Audio volume control from shell in OpenIndiana

I might be missing something but the volume control for OpenIndiana is a bit lackluster in display department compared to FreeBSD’s. In FreeBSD, whenever I do a volume change I get to see the values; before and after – but not in OpenIndiana; its default shell-based mixer quite sucks and doesn’t give enough feedback whenever I change volume.

There’s a good reason I keep bash as my main shell – I can script in POSIX sh and keep the sane shell at the same time (as opposed to using actual POSIX sh). So here’s the function I recently created; when given no parameter will display current volume and when given one parameter will change the volume and display how the change goes.

vol() {
getvol() { audioctl show-control volume | awk ‘/^volume/ { print $2 }’; }
printf “%s: ” “Volume”
if [ -n “$1” ]; then
printf “%s => ” “$(getvol)”
audioctl set-control volume “$1”
printf “%sn” “$(getvol)”

It should be pretty much POSIX but remember that it will only work in Solaris Express 11 (probably) and OpenIndiana (tested with oi_148).

Solaris zones’ (first) boot error

If you encounter error like this on first zone boot:

SunOS Release 5.11 Version oi_148 64-bit                                        
Copyright (c) 1983, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.    
svc.configd: Fatal error: "boot" backup failed: rename(/etc/svc/repository-boot-tmpHSa4Hq, /etc/svc/repository-boot-20110427_123458): Permission denied         
svc.configd: Fatal error: unable to create "boot" backup of "/etc/svc/repository.db"                                                                            
Loading smf(5) service descriptions: 98/98                                      
svc.configd: Fatal error: "manifest_import" backup failed: rename(/etc/svc/repository-manifest_import-tmpJSa4Hq, /etc/svc/repository-manifest_import-20110427_123527): Permission denied                                                        
svc.configd: Fatal error: Backend copy failed: rename /etc/svc/repository.db-KSa4Hq to /etc/svc/repository.db: Permission denied                                
svc.configd: Fatal error: Backend copy failed: remove /etc/svc/repository.db-KSa4Hq: Permission denied                                                          
Requesting System Maintenance Mode                                              
(See /lib/svc/share/README for more information.)                               
svc:/system/early-manifest-import:default exited with status 95                 
Enter user name for system maintenance (control-d to bypass):

Check your zfs setting, particularly nbmand and atime parameter. I myself set nbmand to off and atime to on for the zones’ zfs filesystem and it booted fine.

mplayer2 on openindiana

Some points:

  • Yes, it’s doable. Use mplayer2-build helper
  • You have to install many things (mainly autotools and don’t forget system audio header). Also yasm from opencsw
  • With regard to autotools, you have to create symlink for few things and put it somewhere in your PATH, preferably before everything else (namely ginstall -> install, aclocal-1.10 -> aclocal, automake-1.10 -> automake)
  • Add –cc=gcc to common_options

Probably there are some more but that’s all I can remember right now. Should also applicable for opensolaris (why are you still using it) and Solaris Express 11.

If you want to enable SSE support, you have to apply some patches to mplayer.

If you want to use vdpau while using nvidia’s latest driver, you have to install libvdpau.

A Bridge to the Starry Skies episode 1 – ah right

An obaa-san whom doesn’t like being called one but used jokes fitting her age.

I should learn from her.

Finally some classic stuff, and not too bad at that. Don’t know what the deal with the shota but I don’t think it’s that awesome.

Anyways, it followed the introduction from previews which is about the actual (and relevant to the story?) things happened in this episode.

We, Without Wings episode 1-3 – who’s who again?


Nishimata Aoi. Navel. Eroge adaptation. Hashimoto Miyuki. They’re all normal stuff…

…but overly huge amount of cast? Three protags? Is this trying to be some kind of Durrr?

Herp derp I can’t even remember any of their names. Not even the panty-flashing loli. So, um, I hope it actually delivers something. Or at least mindless fanservice should be good once in a while (liessssssssssssssssssssssssssss).

Make sense, this post doesn’t.

The ABCs of Blooming episode 1 – Um, what

Okay, I don’t know what to expect besides the fact that it is animated by P. A. Works.

Even after watching first episode, I still don’t what to expect. We have a genki-girl, a yuri-ish girl, a kuudere girl and somewhat harsh grandmother. And some more.

Animation is usual P. A. Works. We’ll see where it goes from now on. I’m not really familiar with this setup after all so I’ll refrain from guessing anything.

Random Photo of the Day #2

While waiting for this shit called MySQL Cluster finishing whatever it is doing, I figured this would be a nice time to do another random photo post.

100% less anime-ish this time. Jakarta Selatan, before the freaking construction work takes place and created (even more) massive traffic jam everyday.

Rio – Rainbow Gate – LOL

I don’t even know how I can keep watching this until the end.


Well, considering the whole roll ruler thingy (and ghosts, esper, etc), it’s not that surprising. Overall crappy series (OMG WHO WOULD’VE GUESSED). But at least in the last few seconds we get this:

Hint for second season? Seriously? Or maybe Xebec just felt like to draw some loli to balance things out. Lol.