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Writing episodic post is too much :effort: and doesn’t feel helping much in improving my writing skill. Therefore, nope. Three weeks in total. Not too bad this, I guess.

On kind of related note, I should really stop watching (almost) every single thing out there and focus on some that are really good. At current rate, I almost have no time for anything else… :v

Summer 2013 Week 3

~Late Edition~

Stuff got in the way and I’m only able to write this one now. Also, theoldreader being down really annoys me.

Anyway, the strongest one this week is KamiNai. Well, it cheated by only having three episodes for this arc. The pacing is nice if not slightly too fast but forced me to actually check what’s happened to see if I missed anything.

Monogatari series is going strong, though now with less Senjougahara. C3-bu got a bit annoying this week but hopefully will be better next week. Neptune also performed less amusing and/or interesting this week – and no indication if it’ll get better. The rest are business as usual without anything particularly interesting.

Summer 2013 Week 2

And so week 2 of Summer 2013 has passed. Thankfully I’ve got no* backlogs though there are some series I haven’t watched because there’s no sub yet. Mainly Kaminai 🙁

Most of series has begun and sadly none of them seem to provide interesting OP song. That may change later as I grown attached to the series but it’s kinda sad considering there are at least two I really liked from beginning of previous season (DAL and Valvrave). As for the ED, I don’t usually like any of them until later anyway so there’s no problem.

This week is overall “ok”. Nothing really outstanding yet. Well, except Silver Spoon, I guess. I don’t consider that exceptional as the source material is really good (and simple) and it’d take quite an effort to mess up that one.

Also, I still suck at writing  Hopefully will write better next week ( ._.)/

Summer 2013 Week 1

I think I’ve written more posts than I should. And they’re mostly content-free. I’m practicing my English and thus realize as I’ve barely written anything, my way of expressing thing is limited. I’ve never able to write long prose anyway. In short, I suck at writing.

The winner of first week is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. The setting itself is already unusual in way of no one dies. Until shot in head, apparently. Which even then not yet rest in peace or something. And then the hnnnnnnnnnggggggggh. The pacing seem to be good enough and even though not ended in cliffhanger, sufficiently intriguing.

The rest are mostly above expectation. Note that my expectation is low so it doesn’t really say anything. Special mention goes to C3-bu which well exceeded my expectation. I only hope Gainax doesn’t butcher the story.

I also need to catch up Tamayura which I’m one season behind thanks to certain group and my laziness grabbing from other group.

Lastly, there will be more coming and considering the count, I need to drop some or figure out way to keep up without getting burned out. Especially on weekend where the count is a bit too high. I’ll see how far I can go.

And thus, this concludes the first week of summer 2013.

Inb4 this becoming last post for next few months. 😀