next on January, there’s only Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day so far. Still managing to hold back on Hoshi Koi Tinkle and I don’t think it’ll change. Barring unexpected announcement, this month is looking pretty simple.

Looking again, I don’t know why but I’m not that interested in Giga’s Kimi no Hitomi ni Hit Me. The artists line up is fine (Hisama Kumako and Kurasawa Moko) but something about this seems a bit off to me.

February is also only one – Shugaten. Wallet damage is looking pretty high though.

There are currently three games for March. One of them is the delayed Haruoto Alice Gram. Hopefully they can make it this time.

Next is Rorolog’s fandisk. Harem route yay. They better include Kanae-sensei as well. OR ELSE.

Lastly Kamiyaba. I just noticed it costs over 10k! What the hell. They only announced three heroines so far which seems wrong. At least there will be six different characters for the store bonuses (or possibly seven including official store). So… six heroines? The price is usually for five though. But Yomeyaba has five heroines plus two sub-heroines. So this time six heroines? ┐(-。ー;)┌

I’d like to say there’s only one for April (Aokana Extra 1) but it’s too far away. There’ll be also at least Omokage Rail Back (ha ha ha) and Trinoline.

Considering minori, Trinoline might be as soon as January.


  • November: 5.
  • December: 2.
  • January: 1.
  • February: 1.
  • March: 3.
  • April: 1.
  • Unknown: 2.
  • Completion ETA: never ┐(゚ ヮ゚)┌

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Digest Vol. 74 – Gain some, lose some

Unfortunately I’m still losing faster than I’m gaining. I’m not sure if that’ll change anytime soon either. I also need to find out what else I want to sell.

Mainly because I accidentally backlogging again this week. At least it’s mostly relatively good deals this time. Should arrive next week.

Looking at my backlog list, looks like I’ll need at least 30k more before it clears out. I’ll slowly go over them… (as usual)

Still going through Dal Segno… I hope I can finish the whole thing by this Sunday or earlier. Finished Noeri route which has nice surprise of two H-scenes instead of just one in Hazuki and Himari routes. Story for Noeri is, well, fine, I guess. A bit irritating because the main protagonist is even more useless this time. And the pace felt much slower than the other two.

As planned, currently at Io before finally unlocking Ame. Reading through her route sure is slow due to her talking style.

According to my note, I’ll be passing four weeks mark by Tuesday which means I’m still too slow. And also means I won’t finish my backlog at this rate. To my defense, I did have some distractions last week and will carry over a bit to this week. Hopefully ending in few hours though! (and not end up with me dying instead)

Afterwards there should be no major distractions until winter comiket comes. I think.

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Digest Vol. 73 – Spending hell

Aokana ES X-Rated managed to waste few hours of my time this week. It wasn’t even that fun. The H scenes are, well, DMM games quality. Except for this one. Too bad it’s rather impossible to get other cards of her unless I spend actual time playing it. Nope. I just hope she gets popular enough and get her own route in next PC game series.

Meanwhile on Dal Segno, finished Himari’s route. Overall much simpler compared to Hazuki. Currently continuing to Noeri. As guessed from the starting screen, no Ame route in sight at the moment.

Ended up preordering another game for this month ┐(゚ ヮ゚)┌

Selling stuff in YJA is going slowly but overall pretty well. It offsets quite a bit of spending I did. Pushing price down a bit more would help but I’m not in any kind of rush so it should be fine for now.

Finance looks relatively green at the moment… because I cheated by overspending last month. Technically speaking, I already spent all the allocated budget for this month. Whoops. Or even more strictly, until April of 2018.

How did I end up with this ಠ_ಠ

I guess I’ll sell even more stuff soon-ish.
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Digest Vol. 71 – Whatever

Of course I failed to keep my spending low. Ha. Ended up pre-ordering Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana. And together with it bonus CD from all stores. As usual, I’ve been eyeing it for a while but tried keep away from it.

There are a bunch of new tapestries as well which are relatively dangerous. Usual monthly Melonbooks of course, and then there’s Comiket Catalog bundle as well. Himekuri 365, the 2017 calendar with one illustration per day, also started pre-order of tapestries for all the illustrations.

At least I’ve started the YJA thing and hopefully it can help reducing load of my wallet. It’ll be pretty slow though because some of stuff I’m selling aren’t quite that popular. Well, it’s mostly matter of time, I guess.

Kind of sad letting some of the tapestries go but it must be done. Having 400+ tapestries isn’t quite… useful. I need to filter out the less liked ones.

Hug pillow cover is getting pretty bad as well though it’s going at much slower pace. Mostly thanks to price and that there aren’t many to begin with also helps.

On eroge progress, LOVEREC FD took a bit longer than I expected though I did finish it last Tuesday.

Finishing it, I decided to continue to Dal Segno. I didn’t throw dice though. In fact, I completely forgot about it until I read the post again when writing this. I just felt like playing that one first. I think I just passed the common route and now at Hazuki’s route. It doesn’t seem too bad. Though not Da Capo, I’m finally reading Circus works in its original form instead of anime. That said, I think I should read Da Capo 3 as well since the anime only covered common route and the whole magic thing seemed interesting enough. One day™, perhaps.

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Digest Vol. 70 – !!

I had some fever last night so I couldn’t quite post this on time.

Managed to finish Natsu Iro Kokoro Log last… Sunday. Had some distractions last week so it took me longer than I hoped to finish. The story is quite fine overall. With Kotone’s I liked most, followed by Kisara, Rin, Kanae, and lastly Kuon. Somehow also follows the order of heroines I like as well. It’s also the original order I had. The art is pretty much as expected from Shiromochi Sakura. Really good. The H-scenes are also just about right length though can use some sound effects.

The main problem I have is there’s no option to have voice playback not to stop when I move dialogue forward. And the other one is it’s missing function to jump back.

As originally planned, currently playing through Loverec Mini Theater. Didn’t expect it to be just extra H-scenes (and one REC mode contest winner scenario). There’s prologue as well but it’s really short. At this rate I should be able to finish it tonight. I probably should’ve guessed it considering it costs 2200.

After finishing it and then Quintuple Splash new extras (this one is free), I’ll move on to…

I’m not sure yet! Ha ha ha. Probably Koiimo as I mentioned earlier. Or maybe Dal Segno for some variation. Perhaps even Amairo Islenauts! I don’t know. I’ll throw dice later to decide it.

feng failed to finish Gakkou no Seiiki on time and thus delayed to November, making this month release some kind of refresh release month for me.

I mentioned in last post I wasn’t sure if I want to apply for credit card… and ended up applying for it :D And accepted. Yay 7k (and two months of premium) bonus.

With premium on hand, I immediately started selling some stuff. The test items already sold and now currently finishing the transaction. If everything goes well, I’ll move on to finally selling this “for sale” pile of stuff I slowly piled over course of few weeks.

I managed to not spend too much money last week and I hope this will keep up until end of this month. Barring unexpected thing, I should have additional one month worth of spare… or not. I need to pay for contract extension of my apartment :(

Perhaps next month! (every single time)

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Digest Vol. 69 – Whoops, again

Ended up spending about additional 20k for eroge stuff this month 8D And another 12k for an older release – Natsu Uso. Pretty dumb considering I’m paying full price for that now and I did pre-order it before ended up cancelling it because of lack of cash… was it? I don’t exactly remember.

That and there is additional 7k spending for another tapestry of DC3WY and hug pillow cover from ef. Doesn’t help Moetion Works also started pre-order for two life size shapestries illustrated by Ryohka and costed 13k each.

Thankfully my spending for Parasol’s Lovely Day and NanaWind’s Alice Gram store bonuses is much lower than I initially allocated. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m walking on dangerous line between yellow and green finance state though. At least it’s not between yellow and red.

So I’m getting three titles for this month. First is the continuation of feng’s Seiiki series, Gakkou no Seiiki. Finally getting the deluxe edition after all the previous normal editions. Because Maika.

Secondly it’s rather unexpected but I’m getting the latest re-release of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o which contains H scenes. Apparently the previous release of this title was all ages. And was for Android which then later translated and ported by MangaGamer to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It wasn’t even on my radar until I saw the tweet saying it contains a double suede tapestry. I don’t even have Peco tapestry at all so I figured this is the rare chance of getting one. So I did. Both Getchu (with tapestry) and Sofmap (no tapestry). For voice drama. Collection, etc.

Lastly it’s the one I’ve been considering for a long while and then got annoyed by it. Pretty much similar to DC3WY, this time it’s Reminiscence Collector’s Edition. At least it doesn’t have long tail of previous installments like Da Capo series. Main reason is the same as the one above :D Double suede tapestry is dangerous. Gotten some older voice drama as well while at it which added the cost by about 3k.

That’s it for October. As for November, it’s even worse, of course. First off is the lightest one, Alcot’s Yomegami. That reminds me, I should play Loverec Fandics. Anyway, getting it off Sofmap and YJA’d Getchu tapestry. Considered Goodwill and Melonbooks a bit but figured I should skip them. Suimya sure has gotten better though.

And then NanaWind’s latest game, Haruoto Alice Gram. Sure wish they stop doing a whole-balloon heroines but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Wouldn’t get this if not for Nanao Naru. I’m getting the full game from Trader. As for other bonuses, I’m getting all voice drama as usual and then the other tapestry of Yuki. No news on official store bonus yet.

Lastly of course Parasol’s latest series – Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day(s) – which is illustrated by Chikotam (and the other one I don’t really care about). Getting the game itself from Melonbooks and YJA’d the rest. Of course it’s all voice drama and Chikotam tapestries. That hit my wallet the most, by the way though still about the usual amount for this kind of stuff – 6 tapestries and 3 voice dramas for 24k. Now I look again, it’s actually less than Floral Flowlove stuff which was 25k. Whoops.

…and then I just realized I spent that much for Floral Flowlove.

December is for another Chikotam’s Hatsukoi Sankaime from Windmill and Yukie’s Hoshifuru Yoru no Farnese from Miti. Former only has two stores for Chikotam and the latter is still unknown.

What’s happened to my less backlog plan…

Talking about backlog, currently at one last route for Natsu Iro Kokoro Log (Kisara). Kotone’s route is sufficiently interesting, and so are Kanae and Rin. Kuon’s route is the least interesting so far and doesn’t help she’s only getting as many H scenes as Kanae which is a subheroine. I actually managed to finish Rin in two days so I hope I can do it again for Kisara as it’s holiday here on Monday.

Afterwards I initially planned for another game which I have multiple hug pillow cover of but I guess I should take a small break by finishing Quintuple Splash’s latest extra scenes and Loverec’s Mini Fandisc. Shouldn’t take too long (a week?) and then back to usual program.

It currently looks something like this:

  • Amairo Islenauts (2)
  • Primal x Hearts (2)
  • Koisuru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai (2)
  • D. S. Dal Segno (2)
  • Sakura no Mori Dreamers (2)
  • Koiimo Sweet Days (3)
  • Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi (3)
  • Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai (4)

I don’t know yet, depends on what kind of story I want to read, I guess? I’ll probably end up with either Koiimo or Sakura no Mori Dreamers. Or Floral Flowlove since I think I’ll end up with three hug pillow covers from it.

Oh wow that was long.

YJA, yes, I did plan on getting Yahoo! Premium and start selling stuff there. Except I haven’t yet because there’s no interesting promo going on ;_; The only remotely interesting one is their credit card with 7k points and two months of premium. Except I’m not sure I want to apply with my current cash condition. Try again next month, I guess?

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Digest Vol. 68 – Alive

Apparently I get to stay alive a bit longer :’) It was just some cold with a bit of bacterial infection. Treatment for that last part was quite expensive though.

I think I’m at halfway done through Kotone’s route. Seems to be pretty much a standard story. At least the virtual world setting do help making things a bit more interesting.

Next weekend is a long weekend so I hope I can finish the entire game by then. Finishing this, I think I’ll continue to Moteyaba (+Ichayaba) to unlock (?) access to four hug pillow covers which is the most I own for a series. Or something else. I’m not quite sure yet.

As mentioned earlier, my medication spending went a bit over and made me end up with less spare money than I initially expected. At least I did manage to save a bit higher last month than average of this year. I mean, I’m currently averaging at negative. Whoops. If nothing stupid comes out (like, backlog) I should be able to stay safe this month. Probably not saving as much as last month though because I must pay for extension of my current apartment’s contract.

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