Yuru Yuri episode 1 – Just right amount of yuriness

Turned out pretty good. Yes, I’m one of LFB mentioned by [Erica](http://okazu.blogspot.com/2011/07/yuri-anime-yuru-yuri-english.html). Don’t worry, I like yuri both serious and comedy themed! Not that I’ve actually watched that much though (yet).

Your standard 4 high shool girls-themed slice of life comedy anime. The twist is this something resembling triangle love and TWO (yes TWO – not one but only two – or maybe more?) person with tendency to nosebleed when thinking on certain line of thoughts. If you know what I mean.

Add a siscon older sister instead of siscon older brother from original material and it’s perfect! Yay! /lol

Oh and the OP is quite catchy and fun. Yuriyurararayuruyuriyurirurarara~

WordPress 3.2 has been released

So my crontab informed about new branch creation on BitBucket. And so I upgraded this blog.

[Here be the changelog](http://wordpress.org/news/2011/07/gershwin/). The significant change is obviously the new dashboard – which confirms my guess that users of [wordpress.com](http://wordpress.com) get updates of WordPress faster. As in, they get enhancements of `current` (`trunk`) branch before it moved to `stable` branch. Too bad the new `wp-stats` hasn’t made it to non-wp.com users – it looked pretty cool and use 100% less Flash.

Hopefully 3.2 means faster and lighter operation. I can’t believe I set `fastcgi_(read|send)_timeout` to 10 minutes to cope with some slow operations of WordPress (and SMF). Oh, also this blog runs using *multisite* and the main site is on [genshiken-itb.org](http://genshiken-itb.org) – which sadly is Indonesian – which means this blog is slower than ever because most things need to pass `index.php` first. Well, it’s not like this site will be slashdotted anytime soon anyway.

On other note, this site is accessible using IPv6. It’s still tunneled (through trusty [Tunnel Broker](http://tunnelbroker.net) though since Amazon EC2 doesn’t have native IPv6. The `ping` time to tunnel point is less than 2ms which is fastest I’ve ever seen so the speed should be still good enough even tunneled.