[Raws/Manga] Youth Forget! ch. 6

From Baka-Updates Manga:

From FairGame:
“Live with Sincerity” is Natsuki Taiyou’s motto. It’s the first day of high school, Taiyou was heading to school and then he meets Hinata during the way there. He fell in love at first sight and suddenly confessed to her. Her answer was yes but then she ran away without saying who she was, but it turns out that she was his classmate. Taiyou felt a destiny between them. However, on the next day, she doesn’t remember who he is. Why could that be…?

From the creator of awesome Tena on S-String but with much less lolis 🙁

The latest chapters are published and accessible for free in here. The resolution is relatively high and probably better than anyone can obtain from scanning the tankoubon.

Anyway, interested translator may email me at edho@myconan.net. I’m not aiming perfect-grade releases like Manga-Heaven as long it is readable and accurate.

Butler Girl & Senhorita – ho yay

From the mangaka of Rakka Ryuusui, Ikki Sanada, still with yuri-ish theme but no longer in 4-koma format presenting a story about a butler and his her master. The butler was left by her parents due to some trickery done by their friend thanks to them being a really nice people. As a bonus, the yuri theme in this series is much more explicit than in Rakka Ryuusui. Continue reading