Moeoh C97 (mini) artbooks

The pre-order is over but it should be easily available sometime after the event.

As usual it’s more Kodomo and Otona series. They both aren’t rated R-18 so usual caveats apply. Oh and the images in the linked tweet aren’t the actual covers (also as usual).

Now I wrote it it’s already a twice-a-year thing with more or less same pattern every time. Including the barely-announced pre-order.

Magazine – Dengeki Moeoh 2019-12

It’s a thing. I bought printed copy for the usual calendar. It’s slightly more interesting this time compared to this year though the censor is still pretty annoying.

Otherwise top left is bonus poster. The image is just an old image by Ryohka. There’s also Melonbooks clear file. Next month will have desk calendar which I’m not sure if want. I don’t have desk space for that ;_; And I’ll probably get some other calendars as well. Or maybe not. I guess that’s how I’ll decide whether or not to get it.

Oh right, there’s also Melonbooks calendar poster which I almost completely forgotten about.

As for the magazine itself, nothing really exciting. There’s nipples-visible illustration by Nibiiro Shizuka. The first from them I’ve ever seen.

Now I think about it, there should be an artbook for the Maid Paradise coming out soon.