Still alive, seasonal commentary

Do you know the #1 sign of a dying blog? Yes, posting post like this. Hahahah.

Er, in meantime, Nanoha Movie 1st has been released. Go watch it if you haven’t yet. I haven’t myself(!) but it is awesome.

I’ve been catching up with my shitload of unread manga today so I didn’t watch enough today. Add the fact that my connection is kind of broken or whatever to the point I had to work around it (which turned out well but late).

On other news, this season will be ended in 4 weeks or so. It’s, IMO, one of the best season, especially for moefags. It’s killing me though, with lots of series broadcasted (or available) at Friday-Sunday – which means I have to download many things using this crappy internet.

Skimming on next season’s titles, looks like I’ll be following at least Madoka Magica, Gosick and another (or all) moeblob series as usual and whatever I find amusing.

…owait, it’s easier to list series I probably not going to follow:

  • Kimi ni Todoke 2nd: haven’t watched 1st season
  • Wolverine: no, thanks. Maybe if I’ve completed all other series or if someone recommends(!) it
  • Precure nth season: haven’t watched all other seasons

(and look! Mirai Nikki OVA/OAD at December 9! Hahahahah)

Chart here.



Based on the first 5 episodes, I thereby from now on call this series as “just about right fanservice anime”.

[Ryuumaru] MM! - 05 [D8CD4B38].mkv_snapshot_12.03_[2010.11.01_22.00.16]