Squid Girl – lol de geso

[FFFpeeps] Squid Girl - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_24.14_[2010.10.13_20.22.37]

This one is quite good. I heard it’s like Keroro Gunsou but since I don’t watch/read that, I couldn’t :care: less. And then again, I’m relatively easy to amuse so YMMV.

The cosplay-loving, Squid-chan stalker introduced in episode 2 is quite lulz win,  btw.

The best thing about Sparky drama

Is the fact that there is no such line in episode 1. Additionally, according to someone, Touma never actually used that nickname anymore after his memory loss.

That says a lot about your typical anime watchers.

Oh and the second best thing is the fact that there are people who actually raged because of /a/.

Well, this whole drama is just plain stupid. It is barely funny anymore. I myself consider anime (or any video) as the easiest form of media to translate (I mean, edit). The translator can basically put anything (as long it’s accurate) and people who can understand/appreciate the nuances (dialects, nicknames, quirks, etc) will still be able to get it because there’s no loss of original form (voice). Compare that to translating manga, (visual) novel and such where the original texts are lost which means any competent translator and editor will have to think harder to be able to keep them in the translation.

Sora no Woto episode 13 – O yay


Apparently I captured the images at different resolutions. Bare with it.

Started three seasons ago, finally ended. The first anime series from Anime no Chikara (lolspeak: Animu Powa), a joint project between Aniplex and TV Tokyo. Dubbed by many as K-ON! ripoff when first started. Of course, instead of drunken-Yui songs, we get Kalafina instead for opening. Surely still one of my favorite (the songs and the series) even now.

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Nyotai-ka – what is this I don’t even

<No pics since everything I find rather amusing were kinda NSFW>

So, um, I don’t really know what to say. This manga is basically a more mature version of Kampfer with much less control over when to switch gender and the “hero” actually defaulted as a “her”.

I don’t remember why I actually downloaded this series in the first place. Probably when I saw the cover picture and the description when getting my weekly fix of Sanzenin Nagi. Apparently the word gender bender and some other words sparked my interest or whatever. In the end, I ended up downloading all the releases from Manga Traders (before some of its servers went down around 1900), read them and quite amused by overall story.

The series is still ongoing but apparently there are at least three higher-level relationship and at least one of them is “fixed”.

It contains various things like, pseudo-yuri, pseudo-yaoi, pseudo-normal, and heck, futanari. Overall art is quite nice and relatively consistent. The wtf hero(ine) may make you scratch your head or just go rage etc. Extra story about the one behind it all is quite amusing though.

…whatever, go read it now. @_@/