MoinMoin Initial Impression

In some random event, I decided to try out a wiki engine: MoinMoin. Written in Python, it’s much different compared to MediaWiki which is another wiki engine I ever tried. It doesn’t even require a database – everything is in flat file.

Locking mechanism seems to be done carefully and certainly not designed to be done concurrently though I can’t imagine how non-wyswyg editor could be used concurrently. Additionally, configuration is done by editing a versioned (in hg) file: something I really don’t want to do. ACL is done partially in the config file (defining what group can do what) and in freaking wiki pages (<something>Group). Sure is quite unique but I don’t think I can come to like it mainly because it’s incomplete – part in wiki, part in config file. Simply feels wrong to me.

And then few minutes later came up another problem: apparently I’m missing language pack. Googled around and found out that checking out from source repository requires manual download of “packages”. Not a big problem, I guess, until I encountered this:

-bash-4.1$ make pagepacks
"Makefile", line 6: Need an operator
Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

Whoopsie, seems like some people think it’s funny requiring a GNU Make for this kind of thing. Not a big problem since this is usual thing when you’re running non-GNU system and everyone else in the world assuming Open Source == GNU. Installed gmake and I got this instead:

-bash-4.1$ gmake pagepacks
...crapload of output...
cp -a ./tests/wiki/underlay ./wiki/
cp: unknown option -- a
usage: cp [-fip] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] source target
       cp [-fip] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] source ... directory
gmake: *** [pagepacks] Error 1

Yeah, not only it requires gmake, it also requires certain cp version which supports -a parameter – something OpenBSD doesn’t have. It’s not defined in POSIX either.

And so that concluded my test with MoinMoin today. I guess I should check their bug reports or at least the development version but apparently I’m too lazy to do that.

On to next wiki (one day)…

Or perhaps I’ll retry this.

Ben-to episode 4 – Ho Yay

I’ve been, well, busy this last few weeks.Also hit by some fever along the way. I’ve got more or less clean backlog but that’s partly because I didn’t write anything about whatever I watched. I planned to but then got too lazy because.

Anyway, this Ben-to sure is surprising. The story is awesomely absurd. The characters are insane, etc.

This new character is just as crazy. Sneaking mc’s room, a pervert, a les yay (dominant type?) (or bi?), and not afraid of anything. Too bad she lost to Ice Witch. And to Shiraume (in awesome way). Additionally, Oshiroi’s novel sure is, well, interesting. Even more interesting when Shaga and Yarizui read it with flat voice.