[MV][aether] R-15 – Ending, Opening (Clean)

I figured I should encode something once in a while… And this is the result. Initially I wanted to sub it too but then figured it’s too much :effort: so I just release it raw.

Anyway, it’s in Hi10P with setting of preset veryslow, tune animation and CRF 15. The filter chain goes like this:


fastlinedarkenmod(thinning=0, strength=25)

It’s exact copy from my older encodes. Lots of detail lost but much less halo. Also I didn’t take care of color space so it probably is totally wrong.

The video itself was from its Ending single bonus DVD. Credit-less with 100% less police lines.

Update: I guess I’m too lazy to create another post about the opening.

[ R-15 OpeningR-15 Ending ]

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 6 – wait what

Finally the second Biblio Princess. From the opening and this episode, there is another one which probably doesn’t act in good faith.

No appearance of the main character at all this episode. It felt weird but I can’t help but wonder in what way they will connect. Overall a nicely done introduction episode and the “book as fuel” deal was rather unique. The “cartridge load” (and the staff) thingy reminded me of Nanoha though.

Also, this new Biblio Princess reminded me of… someone I can’t exactly remember apart of the similar feel about both of them.

[MV][aether] Mashiro-iro Symphony – mutsu no hana – Demo Movie

This is one random rip. Basically, the video is the highest quality I can find out but re-encoded to H.264 Hi10P since I can’t figure out how to remux the source video. It was from PSP’s ISO file with extension of .pmf. I tried various tools (mkvmerge, avidemux, mplayer) but none of them was able to properly remux it. Only mplayer2 can open it properly but its mencoder doesn’t have output video codec of copy, forcing me to reencode to Huffyuv first before encoding again to H.264.

…and now I mentioned it, I should’ve tried libav.

Anyway, the audio is from official site’s flv video. No subtitle but I didn’t put [aether-raws] tag before I forgot about it.

[ Torrent ]

Update: libav apparently is able to remux it properly. I guess I’ll rerelease sometime today. With proper tag.

Update 2: updated torrent with unmodified video. Also added kawaii~ pics.

R-15 episode 4 – eh

So this episode is the photographer’s episode. Accompanied by the inventor Kagaku Tsukuru (TL note: kagaku means science and tsukuru means create), tried to capture the porn-writer’s ugliest moment (and ended in more or less failure). As usual, there isn’t much of story. In fact, I stopped thinking about story for this series so I might have missed whatever story it’s pretending to have.

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 3-4 – yay

The power of fujoshi.

I’m pretty confused by episode numbering in this series. At least the latter part of episode 4 is actually episode 5. Or something.

The last two episodes are not quite as interesting as previous ones. Though considering the original writer, there’s a chance of some kind of jump, or sudden explosive change in the pacing sometime. Let’s see if it can create same level of story (er, lulz) as Asura Crying’ (which also didn’t fare so well in the beginning).

There’s not even the “book reading of the week” section in either episodes.

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives episode 5 – ha

For once, this series managed to balance between answering questions and adding questions.

Apparently Kurenai Gekkou is more… good… than expected. He must be really angry to his brother. Or something. Too bad the do thing didn’t actually happen. And the fact that it’s a spell felt a bit weird. It’d feel better if it’s another creation like Bahlskra but she(?) isn’t. Anyway, Taito is as useless as usual this episode.

Extra: lol @ Fukuyama Jun’s ironical laughter.


This ZFS thingy

Apparently a RAIDZ2 with 9 disks is computationally expensive: my system got as low as 34% CPU Idle when doing one disk rebuild (and one other disk offline). The CPU isn’t exactly fast (Athlon 64 X2 4600+) but I didn’t expect the usage to be this high. I’ll see how it goes after rebuild finished. Good thing I cancelled my plan of using an Atom for my other file server.

last pid: 62412;  load averages:  1.34,  1.28,  1.25                                                                   up 0+02:39:21  01:32:32
54 processes:  1 running, 52 sleeping, 1 zombie
CPU:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice, 63.2% system,  1.9% interrupt, 34.9% idle
Mem: 46M Active, 32M Inact, 4654M Wired, 104K Cache, 85M Buf, 1160M Free
Swap: 400M Total, 400M Free