On web based games…

A few days ago, I have to wait someone for one hour. And since I’ve got nothing to do, I go checking my old account at MonstersGame. Fetch graveyard loot, challenge the ancestral (and win). Then saw that there’s new version of it but not yet applied to all servers – and – a new game (or maybe not so new, but at least it’s still only has one world).

Tales of Magician. Got curious and played for the lulz.

Here are some differences with MonsterGame, Knight Fight, and some other games from RedMoon Studios:

  • Stats gained from level: no more buying stat with ingame money. Which means it’ll be much more balanced and characters will have same total stats on same level.
  • Diversity: more attack variations (that is, spells). Unlike MonstersGame, where there’s no attack variation, or KnightFight / TechWarrior, where only two choices: full def / full atk (in case of KF), or energy / physical (in case of TW) – in ToM, one can choose either focus in one element tree, or divide on two, three, or more element tree.
  • Items: well, the items are much more expensive (and money is harder to gain) – but there are less dependency on items in this game: weaponry doesn’t directly add damages, it adds up in percentage.
  • Faster to level up: Now I can level up much faster thanks to the fact that if I fight against higher level I’ll get five(!) times more experience compared to when fighting against same/lower level. Level 6 in 2 days wasn’t possible in any games before (it actually possible if you’re willing to gimp your character thanks to the need of money to raise stats – but since raising stats doesn’t use money in this game, whatever LOL)
  • Faster and less discrimination: 10 minutes attack delay and 90 minutes free exp compared to 15 minutes attack delay and 60 minutes free exp from other games

Well, that’s it. I’ll try this for few more days just for the lulz. 😀


Also tried Ikariam. This one is city building. Not going to tell you anything else though as I R LAZY. 😀