The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 6 – wait what

Finally the second Biblio Princess. From the opening and this episode, there is another one which probably doesn’t act in good faith.

No appearance of the main character at all this episode. It felt weird but I can’t help but wonder in what way they will connect. Overall a nicely done introduction episode and the “book as fuel” deal was rather unique. The “cartridge load” (and the staff) thingy reminded me of Nanoha though.

Also, this new Biblio Princess reminded me of… someone I can’t exactly remember apart of the similar feel about both of them.

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 3-4 – yay

The power of fujoshi.

I’m pretty confused by episode numbering in this series. At least the latter part of episode 4 is actually episode 5. Or something.

The last two episodes are not quite as interesting as previous ones. Though considering the original writer, there’s a chance of some kind of jump, or sudden explosive change in the pacing sometime. Let’s see if it can create same level of story (er, lulz) as Asura Crying’ (which also didn’t fare so well in the beginning).

There’s not even the “book reading of the week” section in either episodes.

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 1-2 – so much for books

The book-reading part is probably the most annoying part because it requires more concentration to follow. Mainly because I rarely read those kind of books. Or any book, really. The premise is quite weird – about historical, powerful books. And a mysterious tsundere girl to accompany the main character. And reading the books gives the reader awesome power or whatever while epicly confusing the watcher (or just me?).

Animation etc as expected from Gainax. The story being written by writer of Asura Cryin’ assures some quality in the story albeit probably a bit confusing. Much better than that certain Dark Rabbit, I’d say. The whole Latin thingy is quite pretentious. Japanese sure love their Latin. Or French. Or German.