Announcing ecos – the collection of crappy scripts I wrote

Included in the package:

  • bash initialization script, mainly tested on OpenIndiana but should also good for Linux, *BSD and other *nix
  • tcsh initialization script. Mainly tested on FreeBSD
  • my hgrc. Obviously shouldn’t be used as is except if you want to give me the copyright of whatever you’re committing
  • tmux config. Blue bars instead of green. And minor tweaking
  • vimrc. Guaranteed to break vim-lite or whatever the default vi in Ubuntu. Also shouldn’t be used for most administrative task where tab should be tab and it should be 8 spaces long. Mainly for ruby development.
  • inputrc. Makes various application using readline much more awesome – especially if you’re not emacs user
  • Various scripts:
    • cek: check crc32 of a file and compares with the one in filename if exists. Useful for checking downloaded anime. Requires ruby
    • ed2k: generates ed2k link of a file. Useful for comparing against anidb database. Ruby is required.
    • putcrc: as the name says, puts crc32 of the file in its filename. Also requires ruby.
    • ren: rename anime files with whatever I like. In perl. Contains hundres of regexes. No test so it tends to break at unfortunate time.

Grab them here: [ bitbucket/edogawaconan/ecos ]

Status of mplayer’s screenshot filter

Basically speaking, the API for cleanly generate screenshot filename based on currently played name and time is not available yet.

In a bit more detail, the variable mpctx->filename is not passed to the vf.c which then not passed to vf_screenshot.c. My current hack involves moving mpctx to global variable and use it in vf_screenshot.c when generating filename. It works but really hack-ish. At least my directory now contains informative screenshot filename instead of shot####.png (which isn’t quite compressed png either).

And no, I don’t know C.