Sacred Seven episode 3 – um what

Lol she actually said henshin. And gg translated it as “Guess it’s morphin’ time.” Also she’s one epic lazy girl. Whatevs.

Also seems like Alma’s case is quite unique seeing how he’s capable of all seven abilities. Including idclip. His true form is also different than other darkstones-infected humans or artificial crystal-using humans – because of the darkstone-lightstone combination? What the heck is lightstone anyway?

On other side, the doctor sure is suspicious. The way he has such kind of trap doesn’t look light-sided enough to me. Ruri also seems to have some kind of hate towards him.

Lastly, poor Kagami and his useless mecha ;_;

It’s saddening how this series is planned for only 12 episodes (single cours) 🙁 Especially because I can’t remember any other single cours Sunrise’s TV series.